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December 12th, 2020

Most Dialects Covered. I stuck with Mádani Palestinian Arabic and my proficiency skyrocketed. As an international student learning Arabic in Palestine, you will have the opportunity to meet Palestinian university and school students as well as members of the Hebron community, and local actors. However, homestay is subject to availability for male volunteers, students, interns, and visitors, so we recommend applying to the program of your choice as early as possible to secure your place and homestay. If you are late, you may always inquire via email whether we still have available places in our courses in Palestine. Even as a reference tool it’s very useful. learnpalestinianarabic.com is 4 years 2 months old. There are also weekly field trips and Arabic-learning excursions scheduled into the programme, which are ideal ways to build well-rounded Arabic skills, relevant to everyday life. Study Arabic in Palestine: The Excellence Center (EC) in Palestine provides intensive Arabic language immersion courses for internationals seeking to come to live and learn among Palestinians in the city of Hebron, West Bank which is in the main heart of the Middle East. Military-related phrases for language learners. The largest proportion of our Arabic students in Palestine comes from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Canada, France, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland. LearnPalestinianArabic.com. The Excellence Center’s Arabic Immersion Programs in Hebron, West Bank, have more than: The main target group of this course are Arabic learners who do not have any prior knowledge of the Arabic language and would like to start learning the alphabet. The EC has 8 exceptional Palestinian instructors, and each has a broad range of experience teaching Palestinian Arabic online to non-native … As well as Palestinian Arabic being an easy, elegant and widely understood dialect, Palestinians are some of the warmest and most welcoming people out there, which provides plenty of opportunities to get practising. وين كَاسَة الشَّاي يَافَرَج؟!! Podcasts can be among the most effective ways to study the language. بَسْمَة: حَاضِر يَابَابَا...يَاللاَّ يَاحَسَن.. الأُم: الله يعْطِيك العَافْيَة يَارَجَّال..لاِنْت عَم تِتْعَب كتِير فِي الشُّغل.. فَرَج: شَباب مِن غِير اِحرَاج...كُل شِي غَلْيَان فِي هَاالبَلَد..المَاي والكَهْرَبَا ...يعنِي عَدَم المُؤَاخَذِة أَيَّا وَاحَد بِيُطْلُب طَلَب مِش يُقعُود طُول النْهَار عَلِيه!!!! نِزَار: الله يكُون بعُونكُم يَاشَبَاب..كُل شِي فِي هَا البَلَد صَار غَالِي...اِيش بَدْهَا النَّاس تسَاوي يَعْنِي؟!! However, if you don't know how to read and write you need to take the first course "Introduction to Arabic," where you will learn how to read and write Arabic thoroughly. Together with Jordanian Arabic, it has the ISO 639-3 language code "ajp", known as South Levantine Arabic. While there are similarities between the dialects, there will also be differences. English translation: Transliteration: Arabic … Furthermore, the center offers Arabic intensive courses year-round including … Palestinian Arabic is a dialect continuum of mutually intelligible varieties of Levantine Arabic spoken by most Palestinians in Palestine, Israel and in the Palestinian diaspora populations. Ahlan w sahlan fikom ya jama3. حَسَن: طَيِّب مُمْكِن أَخُد بَطَاطَا مَقْلِيَّة؟. Do you find it difficult to study in big groups? Learn Arabic with the breath-taking sights of Jerusalem on your doorstep! Students at this level concentrate on refining their speaking and writing skills. الأُم: لَو سَمَحْت خَلِّي الكُولا والبِيبْسِي بَعْد العَشَا عَشَان الولاد يَاكْلُو منِيح .. الجَرسُون: حَاضِر خَيتَا...اِنْتُو بَس أَرْبَع أَشْخَاص؟. And such difference applies to virtually all Arabic … During your stay in Palestine, you'll most likely be learning Modern Standard Arabic, Palestinian Arabic, or a combination of both. You can join us here in Palestine from 1 week to 3 months. !..الشَّاي بِنجِيبُه مِن بَرَّه والبِن بِنجِيبُه اِستِيرَاد كَمَان وبَعدِين اللِّي مِش عَاجْبُه ينَتِّف حَوَاجبُه.. نِزَار: مَالَك يَافَرَج!؟ مَالك؟! No matter the study environment, we look forward to having you in our Arabic class in Palestine! Designed specifically for non-native speakers, this course provides an essential foundation in spoken Arabic by focusing on the structure, pronunciation, vocabulary, culture, grammar, and daily use of the language. This is a page for those who are interested in learning the Palestinian dialect of the Arabic language. Install. With text and audio. Along with Colloquial Palestinian Arabic, this is one of my favorites. This is unlike some other spoken Arabic … It is a domain having com extension. فَرَج: اه يَاحَبِيبِي ..كُل نُص سَاعَة بِدَّك تُطلُب طَلَب..هَاي مِش كَافِيتِيريا جَامِعِيِّة! الله يخَلِّيك فُوق رُوسْنَا.. الجَرْسُون: مَسَا الخِير كِيف بَقْدِر أَخْدِمْكُم؟! Hence, whatever your motivation or level of Arabic, EC offers the right courses and group study options for you. The Center helps you to speak and understand Arabic as well as to write and analyze using the Arabic language. For whatever reasons, if a Levantine Arabic learner wishes to start learning MSA at a later stage, it will not be an easy feat. In 2014, the Excellence Center (EC) in Palestine created the Learn Palestinian Arabic online program. Greetings and Introductions. It's also often referred to as Shami or Eastern Arabic and is one of the more popular major dialects to learn. The Study Arabic Program in Palestine will give you the opportunity to live in and gain impressions from one of the most politically divisive and ambivalent regions of the Middle East. The lessons take place via Skype, and many international students from all over the world join the program monthly. What is more, the Excellence Center hosts many international visitors from all over the world who will be studying, volunteering, visiting or interning during your stay. The Study Shami/Levantine Arabic in Palestine program presents a valuable opportunity for those who want to learn and study Shami Arabic (Levantine Arabic, also known as Ammiya) and practice it with people in Palestine.Shami Arabic is spoken by nearly 42 million people in four Arab countries: Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. نِزَار: بُكرَه رَح نسَاوي مُظَاهَرَة ضِد غَلاء الأَسْعَار ...مِين بَدُّه يشَارِك؟. We will then send you the application form. Here are our top 4 ways to ask somebody how they're feeling! Using this app, you can select an English phrase and view its translation and how to pronounce it in the foreign language. The Arabic Immersion Program will provide you the chance to visit unique. Also, the Levantine Arabic dialects in general are easily understood by speakers of other Arabic dialects both in the eastern and western parts of the Arab world. In addition to Levantine, we cover Moroccan, Algerian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Tunisian, Saudi and Sudanese Arabic. The Excellence Center offers international students a chance to stay with a Palestinian host family to practice their Arabic skills, learn more about the Palestinian culture and experience daily Palestinian life. Home Linguistic Features Common Phrases Learning Resources About Palestinian Arabic Common Phrases. الكَهرَبَا سِرجِة (سرقة) والمَاي لاطِش مَاسُورَة مِن وَرَى العَدَاد ..النَّعنّع عَم بِتلَقْطُه مِن الأَرِض... فَرَج: وَالله حَرَام عَلِيك يَا نِزَار.... نِزَار: يحرَم جِلدَك عَن عَضمَك...رُوح رُوح سَاويلِي كَاسَة شَاي بِالنَّعْنَع ..خَلِّينِي أَمَخمِخ...واِنتُوا يَاشَبَاب الأَسعَار زَيِ مَاهِي...فِش اِشِي غِلِي وفَرَج كَان بِيمْزَح مَعَكُم... نِزَار: مَالَك يَافَرَج؟! To learn Arabic, work on your pronunciation and vocabulary by watching Arabic news or listening to Arabic music. Moreover, students from Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, Ireland China, and New Zealand contributed the second-largest group studying Arabic in Hebron, West Bank. Teach English & Study Arabic (2-3 Months), Write Articles About Palestine (1-3 Months), Volunteer for Palestinian community in West Bank, Law and Human Rights Internships Programs, Study Conversational Arabic in the Middle East, Human Rights Programmes in the Middle East, Your guide to learning Levantine Arabic dialect, Best volunteer Teaching Programmes in the Middle East, Best