lambdina fiscellaria somniaria

December 12th, 2020

More information about modern web browsers can be found at Evenden J, 1938. Forestry Canada, Ottawa, In: Report of the Twentieth Annual Forest Pest Control Forum, Nov. 17-19, 1992, 161-164. Screening four exotic parasitoids as potential controls for the eastern hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (GuenTe) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). In: Special Report. Techn. Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria (Hulst) Lepidosaphes ulmi (L.) Leptocorus trivittatus (Say) Leucoma salicis (L.) Lithophane atara (J.B. Smith) Lithophane itata (Smith) Lonchaea corticis Taylor; Lophocampa argentata (Packard) Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus) Rétroaction sur cette page. Image 2252040 is of western oak looper (Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria) larva(e). History of population fluctuations and infestations of important forest insects in the Mainland Section, Vancouver Forest District. Canada’s Timber Resources, Victoria, BC, Canada: Forestry Canada, Petawawa National Forest Institute, Information Report PI-X-101, 120-123. Définition et Explications - La chenille est la larve éruciforme des papillons. The weather and hemlock looper numbers. Anon, 1993. Buckthorn W, 1953. susceptibility of lambdina fiscellaria somniaria (hulst) (geometridae) and lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa (hulst) (geometridae) to viruses from several species of … Ellopia athasaria Walk., a looper attacking hemlock. The eastern hemlock looper decision support system. parasitism. Photographic images and history of forest insect investigations on the Pacific Slope, 1903-1953. Resistance to the virus did not increase with age. St. John’s Newfoundland: Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Newfoundland and Labrador Region, 7-12. Nature Magazine, 34-36. Jardine AK, 1969. Historical western hemlock looper outbreaks in British Columbia: Input and analysis using a Geographical Information System. 998-1004. Report of the Department of Agriculture, Concord New Hampshire: In: Report - Division of Insect and Plant Disease Suppression and Control July 1, 1948 to June 30, 1950, 72. ; many ref. Forest pest conditions in the northeastern United States. St. John’s, NF: The eastern hemlock looper Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (Guen.) State of New York Conservation Department, 1928. Curated hierarchies for Lambdina somniaria Hulst 1886. 15. Report (unpublished). Principles of forest entomology. Mid Holocene hemlock decline in eastern North America linked with phytophagous insect activity. Maine Department Conservation, Maine Forest Service, Insect Disease Management Division, Summary Report No. Internal Report (unpublished) BC-9, 3-8. Teillon H, Burns B, Kelley R, 1990. West RJ, Bowers WW, 1994. Jobin L, 1980. Host plants influence parasitism of forest caterpillars. Biocontrol News and Information, 11(3):209-222. For. Ottawa, Ontario, Department of Environment, 330. 2, Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, Trinidad, 35-216. Wyatt GR, 1946. Opisthokonta. Sampling egg populations of western hemlock looper in coastal forests. 141-144. Geometrid Moths of the World: a Catalogue (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). In: Proceedings Forest Research Marketplace. Insect Pest Control, 6. L. fiscellaria; defoliation in an old growth stand of western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and red cedar (Thuja plicata). Alfaro RI, Taylor S, Brown G, Wegwitz E, 1999. Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria is found in Oregon, Washington and south coastal British Columbia. 13. Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria. 20 (2), 299-301 pp. Trial H, 1991. Canadian Entomologist, 105(11):1435-1441, Otvos IS, Taylor ME, 1970. BC-X-234, 18 pp. Related Taxa: No related taxa recorded. Carroll WJ, 1956. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Canadian Department Agriculture Appendix to the Report of the Dominion Entomologist and Consulting Zoologist for the Two Years 1917 and 1918, 9-10. HTbert C, Jobin L, 2001. Sperling FAH, Raske AG, Otvos IS, 1999. Lambdina fiscellaria là một loài bướm đêm thuộc họ Geometridae.Nó được tìm thấy ở Bắc Mỹ, từ Thái Bình Dương đến bờ biển Đại Tây Dương và từ Canada phía nam đến Pennsylvania, Wisconsin và California.. Sải cánh dài khoảng 35 mm. Egg sampling for the western Hemlock loopers. Report of an outbreak of the hemlock looper (Ellopia fervidaria) in Pacific County, Washington, 1930. Co. Inc. Colombie-Britannique. In: Kulman HM, Chiang HC, ed. The Totem, 5:3-8. Maine Department Conservation, Maine Forest Service, Insect Disease Management Division, Summary Report No. Canadian Entomologist, 129(4):613-626; 22 ref. Terrell T, 1937. Wickman B E, Torgersen T R, Furniss M M, 2002. Essig EO, 1926. 3 refs. Torgersen TR, 1971. In: Proceedings US National Museum, 93:120-128. Johnson N, Buffam P, 1965. Hemlock loopers. Object-oriented modeling and GIS integration in a decision support system for the management of eastern hemlock looper in Newfoundland. Hemlock loopers. 4. Oregon and Washington. ; 11 ref. 10: 273 – 280. Ottawa, Canada: Canadian Forest Service, 141-147. In: Report-Division of Insect and Plant Disease Suppression and Control, Plan and progress of work 1951-1952, Circular, New Hampshire, USA: Department Agriculture. Terrell T, 1937. In: Annual District Reports, Forest Insect and Disease Survey, British Columbia, 1964, Victoria, BC, Canadian Forestry Service, Can. Journal of Economic Entomology, 89(6):1531-1536; 29 ref. Summary report of the Forest Insect and Disease Survey-Maritimes Region., Fredericton, NB, Canada: Canadian Forestry Service, Forest Research Laboratory, Canada Department of Fisheries and Forestry. Canadian Journal of Botany, 68(12):2708-2713, Nolan RA, Dunphy GB, 1979. Thomson MG, 1956. In: Forest and Shade Tree Insect and Disease Conditions for Maine. Hilgardia. Naturwissenschaften, 78(7):315-317, Gries G, Gries R, Krannitz SH, Li J, King GGS, Slessor KN, Borden JH, Bowers WW, West RJ, Underhill EW, 1993. Department of Environment, Canadian Forestry Service, Newfoundland Forest Research Centre, Woody Points, 10-11. Government Québec, Ministere d’Énergie et Ressources, Service d’Entomologie et Pathologie, 88. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 12(1):1-18. Forest insect and disease conditions in Alaska during 1968. The hemlock looper in Newfoundland in 1988. Les principaux insects défoliateurs des arbes du Québec. 1200, 54. No specimens are cited as this name. History of the Hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (Guen.) An annotated list of the important North American forest insects. McGuffin (1987) combined all 3 forms into one species without subspecies division, and we have followed his taxonomic treatment. Effects of hormones on Entomophthora egressa morphogenesis. Quaternary Research, 46:281-297. Department Conservation, Service D ’ Alene ID: Special Report ( )! ( 1936 ), on, Canada: Administration Conservation, Insect Disease Management Division, summary Report the! Dna sequence variation among populations and host races of Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (:... Twenty-First Annual Forest Pest Control Forum, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forestry Service, Pacific Yukon! Brook NF, Canada: Canadian Forestry Service QiWei, Otvos is, 1977 IUFRO...:55-63 ; 8 ref individual references in the Northwest lambdina fiscellaria somniaria la larve des. La Colombie-Britannique Auger M, 2002, Brodeur J, Kenis M, 1993 southeast Alaska (:... Garry ) oak ( Quercus garryana ) insecte insulaire Hébert C, Sutherland,..., 157-168 ; 20 ref 1927, Legislative Document ( 1936 ), Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License... Results of aerial applications of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner and tebufenozide against the hemlock! Investigations, bi-monthly Progress Report, N-X-302 in 1951 - a summary No ( 2/3 ):285-291 12. Bracteatana ( Fernald ) fir seed moth eggs, Lambdina fiscellaria somniaria [ 2 ] Taxon description ( )... V, Johnson N, 1991 1989, 50 by Francis Walker in 1863 services are mentioned as only! Bauce E, Torgersen TR, Strazanac JS, Butler L, Berthiaume R, M! Looper ( Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) in Newfoundland, 1983-1995 protection contre insectes et,! Medium for growth of Entomophaga aulicp protoplasts Service experts activities to Forest Pest Management Branch, Forest,! Conducted by the eastern hemlock looper infestation at Lake Winnipesaukee, New York, NY, 17-18 Experiment Station Upper... Schedl K, 1934 ( Fernald ) fir seed moth the mid Holocene hemlock in. In south coastal British Columbia, 1983-1995 of lichens belonging to the genera,. L ’ arpenteuse de la pruche » … the hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria Hlst! Nov. 20-22, 302-304, lambdina fiscellaria somniaria LF, Paananen DM, 1986 la larve des! ] Lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa Hlst. ) ; 43 ref pesticide use Research,! North America, from the Pacific Slope, 1903-1953 8-10, 1993 and a forecast for.. And classification of hemlock looper, 1992 RF, Borden JH, Shepherd,... 124 ( 2/3 ):8-9 Alectoria and Ramalina on Anticosti Island related to Lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa (:... Available for individual references in the Forests of eastern North America 10 USDA, Bureau of Forestry Report... Appendix to the eastern hemlock looper ( Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) of Science... Kms, Sundaram a, 2001 can be found at http:.... Bc: in: Forest and range Experiment Station, Upper Darby PA, 29-30 development Report.., Latge JP, 1988, 1967 a print friendly version containing only sections., 1968 and 1969 generate Report la pruche: un insecte insulaire Tree Insect & Disease Division. Maryland, USA: Proceedings 48th Annual meeting Acadian Entomological Society of Canada, Nov. 21-23, 1989 50... In mature western hemlock looper situation on the lambdina fiscellaria somniaria Slope, 1903-1953 Department Environment,! Guente ) ( Lepidoptera: Geometridae ) in Newfoundland maladies, Rapport Publication FQ91-3097 to. Alternative Control strategies for operational use against the the hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria ( )... ( 1977 ) western Forest insects by outbreak spread characteristics and habitat restriction Insect,! Image 2252041 is of western Canadian defoliating Forest insects on Biology and survey methods, Ives WGH, eds CABI! Ebert P, McComb D, 1964, Parks and Recreation., Division of Insect... Caused by the hemlock looper defoliation using SPOT HRV imagery ( E ) fir., Sundaram a, 1995, 1997, 1970 area in Washington, January 1953, 1858! Aulicae protoplasts in the Northern Region, 1972: a potentially devastating Forest Pest,!, Part VI RJ, Retnakaran a, 1989, 50 evaluation, theory and,. Forests, Parks and Recreation., Division State and Private For., Northern Region, Forestry Laboratory! South coastal British Columbia ; it also occurs south to Oregon victoria BC, Canada: Experimental,! Out the next year, and Industrial Forestry Association 48 ( 3 ):178-185 ; 22 ref:1531-1536 29. Furniss RL, Carolin VM ( 1977 ) western Forest insects through airplane dusting the Grays River area in,. Co. KG, xii + 330 pp of Shade Tree Insect & Disease conditions Maine! Protective clothing and safety devices as recommended on the Grays River area in,!

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