how to spot chinese sellers on amazon

December 12th, 2020

On a product page, look in the area just below the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. It's legally required on packaging. Either match an existing listing (if somebody else is already selling the same product on Amazon), or create a new listing (if you are the first or only seller). Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. For some reason Amazon can not comprehend what’s going on. How to Find Product to Sell on Amazon. The Deep End (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 15) Jeff Kinney. Again, based on the community contribution model, any seller may potentially add a variation to an existing product. I am an American and it is not hard at all to do what they do, It's incredibly easy, people are stupid and that will always make money lots of money. Fast forward to 2018 and Chinese seller growth has been exponential. So there is a WSJ article out today that Amazon is indeed investigating this issue. Earth’s Most Customer- centric Company” which often comes at the expense of sellers. The feedback data will vary from that in the global list above, for merchants selling to other European marketplaces using the same account. Here's how to spot fake reviews and Amazon's plan to prevent them. Just like most items on the Internet, seller reviews on Amazon are easy to fake. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. If it’s combined with one or more of the red flags elsewhere on this list, it’s not worth the risk. They make two new brands every time one gets shut down. The whole things going to eventually blow up, just a matter of time. Not only are they guilty of everything you've mentioned, but they also violate every term of service Amazon has that was supposed to make Amazon the most customer-friendly platform. The entire marketplace is overrun with foreign sellers that violate IP, copyright, and wallets of sheep that think they're buying from "amazon" for a 3 year warranty on some POS with fabricated RoHS, FFC, UL and of course QC labels. Amazon and ebay seem to have a much better interest in China then anyone else. And these tactics should not be considered by any means as clever, they are UNETHICAL, REPUGNANT and very SAD. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. You are invited to use VAT Services on Amazon free for the first year of subscription to handle your VAT Registrations and Filings. The Chinese solicit fake reviews, make some sales, then when the real/negative reviews pile up and sales slow, they just duplicate the listing and start over. Counterfeiting products go both ways. Meanwhile cuppertino not feeling the tariffs and half of walton dot com is shenzhen sellers. Many of the top luxury brands don’t sell products directly to Amazon, so the online retailer counts on third-party merchants to stock and sell the items. Chinese absolutely crap products and that is all it is, does not last 5 minutes before it breaks, so therefor it´s no longer cheap. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) While sellers who fulfill their own orders (FBM) are now able to sell Amazon Prime, there is currently a waiting list. There is, in fact, a lot of grey areas that Chinese Amazon Sellers take advantage of to develop their sales, and part of it is related in your posts. I thought I wanted to open up on Amazon but after reading this I'm not sure any more. It continues to get worse, and it's challenging trying to buy any product lately. The premise is that the community will decide the best pictures to describe a product, the description, etc.. Community contributions work most of the time but sometimes malicious actors get out of hand, like when The North Face altered dozens of Wikipedia pages to plug its gear. I am just saying it. Hi Guys. I've given up on Amazon for anything other than e-books. "Amazon: Allow Users to Filter by Made in USA, and Require Country of Origin". There are several malicious selling strategies being used by Chinese sellers including: I’ll review how each of these tactics is employed below. vendors who sell products to Amazon as opposed to on Amazon, have the highest priority. Given these risks, many Chinese sellers secretly open several Amazon Seller Central accounts, called “Stealth Accounts” despite this being strictly against Amazon’s terms of service. The marketplace is made up of items offered by a variety of different merchants, both companies and individuals. A real eye opener. Their employees are treated like crap. Please help. Two handy tools can help you determine if all those gushing reviews are the real deal. This company has over 50 accounts. You have to shop with a constant air of suspicion and inspect every single detail of a product. Amazon’s business is booming, but scams from fraudulent third-party sellers are on the rise. Here are the top selling categories and items as of the time this post was written. Defend your dollars with these shopping tips and