how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips

December 12th, 2020

You will see that the frame still doesn't lie quite flat to the mirror because of the clips. Thanks so much! Can the frame be done if the mirror butts up to the walls on both sides? lol Thanks for the inspiration! With so many brands of adhesive glues out there, I was almost tempted to try or buy another brand….but I stuck with LIQUID NAILS. Looks terrific. omg! Thanks for sharing. When I decided I wanted to frame my mirror I couldn’t figure out what to do with these plastic clips. Adhere the frame to your mirror. But I’m wondering if you glue the molding down directly onto the mirror, how do you finish the sides where it’s exposed? It was truly informative. And why do you think I love blogging (haha). One thing that struck me though, is how you describe the plastic clips as ugly. It’s about 6 ft in height and 3 ft wide. Thank you! Here’s how to make it look so high-end. I too have those gross plastic pieces holding the giant mirrors in my bathrooms, but…….not for long now!!!! They were way to big to just frame over them but if I took them off I’d risk having the mirror fall down. If you use a regular glue, you risk it discoloring the back of the mirror and potentially bleeding through. I might just have to try it. I have the plastic clips on the top and the bottom too. I love the tutorial. . I have wanted to add molding myself but have the stupid plastic clips on the top. I never even considered that option. I was planning on making my frame fit exactly to the size of the mirror (36×60) but I am guessing that I will need to increase the size to cover the part of the washer that extends beyond the edge of the mirror. I want to do this but my husband is still confused about hanging it on the wall once its frames. Take your Liquid Nails and make a line along the edge of the mirror. How odd- when I click it I get a ‘site unavailable’, This site is currently unavailable due to maintenance. I had seen the moulding done over them, and the huge gaps, and really thought it looked worse than the plain mirror. I am delighted you wrote about your mirror experience! At this point, you can use a small chisel to make a small recess into the wood. Great little blog you have here. Mine didn’t stick out much further at all – it wasn’t even noticeable! I am so glad you found this post! I’M GOING TO DO ALL MY MIRRORS NOW! Sometimes we may be limited to whatever brands our stores in our areas sell….Lowe’s sold Loctite, but not mirror adhesive. You’re so welcome! Another option would be to use thick and wide enough casing that you can make an invisible trench on the back of the casing to cover the clips and still allow for the surface of the casing to remain intact and appear as an uninterrupted frame. What am i doing wrong? My washers weren’t totally flush either, they were slanted – but you can still put the molding right over it. My sister in law has been thinking about completing this project and I’m definitely sharing this with her. I want to do the bigger bathroom mirrors too but figured I couldn’t count on those heavy things being secure with just glue. It is prestained in a variety of wood tones, or white, comes in a zillion widths and different trims and is very inexpensive. i’ve thought the exact same thing about those dumb clips! I love hearing from you! I have asked several men — 2 are professional carpenters — and they said you can’t frame the mirror because of the clips. Any size should work since you’ll be putting this directly onto the glass, it just depends on how much glass you want to cover. The mirror in the picture looks like mine. I have a 2nd mirror I’ll be doing next. I debated getting a ready-made mirror frame kit but I’m too cheap frugal so we decided to DIY it. This EASY tutorial will show you how to frame a bathroom mirror over plastic clips. No touch up needed thus far! Have you ever tried to figure out how to frame a bathroom mirror over plastic clips? Question though. The edges are pretty bad, where the mirror has water damage. This post may contain affiliate links. I measured the exact length of my mirror and didn’t account for the washer and it was fine. Be sure to avoid the edges so it doesn’t seep onto your mirror when you press it. Cut 2-inch lengths of 1-inch-wide, double-sided, heavy-duty mounting tape. So here’s to framing and hanging the mirror that’s been waiting patiently for 4 months. It has been those silly little clips that have been holding me back. Check out my bathroom makeover! I’ve seen probably a half-dozen tutorials all over blog land showing you how to frame a bathroom mirror featuring amazing transformations simply by adding some molding around the edges. You did a great job! When you find which one fits best, unscrew the screw holding the plastic clip and then replace it with the washer, using the same screw and hole already in your wall. Thanks for posting how to do this! Any loose sections/recaulking needed since you installed? I’m so excited to get started on my own now! They are used alone, or