what is the tara brooch made of

December 12th, 2020

Comprised of gold, silver, and copper, it forms a complete circle. It is seven inches in length and is made in a pseudo-penannular style. The Tara Brooch is made of gold, silver, copper, amber, and colored glass. It is unusual for a brooch to be decorated on both sides, as only the front is seen when worn. One of the great surviving masterpieces Add this Celtic brooch to a sweater for a bit of Irish flair. It’s still inspiring and representing people today, and although we may not wear brooches as big or as ornate these days (or cloaks to fasten for that matter), a penannular style brooch is still a unique and eye-catching accessory. The Detailed Design of the Tara Brooch The tara brooch is an 18cm (7 inch) pseudo-penannular brooch (a type of brooch that is used to fasten clothing and are typically large). Celtic brooches come in two styles, known as annular and penannular. All rights reserved. the Iron Age Broighter Collar, and It was used to fasten a cloak onto clothes. filigree and zoographic triskeles. With penannular brooches the pin was then slightly rotated around the ring to secure it. The Hill of Tara, in the very centre of the country, was the seat of the high king of Ireland in Celtic days. in the La Tène style of Celtic The triskel design on the Tara Brooch inspired one of our newest pieces the Silver Triskel Pendant. having been discovered outside Bettystown, near Laytown, County Meath, considered one of the great treasures of the Irish Insular style in the period and Hiberno-Saxon This is probably because it was intended as a symbol of wealth and status rather than anything else. Hope this helps! Its front is ornamented with panels of interlace design in gold In the Tibetan language, she is known also as ‘Sgrol-ma’, which may be translated to mean ‘she who saves’. History, Description, Discovery of Silver Celtic metalworking exemplifies - neither Christian nor pagan - which is consistent with other similar I was struck by its beauty when I first saw it online but continued looking at other sites to see if I might find something I liked better, but nothing compared(...), I bought the Silver Celtic Knot Bangle as a birthday present for my little Sister living in Germany. The brooch is made of silver … It seems unlikely that a small tin box would survive centuries of erosion and shifting sand, so a more believable (although unofficial) version is that they actually found the brooch further inland but didn’t want the owner of the land knowing anything about it in case he claimed it for himself. The design of the Tara Brooch is simply gorgeous, even without gemstones. culture, its discovery - along with that of the Ardagh Chalice - lent Fashioned from cast silver, the entire surface is embellished Celtic This feature is formed of animal heads framing two tiny cast glass human heads. In both styles, the ring section does not actually have any fastening function and is supposed to sit on top of the pin as a decorative element. The pin was pushed through the material, which was pulled back inside the ring. This is consistent with the superlative its displayed in its original case (green) and on the back says gold 12.00. i be-leave the brooch dates back to the 1870 circa. Both the front and back are fully decorated across every surface with a very high degree of detail. of Cong, created for Turlough O'Connor to hold a relic of the Crucifixion. Thanks for your comment Timothy! It is an Annular Brooch – this consists of a ring and a pin. This old style brooch is 2 inches across by 3 1/2 inches and uses a conventional pin. They were used to fasten cloaks and were generally quite big and sturdy, a far cry from the delicate versions we wear today. Beautiful Celtic Jewelry, handcrafted in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Eileen was so nice to even include a little Card with my birthday wishes and some chocolates(...). A fantastic take on the beautiful Tara Brooch. shapes in amber. Art in Britain and Ireland. The brooch consists of a series of trays into which silver gilt and gold panels fit. Check out our tara brooch pin selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our brooches shops. Christian art. Masterpiece of Celtic Weapons Art. The designs are broken up with studs at various intervals with beads of amber, glass, and enamel. Inspired by heritage, the jewelry is stylish and perfect for the modern age! Penannular brooches had a small gap in the ring for the pin to move in between. Celts, which culminated in the A silver chain made of plaited wire is attached to the brooch by means of a swivel attachment. of the brooch. Tara Brooch (8th Century) One of the great surviving masterpieces of Celtic metalwork art of the early eighth century, the Tara Brooch is named after the Hill of Tara, seat of the legendary High Kings of Ireland. It’s fair to assume they would have been reasonably similar to the surviving panels of course, but there can never be too many examples of such high quality work. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Tara Brooch? Brooches have been made in many different shapes. early eighth century, the Tara Brooch is named after the Hill of Tara, From shop SacredTables. as a sign of his wealth and high status. Click on the images below for a larger picture. The back is made up of copper plates covered in silver foil which has been cut through to make patterns and shapes. Ten objects from The Treasury exhibition that best represent the range of skills and styles of decoration used from the Iron Age to the end of the early medieval period. Other companies besides D&E made some Tara jewelry, and Tara may have manufactured some of their own after the move to California. If you have any questions or would like to go ahead, please feel free to let me know.

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