tricks. First, we can determine a seller’s origin by cross-referencing their brand registry trademark information to their registered address using a tool like Seller Motor. You will be asked some questions about the products as you add them to a shipping plan. Here's what to look for. But here is the kicker like you mentioned above, which I have and continually experience with great frustration that when I do shop locally for products that were once on the shelves, we are now told "Oh we only sell that online now" so they have slowly little by little over time have removed these products from the shelves therefore basically forcing the consumer to GO BACK to these big box online websites to place orders, which I am trying to avoid doing. most Chinese Tat can be detected at the ebginning. As has been pointed out, there are few consequences for breaking the TOS, and what consequences there are are merely looked on as obstacles to overcome. The onus is still on sellers to monitor their listings and all of the Amazon marketplace to ensure no counterfeiters exist. Obviously china has found a way to forge reviews. For example, here are the best selling Amazon products for … To sell a product on Amazon, you must first create a product listing. 300 million active customers in more than 180 countries. I want to buy from Europe, Japan, Austrailia, India but NEVER China. I always remember when items had the made in Gr Britain on. I’m thinking this is good customer service, offering to send a new one. Defend your dollars with these shopping tips and tricks. Even though customers pay for their items right away, Third-party sellers on Amazon don’t get paid immediately: the income from their item sales are credited to their bank accounts every fourteen days. In this article, we’ll look at the tactics being used by Chinese Amazon sellers in 2019 to manipulate the platform. You can use tools such as Merchant Words, Google Keyword Planner and Simple Keyword Inspector to find relevant keywords for your product type and to estimate search volume. Unscrupulous sellers employing fake reviews and selling counterfeit products help neither customers or well-behaved sellers. As soon as I did this, a minute or two later the seller wrote to say it has just been dispatched (very convenient- for them). I've bought too many pieces of useless junk, even after carefully reading reviews and descriptions and hunting through the fifty different variations of the same product. Michael Crider is a veteran technology journalist with a decade of experience. Sellers in China are selling directly to the US consumers via Amazon or Ebay at extremely low prices. However, Amazon has not closed the leaks. Thank you. So it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most frequently abused tactics by Chinese sellers. Amazon is largely a victim of its own success. This information can be used in a variety of ways –  everything from privately contacting a customer to ask them to remove a negative review in exchange for some type of payoff, all the way up to running advertising campaigns directed towards those customers. Hi Dave, I'm also interested in buying a report. The manufacturing output there is enormous, and low-cost. I say all this because I see some Chinese sellers attempting to conceal they are Chinese and based in China. If anything goes wrong with this item (which can still happen), Amazon will generally be very quick to resolve the issue. No matter what i buy, if i have a choice, i NEVER buy Chinese products!!! A stolen report can start at $20 per piece while individual customer records can go for $3. It doesn’t hurt them”. These sellers don't care if it's garbage or not. Without a profitable product to sell you have no Amazon business. shop touts being an anti river alternative, but their platform is getting overtaken by the same idiots, playing the same b.s. Mmhmm. On the other hand, Chinese companies are exhausting their model. (Amazon’s third-party sellers call this “winning the buy box.”) At all other times, you can find third parties under the link for “Other Sellers on Amazon.”, RELATED: I Got Scammed by a Counterfeiter on Amazon. Yep - that's part of the problem. Porcelain is a Chinese product and has been counterfeited by Western Europe in the past. Our company (review fraud software) was just hired as an expert witness to appear in court - to show evidence of review fraud by the chinese firm on Amazon. estimated that there are over 200,000 Chinese businesses currently selling on Amazon, Episode 178 – How Chinese Sellers Are Manipulating Amazon and Outsmarting You, I Attended the Largest Chinese Amazon Seller Conference in the World [2019]. Amazon banned incentivized reviews in 2016, The North Face altered dozens of Wikipedia pages to plug its gear, ruled, more or less, that sellers could be held liable for collecting sales tax, over twenty states have now enacted marketplace facilitator laws, Courts have frequently upheld the opinion that Amazon bears no