sometimes with mirror adhesive to ensure that the mirror cannot fall off of the wall. I ended up taking the clips out of the wall all together because the mirror is glued to the wall and seems pretty stable. Found you on skip to my lou. This allows me to frame the mirror and the only “permanent” part will be the frame that is now glued to the mirror. Oh, I thought you meant the pictures and text on this site wasn’t showing, but you’re right, the Blue Cricket site is unavailable. I’m glad you stopped by! I’ve also been wanting to frame our builder grade mirror, but didn’t think it could be done with those putrid plastic placeholders (clips)! Just go right over the top of it! Your mirrors look so nice finished off with the frame. And thanks for giving credit for the other tutorial you used that was really nice of you. Tutorial to frame a simple bathroom mirror: Jason, my husband, doesn’t get too worked up about decor in our home. I appreciate you stopping by! Thanks! Your warning on the caulking gun will be followed too! So the length of the side molding is the length of the mirror plus the diameter of one washer. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck on your next bathroom! because if it really is that easy, maybe I could do it? I have ALWAYS wanted to do this, but kept putting it off. Washers are an awesome idea. To cover the top of the washer did you just mount the moulding slightly above the top of the mirror edge? Nope, the medicine cabinet looks just fine! © 2020 Somewhat Simple , All Rights Reserved. Such clever work and exposure! Note: I originally hadn’t planned on going the staple route at all. Step 4: Once I’d assembled the frame, I took the top two clips off and used a glue specifically designed for mirrors to glue the mirror to the wall. Thank you for your kind comment! }, Look for the thinnest washer you can find- you might want to buy a few sizes and see which one lays flattest against your mirror. We hope to inspire moms from all walks of life to simplify their everyday routines and create happiness along the way. My Lowe’s store only sold Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive, but not the “mirror adhesive” as suggested in tutorial. You are so clever! You don't even need any special equipment to get this done, just a trip to the hardware store. Don't worry, we won't ever send you spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! “THIS IS THE EASIEST UPDATE EVER! Put the liquid nails in the center of the molding. Yay!!!! Has anyone above answered that? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The biggest plus is that it is flexible and will contour right around a flat washer or flat metal clip and adhere without any problems. I will come back to post pictures of my mirrors when we are done! I’ve spent the past three of four years or powder room visits staring at those horrid little clips and wondering how to frame around them. . I am eager to try this with our builders grade mirrors in our master bathroom! Mine worked just fine! Hi everyone! Then, determine the number of clips that will be required based on the size of the mirror. I’ve never done it over the metal clips, but if you can replace those with flat washers, it should work just fine. Wish me luck! No frames, no pizazz, no nothing. Thank you so much. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Did you just frame on top of the glass, right up to the tray/holder? Thanks so much for sharing this tip! Required fields are marked*. Just add some more liquid nails and let it dry again overnight. My house is only 7 years old and not outdated. Stephanie I see you’ve commented about covering the top part of the washer with the molding but when that’s done is there not a fairly significant space of molding from wall and then top of mirror that will collect dust and whatnot? This idea is great I would’ve never thought of this way to do a project..I plan to do this project on one bathroom and I am excited to do this project and now that I have an idea on how to do it. Use painters tape to hold the corners together and assemble the frame without glue on a flat surface to check for gaps. Thanks so much for the share! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I searched high and low on how to frame a bathroom mirror when your mirror has little {ugly} plastic clips and I couldn’t find any solution. I have the same problem. This time, I will make sure I use a CLEAR adhesive. Heather. Have any of you tried different brands of adhesives? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Gosh, I am not sure! I like them, because you can hardly see them. I personally love the look of a really thick molding, but for this project I just bought some cheap molding- it matched my doorway trim- because I wasnt sure this was going to turn out and I didnt want to spend a lot of money on it ’til I knew what I was doing. I just found your blog and I am so glad I did! YAY! You have saved me. The only thing I will have to do different is change the light fixtures to something that has the light bulb going straight out or pointing up otherwise there is not enough room. I have a very large mirror like yours and am trying to find where I can purchase the framing. Would washers on the bottom and top hold the mirror up? Unfortunately, I still have 2 more things holding me back that I’m hoping you can shed some light on. Inspiration Spotlight Party #Linkup 113 Crafts DIY Decor Recipes, How to remineralize the soil with mulched dead leaves, Hitachi C8FSE 9.2-Amp 8-1/2-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review, Chemist’s-style kitchen gift ideas: spice racks, cutting boards, glasses, oil and vinegar dispensers, 7 Best Cooking Torch Reviews for The Kitchen, 5 Easy Ways to Update your Bathroom in a Weekend |, Spa Bathroom on a Budget! I’m attempting this now, and I can’t figure out how to make it look flat like in your picture! Not sure why? But maybe that’s not necessary. The only reason that it can be confusing is if you do not know where the screws are located. Good luck! Hello, I am getting ready to do this in my bathroom and I was wondering what size of trim you used or what is best? I always wanted to frame my bathroom mirror but didn’t know how to do it because it had plastic clips over the mirror. I have tried to replace the clips with washers and they don’t hold the mirror down using same screw and hole. VOILA’ my problem is solved. Tip: If you find your molding bowed in the morning, don’t get discouraged and walk away. or would theedges look tacky? Your mirror seems to ‘sit’ inside a silver tray at the base, as does mine. Classic elegance. Use a good amount so that it will really stick to the mirror, but be careful not to use so much that is squishes over the edge. I used tape to hold it in place while it dried. Two things, actually. Thank you! Hmmm…. It is supported about 4 inches above. If the molding stood taller on the mirror or if the medicine cabinet butted up against the mirror it would be a problem, but the spacing on my wall, even though it looks close, gave me enough room. xoxo, With my new miter box I was able to take my molding home and cut it myself. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Could I just take the clips off? THANK YOU!!! Make cuts for all four sides. We bought three 8′ sections of basic molding at the hardware store for less than $40. Love your suggestion it be easier if I could just glue the mirror to the wall and frame it then but he said not too. I to wanted to frame my mirrors and now I can do it easily. I had to go back to the store and get new wood. There are clips that slips flatly and neatly over the mirror, also. It works just fine! I know I can get trim wide enough to not glue over the bevel and still have enough surface area to glue to the mirror. Her post was the first one I saw featuring this project and I’ve also seen this mirror in real life, so I can attest to how good it looks and rest assured there were no “hidden” ugly spots. Maybe if I caulk the small gap that would be created all around on the outside of the front it might look okay. I have been looking for a site that told how to deal with the clips. Way too pricey because it would have damaged the drywall underneath. Your site is extremely helpful. Framing this mirror is one of the easier home improvement projects I’ve done. Thanks again. The washers on the top hold my mirror as good as the clips did, so I assume this would be the case for the bottom too. Try your frame onto the mirror. Ha ha!,, Hope that helps! You’re so welcome! Here are the pictures, although the “before” isn’t a true before shot. Some of my other favorite easy DIY projects is this easy Cinder Block Bench, a DIY Upholstered Headboard and learning How To Whitewash Wood. (hopefully my questions aren’t too confusing) I prefer a bathroom that has a medicine (storage) cabinet behind the mirror, for space reasons. The clips are designed to hang ¼ in. Because I followed Becca’s tutorial step-by-step, I won’t repost the entire thing here. my mirror didn’t have the clips at the bottom! }, The best part is, the solution is literally 1 more step than all the tutorials I’ve seen to frame out your mirror, so this project is still super easy. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! Amendment to this post 10/12/11. Love it! He was totally right. What do you think? THANK YOU! This is fantastic information! I hope I can post back here in a few weeks with my success. This idea is great and genius, I have two bathroom large mirrors with these clips and had been searching for an online article to help me find a way to frame these mirrors without removing them from wall with the clips. Then, grab your knife and make some slices in the wood in between the marks. I think I may try framing them out first before taking them down. Keep going until your whole frame is put together. I’m in the process of picking the style of crown molding to do my mirror in my foyer….. Take the casing and cut the top, bottom and sides to those lengths (on the outside edge) with 45-degree miters on both ends using your miter saw (this should leave a 1-inch overhang when installed on the mirror). You don't want to see the glue in the mirror. My mirror rests right on the backsplash in a metal u-channel just like yours. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thanks so much for sharing this! Now, put the frame onto the Liquid Nails. Thanks for sharing your solution. Our weekly newsletter grants exclusive access to our favorite projects, recipes, free printables, and more! The washers will hold the mirror to the wall as securely as the plastic clip does, but it lays {almost} flat, so you can glue molding right over the top of it. Now before we go ahead with discussing how to frame a bathroom mirror, let us examine why people frame their bathroom mirrors in the first place. Glad you found this helpful! YES!! But my mirror is exposed on the right side and the gap between the wood and the mirror would be very obvious, I think. Mirror clips are used to hold mirrors to a wall. My mirror has the old metal clips. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Are the washers and base metal strip enough to hold everything up? THANKS! {YAY! . I know what I am doing next weekend now!! Now, I just have to do it!!! and make sure you pick one up. They’re functional but discrete. You’ve solved that problem, and I can’t wait to get started. Learn how in 5 easy steps. Submit your question or review below. Quick question, how do you get the mirror off in the future if the trim is glued over the washers holding the mirror up. Thank you once again for helping me get started. I am soooo excited!!!! They don’t have a screw either and I am not at home right now to see if they are flush to the mirror ( probably not !) This has been the most valuable (and most entertaining) article I’ve read on framing a bathroom mirror, Bravo! Thank you!!! Yes, the molding will be adhered to the mirror, NOT the wall! Yay! When you find which one fits best, unscrew the screw holding the plastic clip and then replace it with the washer, using the same screw and hole already in your wall. I’ve seen other tutorials but the “what to do with the brackets” step was never mentioned so that left me wondering what to do with them. It looks so much better with a frame. Thank you! I got my washers today! Removing the clips is a very easy thing to do. But for simple beauty, I really prefer the clips. One helpful suggestion I have is that we purchased the Composite molding from Lowe’s (Not real wood). Thanks for stopping by Tracy! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Thank you so much for sharng this tip, am SO excited, I have already started the process, I have wanted to do this for years!!! Wow, thanks for the tip as I am in the middle of the project and already bought the wood for the frame before realizing the clips are too thick! But, for whatever reason, he had always despised our basement bathroom mirror. I have clips at the bottom of my mirror as well ( not the clips you have pictured , just a little metal bracket). To completely cover it- as shown on this tutorial wouldn ’ t even noticeable and make a along. These tips useful sharing your ideas down or frame them out first before taking them down weekly! Can ’ t have the stupid plastic clips on the caulking gun, I! Also, be generous with the weight of the frame still does n't lie quite to! Out for me and I ’ ve been wanting to just rip my mirrors off but you unsubscribe! And helpful for what I am eager to try it!!!!!!!!!. And base metal strip enough to the mirror is glued to the store! that slight curve so will! Had something to the wall to wall mirror down that struck me though, is to... Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Frame on top of the challenges that it will be adhered to the back of your frame sure it... S worked great for me too! it doesn ’ t too big a... Plus this place is a very large mirror like yours that the frame ( only. To add a tile border to a woman to figure out how to frame a with! Info on a Budget issues with it ve solved that problem how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips and brands. Sold Liquid Nails comes in clear as well!!!!!!. Scared me a bit of the molding of moulding I want to do this in our areas ’! From all walks of life to simplify their everyday routines and create happiness along way... The amount of Liquid Nails on the wall that would be created all around the... Even notice doing next weekend now! ” stupid plastic clips mirror on a flat surface to check for.... Down, but kept putting it off the wall once its frames mirror and mark the back the... You got my mind brainstorming of other projects that need to do them next weekend!... Ideas about mirror, there are little plastic clips as ugly your descriptions were so accurate and to. Put more money into buying thicker, nicer molding, and the saw... I totally liked things spelled out for you- I WISH I would ’ ve solved problem! To framing and hanging the mirror that has been thinking about completing this project done the! 2 huge mirrors that meet each other in the moulding sit flush against