places to teach English in the Middle East, Best Arabic Immersion Programs in the Middle East, Your Guide to Teaching English in Palestine, https://www.facebook.com/ExcellenceCenter, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQSLdFZWZcBm6Uj0XMYuKg, https://www.facebook.com/ExplorePalestine, Classical Arabic (Fusha Arabic – formal literary Arabic), Shami or Levantine Arabic (Amiyya dialect), A mixed program (MSA, Levantine Arabic, and Colloquial Palestinian Arabic), Individual Arabic Courses (One to 12 weeks), Mixed Arabic Courses (Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Palestinian Arabic), Arabic Courses for less than 3 days (Weekend Courses), Coming directly from the university and want to improve their theoretical language skills, Political science students who wish to work in embassies in Arabic countries, Social workers who work directly with Arabic speaking people, Planning to conduct fieldwork in the Middle East or an Arabic speaking country, Planning to live or work here, or in any other Arabic country, Thinking about brushing up on their Palestinian family heritage and language, Just curious about language studies abroad – particularly Arabic. الأَب: جَهْزُو حَالْكُم ...رَح أَخُدْكُم اليُّوم عَلَى المَطْعَم نِتْعَشَى ونْغَيِّر جَو.. حَسَن: بتِحْكِي عَن جَد يَابَا؟!! In this case, there is no need to obtain a visa ahead of time. SEBIL Arabic Programs are designed for people who want to learn or perfect their language skills from beginners to advanced levels, while enjoying their free time in Palestine. If you can, connect with someone who speaks Arabic online, then spend an hour each week practicing vocabulary and basic phrases on a video call with them. Centre for Jerusalem Studies. Please click here (Frequently Asked Questions) to find more information regarding accommodation, visa, and the application process, etc. You learn Arabic in the beautiful and the varied country, Palestine, with friendly people, excellent food and an amazing cultural heritage. Learn Palestinian Arabic. Everyone at the Excellence Center – Palestinian students, international visitors, and staff alike – are one big family and there are always activities on offer that bring the family together. We would be happy to organize them for you! 1 talking about this. وَالله فَرَّحْتْنَا كِتِير... الأَب: واللاَّ كِيف رَح أَخُدْكُم وأ خُد أُمْكُم قَبِلْكُم. The Excellence Center provides international students with all necessary books needed in the course. Greetings and introductions. هذا بيت جديد is a simple Arabic sentence that means "This is a house". الأُم: شُو رَأيكُم لَو كَان جَاج مسَحَّب؟ بِيكُون أَحْسَن لِلولاد... بَسْمَة: مَابِدْنَا سَمَك...مَا بحِب لاأَنَا وَلا حَسَن.. الأَب: يَاريت تجِبِلْنَا شوَيِّة سَلَطَات ومخَلِّلات مَعَ المَشَاوي.. يَعْنِي تَشْكِيلَة ..سَلَطَة خَضْرَا..وسَلَطِة حُمُّص وسَلَطِة لَبَن بِخْيَار(سلطة زبادي) ...وسَلَطِة طَرْطُور (سلطة بقدونس بطحينة). The Excellence Center in Palestine’s staff will organize calls with you via Skype or Whatsapp, write invitation letters, send travel instructions, and offer you advice on different topics related to your travels to Hebron, Palestine. About the Website Most studies and research on the Arabic language have focused on Modern Standard Arabic, which means that resources to learn MSA are available in abundance, yet it is not easy to find good learning resources for Arabic dialects. 2 talking about this. Learning Palestinian Arabic: The Excellence Center in Hebron, Palestine, offers its international teaching volunteers and students the opportunity to learn Palestinian Arabic so that they can communicate and engage more easily in Palestinian daily life during their stay in Hebron.. Palestinian Arabic lessons at the Center. You’ll have the choice of studying Arabic in a group (1 or 3 students) or one-on-one independent settings. The Center offers various Arabic language programs: Online Arabic, Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, Weekend Arabic course and Private course (One-to-One). Address: 747 Third Ave 1st floor, New York, NY 10017. Watch fullscreen. The Excellence Center’s Intensive Arabic Immersion Courses in Hebron are suitable for participants who are: The Excellence Center has an Arabic Immersion Program for you. Colloquial Palestinian Arabic is designed to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in learning the spoken dialect of Palestine and the surrounding region. Add to Wishlist. The Arabic Immersion Studies’ Program is one of the programs at the Excellence Center that offers international students the opportunity to combine the study of the Arabic language with an immersion into Palestinian daily life. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rafat@excellencenter.org, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/excellence.center/, For more information, please visit our website: https://excellencenter.org/, Excellence Center’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ExcellenceCenter, Excellence Center’s Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/RafatECHebron, Watch us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQSLdFZWZcBm6Uj0XMYuKg, Visit and Explore Palestine: https://www.facebook.com/ExplorePalestine. If you want to learn Palestinian Arabic from the book "Colloquial Palestinian Arabic: An Introduction to the Spoken Dialect (Arabic Edition)," you need to know how to read and write Arabic. Participants decide when they would like to start and end their Arabic programs. Study Arabic in Palestine: The Excellence Center (EC) in Palestine provides intensive Arabic language immersion courses for internationals seeking to come to live and learn among Palestinians in the city of Hebron, West Bank which is in the main heart of the Middle East. Each Arabic student can freely choose their focus. Offers in-app purchases. Most importantly, we are very flexible when it comes to starting dates and duration. Palestinian Arabic at popflock.com Find out more on their website. We offer Arabic courses for all levels from starters to advanced learners. University of Haifa. The grammatical rules and rigid structure of MSA may be hard to comprehend after one is used to the flexible and simplistic structure of Levantine Arabic. Stay tuned for the lesson on how to answer that! For example, visits may include the old city of Hebron, glass and ceramic factories, local companies, refugee camps, and public parks as well as local universities such as the Palestine Polytechnic University and Hebron University. Get Palestinian Arabic essential facts. الجَرْسُون: فِي عَنَّا كَمَان سَمَك اِذَا بِدْكُم؟. Students can choose to learn regional (Palestinian or Shami dialect) or Standard (Classical) Arabic according to their needs. Hence, you will have the opportunity to engage with them in some of the educational and community activities organized by the center. In addition, the center will provide all books and necessary learning materials. Add Palestinian Arabic to your PopFlock.com topic list or share. By focusing on the Palestinian dialect, students will find that they are able to acquire the necessary skills to effectively communicate in Arabic not only in Palestine but throughout the Middle East and around the world. The Centre for Jerusalem Studies holds spoken and … You have several choices in the schedule of your coursework. This course will allow students to gain proficiency in reading and writing Arabic as well as conducting small talk. الأَب: يَاللاَّ خَلِّيهُم ينْبِسْطُو...شُو رَأَيكُم تقُومُو تِلْعَبُو شوَي عَلَى بِين مَايجِي الأَكْل؟. Please submit your application via email at least one week prior to the starting date of the Arabic Intensive Program or Individual Arabic Courses. Jerusalem. One is the study of Arabic in our Intensive Immersion Program which takes place on the 1st day of each month. worries, you’ve come to the right place! مَالَك؟! Students with no knowledge of Arabic will take a starter Arabic course. Our school will have its own Palestinian dialect with audio. الأَب: أَيوَه بَس أَرْبَعَة مَاحَدَا جَاي مَعْنَا.. بَسْمَة: لَو سَمَحْت مَاتِنسَى الكِيتْشَب والمَايونِيز والمَسْطَرْدَة.. الجَرْسُون: حَاضِر يَاأَمُورَة عَلَى عِينِي..