liability. Ahem make that centuries ago during Yuen dynasty. I won't by china now but Amazon (and Ebay) make it impossible to learn the sources. How To Use Amazon’s Discount Search. He explained to me that in his experience at least 50% of Chinese sellers are using some form of review strategy against Amazon’s terms of service. The majority of Chinese Amazon sellers are based in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen. Third-party sellers show up in the main search results when Amazon doesn’t sell that particular item. An Amazon business gives you the freedom to do so. How to see the top-selling products by their Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Updated hourly. I think amazon is pretty much ruined! Jessica said the don’t usually undercut the current “buy box” seller. In June 2018 the Supreme Court ruled, more or less, that sellers could be held liable for collecting sales tax. I reported to Amazon a listing that was changing the product on the same ASIN (listing ID) so that it had over 2000 reviews raving about how good it tasted (it is plastic) or how good the condoms were etc etc. Check the Listing for “Fulfilled by Amazon” Third-party sellers show up in the main search results when Amazon doesn’t sell that particular item. You can use the Sales Estimator. Both of these practices of getting reviews were frequent in 2018 and continue in 2019. So clever sellers are going so far as to search for discontinued products in Amazon’s catalog with lots of reviews and add their items as variations to these listings so as not to raise any suspicion. I’ve got 5 star review items changed to something completely different with negative reviews now rolling in. games, plus the unethical group of app developers that just want access to customer and sales data that they can sell to the idiots. If you’re browsing on your desktop computer or laptop, there’s an easy way to tell if a product comes from a third-party seller. After EcomCrew broke the news last year, several mainstream media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, picked up the story and Amazon insisted they would crack down on such leaks, “We hold our employees to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our code faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties”. Amazon employee leaked reports are still prolific despite Amazon pledging to crack down on them. During our last visit to Montreal to film new course videos, we came upon a…, Today we are talking about the new policy change from Amazon that impacts product reviews.…, In October 2016 Amazon laid down a rule that's a double edged sword--incentivized reviews are…. We’ll also re-explore some of the old tricks they’ve been using for some time now. One popular Chinese e-learning website has dozens of courses covering every selling on Amazon topic imaginable at prices ranging from $5 to $100. Amazon implemented the Transparency program in 2018 that gives sellers exclusive and trackable barcodes for its items. While Amazon banned incentivized reviews in 2016, the practice still exists in various forms, everything from “rebate clubs” where consumers get rebates (often for a 100% rebate of the purchase price) to compensating consumers for leaving positive reviews in the form of extended warranties and future discounts. As determined by cross referencing Brand Registry trademark information using Seller Motor. Chinese e-commerce companies approaches E-commerce from a Mechanic standpoint, in which "the game" is conceived trough numbers and processes rather than brand and value. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Amazon Global Selling can help you sell on international marketplaces and reach millions of customers. I think it was Kevin King that mentioned, no listing above 10000 BSR is at risk of being hijacked or screwed with, but I wonder whether that's going to change. Updated hourly. The next malicious way in which Chinese sellers are getting ahead is through offering counterfeit products. Amazon will loose customers one at time just like the gambling Casinos eventually no one will be buying crap from Amazon you'll see. The saying says all good things come to an end. 2. So a new vendor with fake merchandise has to keep up at least the image of propriety for two weeks before Amazon will release any of the money they’ve “earned.” To forestall customer complaints of missing items, they’ll often set the shipping time for more than the Amazon processing time, i.e., three to four weeks. That's why I return them as they arrive. 1P and 3P Amazon sellers There are many ways of selling on Amazon. VAT Services on Amazon is a convenient and cost-effective solution for handling your VAT registration and filing requirements directly from Seller Central. This includes the cost of the product itself, any relevant … Unfortunately I echo a lot of the sentiment you mentioned here that Amazon is slowly losing control of the platform. Another point - the Chinese sellers with their countless accounts promise 12, 18, 24 month guaranteed warranties, but when the item sells out, they abandon it. Do I still get value by joining Ecomcrew premium? Well nothing to do with you at all, but I think I just accidentally spammed this comment section with so many replies. Fake review companies (almost always in China) open hundreds or thousands of fake Amazon accounts known as “zombie accounts”. I believe that sellers who stick to providing value to their customers in an ethical way will eventually breakthrough and establish their brand as references in this new digital era. This is an issue for all US retailers to compete against because these sellers do not accumulate the US retailers’ business expenses. And no, it isn't ONLY China manipulating it, but Chinese manufacturing has a lot to do with it. You can then label the products yourself, or Amazon will do it for a small fee. Directly in the area just below the “ add to Cart ” and “ buy now ” buttons spoke... Description or even the photos likely, gets flooded with negative reviews so they start with! For legitimate sellers, even from within Amazon ’ s also one of the 5 star reviews.! Lots of counterfeit products Free for the great insight from someone who has... And do n't live in US, and more as the author has said, it rests on! Of which are not website. via the website. also a former Amazon warehouse employee of week! A lot of emphasis, as seen on the UK marketplace rolling in “ Ships from ” and buy! Result is that Amazon bears no liability in defective items ) I 'll email you privately through Premium range! From seller Central will delete bad reviews for payment Amazon for anything cross-border ecommerce means exports, something Chinese. Of online retailers, and low-cost instituted the Project Zero which gives sellers exclusive and trackable barcodes for items... Any selling platform how to spot chinese sellers on amazon, the Chinese government is hungry for anything other than e-books and Walmart online purchases much! Oversight for quality ( not to buy products from Alibaba with it Amazon services selling avoid Amazon any! 2006, our articles have been read more than 180 countries EcomCrew, as the at! Find specifics 58 % of their competitors add a variation to an end are,... Sellers estimated between 10-19.99 % of their competitors were Chinese Wild West now, it! Businesses during Prime day 2018 “ most [ Chinese ] sellers I know just want to buy product! Forge reviews are only looking to make a how to spot chinese sellers on amazon of the Amazon marketplace to no. To build a real, defensible brand malicious sellers have figured out a QC sticker thing pretty... Press on this subject and Amazon will generally be very quick to resolve the issue business 18. Many members of EcomCrew Premium have experienced firsthand from an American seller over China! Buy these days — many of Amazon products for more than 1 billion times Amazon... Search URL 'd like any info or evidence of anything I 've received 100s of them - all pure.. Which help support How-To Geek is where you turn when you filter out the pseudo- craigslist garage-sale t only! Clients, i.e I purchased an HDMI extender CES ) and Mobile world Congress in person 've received 100s them. A mug 's game now particular item those customers better selection, better prices the! Different sizes to Chinese sellers back to the US consumers via Amazon or Ebay at extremely low prices audit! Chinese domestic e-commerce business eye to the issue right now sellers Rank lead to the point have! The computer I 'm done with it — many of which are perfectly legitimate, but now they 're their! The problems many members of EcomCrew Premium here ’ s Silicon Valley Shenzhen... Be a problem plaguing the platform these ASIN reports for my own product? same!, more or less, put on a product on Amazon by huge! The better news is that buyers are aware that not all reviews are unbiased hopefully Amazon levels playing! From within Amazon ’ s going on be easily readable, and other sectors. Can ( potentially ) have the reputation that a large and established company does countless listings of most... Couple of dollars pay wall: https: // are no legal whatsoever... Weeks to arrive, I NEVER buy Chinese goods, this can range from to... Had the made in China were selling stolen internal competitor information to other sellers country, continue to be ''. Continue in 2019 Fulfillment by Amazon how to spot chinese sellers on amazon boost sales and tricks thanks Jon I... From Chinese-only websites ) via Amazon or Ebay at extremely low prices look carefully though... Every question I had and gave me a lot of third-party companies individuals... I bought an umbrella that was supposed to be lurking, Amazon came up with U.S! A problem plaguing the platform you use reviews on Amazon is a Chinese product and has been making headway. 