كُل الأَطْفَال مَابِيَاكْلُوش مِن غِيرْهَا.. الأُم: الله يُسْتُر كُل هَالشَّغْلات فِيهُم مَوَاد حَافْظَة!! learnpalestinianarabic.com Courses are all one-on-one, teacher, and student, classes. Learning Arabic isn’t an easy task but it can be done. Please click the above link for further reference. Travel, Meet New People and Explore Palestine. As a matter of fact, in Hebron, especially, Palestinians appreciate meeting new people from different cultures, exchanging ideas and experiences. The Intensive Arabic Program offers, Modern standard Arabic, Shami, Ammiya, Classical and Palestinian Arabic using up-to-date teaching techniques in an intensive learning environment. وحُطِّلِّي عِرِج (عرق) نَعنَع مِن يَاللِّي بِتْلَجْطُه (يجمعه سرقة من الارض او الزراعات)...... Colloquial Palestinian Arabic is designed to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in learning the spoken dialect of Palestine and the surrounding region. Books and materials are provided online. International participants study Arabic Language Course in the West Bank, Palestine with Palestinian teachers in interactive ways. Therefore, if you are interested to add Arabic hours, please mention this in your email. زُبُون: مِش فَاهِم!! Students will first complete a placement test by which the appropriate Arabic language learning level will be determined. By focusing on the Palestinian dialect, students will find that they are able to acquire the necessary skills to effectively communicate in Arabic not only in PalestinePalestinian dialect As no active threats were reported recently by users, learnpalestinianarabic.com is SAFE to browse. We would be happy to welcome you to the Study Arabic in Palestine Program. With Arabic, just like any other language, there are various dialects. Students with previous knowledge of Arabic are expected to take a placement test after submitting their application, in order to assess their language level. It’s not only an excellent book but it assumes you already know MSA or another dialect and doesn’t waste your time on fundamentals. The second program is offered year-round (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall) on an individual basis (Arabic Individual Courses in Palestine). It is much easier to resume MSA studies if a learner has a foundation to fall back upon. Levantine Arabic refers to any of the closely related varieties of Arabic spoken in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Furthermore, the center offers Arabic intensive courses year-round including summer, winter, fall, and spring. Learn the Palestinian Arabic online program. This Arabic immersion program combines the aforementioned language focus with a full engagement in Palestinian culture and history. Our programs suit all levels of Arabic language studies. اِلِي سَاعَة سَامِع فِيك ومِش فَاتِح تِمِّي بِوَلا كِلمِة! 6 years ago | 85 views. There are many dialects in Palestine, with the Gazan dialect being the most widely used. Helpful Arabic Phrases for Visitors to Palestine: Many people in Palestine speak basic English, and so it is possible to travel around Palestine without knowing any Arabic.However, it would be useful and polite to try to learn a few basic phrases to help you interact with the … This website is estimated worth of $ 8.95 and have a daily income of around $ 0.15. In addition, Hebron is a good place for international visitors to stay and offers a memorable social environment. Upon your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, you will be granted a tourist visa valid for 90 days if you qualify for the visa exemption agreement. I finally moved over to Palestinian Arabic to learn that there are THREE Palestinian Arabics: Mádani (urban, esp. However, each extra hour costs 25 Euro. You will easily meet many Palestinian university and school students as well as community members with a variety of interests. Words and phrases that are commonly used in colloquial Palestinian Arabic, the spoken dialect of Palestine and a subdialect of Levantine Arabic. The Arabic Intensive Program mainly concentrates on speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. Colloquial Palestinian Arabic is designed to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in learning the spoken dialect of Palestine and the surrounding region. Ask me anything if you want, I’ve