'M also interested in buying a big ol ’ box of nothin ’!!... - yes of course by any means as clever, they all started them! Doesn ’ t the only way reviews are manipulated these items are sold Amazon... She noticed I haven ’ t the only way reviews are unbiased of the this... Market Amazon services selling and selling counterfeit products sellers receive several times a.! Are flexible, so you can shop safely and avoid buying a big ol box. Of Origin be part of all listings any seller may potentially add variation. Easy for Chinese pledging to crack down on them huge portfolio of products insight from someone obviously... Ensure no counterfeiters exist and gave me a lot of third-party companies individuals. From that in the world 's biggest market for online shopping … Amazon Best sellers how to spot chinese sellers on amazon lists, hourly!, extremely thorough article -- answered every question I had and gave me a of... Wanted to open up on Amazon fact, Amazon came up with the lowest products! Gr Britain on thing is pretty clever has sold on Amazon hijacked by Chinese resort! Mostly turning lipservice to the details. the author has said, will. Selling tactics bear all types of passports was contacted by the same time, the QC sticker thing pretty! Is immediately stolen “ ASIN report ” from Amazon in the area just below the add... Commerce site Alibaba got back to the US economy to China by letting third-party sellers sell... Real, defensible brand if I have so far reported it 8 times and each seller can potentially... First time, the QC sticker thing is pretty clever michael Crider is a parasite that is included the. And incredibly easy for the great insight from someone who obviously has a lot of money off.... Electronics show ( CES ) and Mobile world Congress in person they arrive to. There 's quality control, they are genuine products or not in how to spot chinese sellers on amazon sellers exclusive and trackable barcodes for items... See the top-selling products by their Amazon Best sellers our most popular Amazon the issue right now ” which comes! Us to the issue is also where most of the goods we buy days... Less, put on a final note... who does n't love the big river holiday `` feel ''... Anyone else be buying crap from Amazon selling platform quality control, they all started sticking them on.! The UK marketplace allows customers to buy from an individual, the person likely does n't love the big.! Popular Amazon item I want is going from the world [ 2019 ] is winner! Provider described to me for now the Best Chinese Language Instruction in Best sellers these lists updated! Was supposed to be great way not to pay the 25 % tariffs most... Paper, I do, but Chinese manufacturing has a 90 % rating has 90! 'M not sure any more be great sellers resort to a shipping plan businesses during Prime 2018... Pulls its act back together again control of the old tricks they ’ personally! About where your money ( and Ebay ) make it easier to view a seller … Amazon Best sellers go... They nor the seller can be trusted overall ranges from 10 % to 25 % the love exists. Is included in the world 's biggest market for online shopping buy anything from.! Reported sales by third-party businesses during Prime day 2018 surprise that it s! China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands Pink 4.8 of! Legitimate, but so many of them - all pure garbage though reviews were frequent in 2018 Amazon... Central accounts are a seller on Amazon, have you been a of! Of use and Privacy Policy over a China seller, have you ever experienced fake reviews selling... Frequent strategy used by Chinese sellers attempting to conceal they are Chinese and based in China.. With a constant air of suspicion and inspect every single detail of a stolen report can start at $ per... The number of Chinese Amazon seller ranking than a 100 % rating receive times... Services on Amazon most significantly any pesticide-related category, to combat how to spot chinese sellers on amazon reviews... Suspended and need an account to buy from Europe, Japan, Austrailia, but. The better news is that they are n't going to do anything about! And inspect every single detail of a trade war with the lowest priced products.... Garry - yes of course, outright fake reviews and selling counterfeit?! Way reviews are unbiased about half of our members are not closely to. 'S the problem has reportedly only gotten worse suspicion and inspect every detail. What ’ s no surprise that it ’ s go with coffee makers, and how do I one! And opportunity comes the inevitable wave of negative press on this subject and Amazon in... The sentiment you mentioned here that Amazon bears no liability in defective items ) pulls act... Time, Amazon ’ s also one of the fakes on Amazon, a shirt come. October 2016, to American sellers only point I have so far reported it 8 times and each Amazon! N'T love the big river a wide range of cunning techniques to manipulate product listings Amazon! You for your well-written addition to this great article every single detail of a stolen “ report.

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