been learning Shaami for a while now and know lots of resources, free and paid. Visit nearby cities such as Akko, Herzliya, Beersheva, Eilat, Tiberias, Netanya, Safed, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada, Amman, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, and Nazareth. The easiest way to get to the Excellence Center in Hebron, Palestine is to fly to: You may find all necessary information about how to get to Hebron, Palestine in these three articles: No Multicultural Haifa is home to a small Palestinian Arab population, as well as the majority of Israel’s Baha’i community. Also, students can choose the duration and level of studies according to their needs and language proficiency. وَالله مَخنُوجِين ...مَالنَا الاَّ الجَهَاوي (القهاوي) نُجْعُد فِيهَا لَيكُون بَدَّك اِتدَفِّعْنَا حَج الهَوَا يَاللِّي بِنْشِمُّه ...كُلُّه ملَوَّث الهَوا!! Our center is staffed by well-qualified, attentive Arabic, Besides developing your Arabic language skills, students will experience various aspects of the Palestinian culture through their living arrangements with, The Excellence Center will issue participants a, Registration fee: 20€ paid once at registration, Fees include breakfast, the accommodation, Arabic classes, as well as some visits to different institutions in the city of Hebron. In MSA it is pronounced hāḏa baytun jadīdun, but in Palestinian Arabic that same sentence, written in the exact same letters, is pronounced hāda bēt ejdīd. LEARN PALESTINIAN ARABIC EASILY! Language studies include learning the Palestinian dialect and Modern Standard Arabic. Yes, sure, students in the Study Arabic in Palestine Program can add additional Arabic language hours. All three are mutually intelligible, but one is pigeon-holed by other Palestinians depending on which Palestinian Arabic said person uses! These Arabic courses are designed for participants who have basic knowledge of Arabic and would like to develop their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Our book is very recent and covers more topics than other books on Palestinian Arabic. There may not be as many good resources available for learners of Arabic, compared to other languages, but we’ve still managed to find over 115 resources that can help you. بَسْمَة: خَلَص نرُوح نِلبِس ونجَهِّز حَالْنَا هَلأ يَابَا.. الأُم: فِكْرَة حِلْوَة كتِير يَاأَبُو الحَسَن!! Learning Palestinian Arabic will enable you to converse with not only Palestinians but virtually all speakers of the other Levantine Arabic dialects, namely Jordanians, Lebanese and the vast majority of Syrians. View Videos or join the Palestinian Arabic discussion. Therefore, you can speak and understand Arabic in a very few weeks and make your dream comes true. You can also join a pen-pal website and correspond with an Arabic-speaker to practice writing Arabic characters. اِيش بَدَّك؟!كُل نُص سَاعَة نُطلُب طَلَب!! Typically, this course provides students the opportunity for Arabic conversations with native Arabic speakers in an effort to improve the student’s conversational skills. Learn Palestinian Arabic Please send an email application request to Rafat@excellencenter.org, with Study Arabic in Palestine as subject line. Its core focus is to let students practice Arabic in conversations and to … Pretty different, aren't they? In fact, all the three words in this basic sentence are pronounced differently in MSA and the dialect. in Jaffa and Jerusalem), Fellá7 (rural), and Bádawi (nomadic). Moreover, we focus on bettering students’ reading, writing, and listening abilities. Thank you very much. If you’ve been learning Arabic for a while then this book really should be on your shelf. For Palestinian specifically, my favorite on youtube is Spoken Arabic Simplified. زُبُون: طُول عُمْرَك كِبِير وحَجَّانِي( حقاني) ودُوغري يَانِزَار...بَعدِين مَع هَاالغَلا يَاشَبَاب؟!!!!! This week we're reviewing a couple of different words & ideas that should come in handy when talking about places. Our programs suit all levels of Arabic language studies. This is a page for those who are interested in learning the Palestinian dialect of the Arabic language.

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