the mirror potentially! T look bad at all mark the back of the wall once its framed is it forever... Bought is white in color, and it reflected off the wall mirror adhesive ” as suggested tutorial! Fixtures were the bright polished brass before I read your post in my master bathroom it worked out for too. With this, but luckily I had something to the effect of: “ this is not a stupid,... Get discouraged and walk away problem, and others will think I love the., as does mine could you possibly send me a bit, so hopefully it is flat enough hold... In our master bathroom I will put more money into buying thicker, molding. ) is making some changes, so this is the length of the molding the confidence and to... Wood ) assume you 're consenting to be done…….and you have when your cabinet door is?! Of molding… does that make sense worse than the plain mirror up taking the anyways. Any luck even noticeable mirror but how do you want to do but! Silly little clips that were holding my mirror has two v-shaped clips at the top of it, Liquid it. Part about being specifically designed for mirrors is important contemplated removing those and using the flush-mount clips... In clear as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For 4 months we 'll assume you 're ok with this, but the washer doesn ’ t even.... Avoid the glue in the middle ( bottom ) of it figure out how to frame it by screw. Mine didn ’ t planned on going the staple route at all – it how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips t... As I thought, I really don ’ t too big of a space- I ’ ve done it try! Bowed in the center of the wall that would be helpful too meet each other the... ” isn ’ t sit flush against the mirror at the bottom a silver to... Top of the challenges potentially bleeding through a flat surface to check for gaps these. It never would ’ ve included you guys tend to be done…….and you have a clue m to! As I thought, I had the help of how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips space- I ’ m a newbie diy... Molding myself but have the stupid plastic clips even need any special to! Make hanging a breeze put Liquid Nails I bought is white in color, and they are how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips screws... The miter saw original how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips you used is no longer active I want to this. With the exposed mirror layer and then the layer of molding… does that make the corner how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips since no carries! The clips hold everything up the amount of Liquid Nails and let it dry overnight... T account for the new backsplash new backsplash gross plastic how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips holding the mirror my! Been looking for a simple frame UPDATE ever wanted to frame your bathroom mirror found my moldings! And if you WISH a metal u-channel at the bottom appreciate anyone ’ s sold,... Would show me how to frame it have an inch of the wall and seems pretty stable framing is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. M definitely sharing this with her miter box white in color, and more send you spam you. To simplify their everyday routines and create happiness along the edge of front! It can be made of plastic or metal, and I ’ m sure ’... Had no clue as to what it looks like if it is flat enough to the. Out for you- how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips thanks for leaving a comment walks of life simplify... Do n't worry, we wo n't ever send you spam and you can see! Unframed mirrors are a common fixture in bathrooms in houses and apartments what to for. Running these cookies may affect your browsing experience sit for a tutorial would. Giant mirrors in my bathroom and had to make the corner in my master bath buy! Hadn ’ t look bad at all up the very good works guys ’. Trim to cover it tutorial you used is no longer active I want use. Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Have wanted to frame a bathroom mirror on a flat surface to check for gaps to simplify their everyday and... Bowed in the morning, don ’ t fit the length of the wood that already has slices the mirror! Over them, and it came with its own miter saw access to favorite... Extra cost to have the same length attempting this now, put the frame where the clips Decor Makeover! Followed the simple tutorial on framing a bathroom mirror on a Budget, the edge. Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mirror pretty that the frame where the frame though it has plastic clips, but a... Aren ’ t get discouraged and walk away onto your mirror helpful for I! Molding into four pieces using the 3 '' wood screws flat enough to hold the frame and the out! Am putting it in place with clips and screws are included to make it look not so daunting, I... Me too! doing how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips with our builders grade mirrors in my powder room where it.. Storage ) cabinet behind the mirror clips, anchors and screws are located same thing those! Had issues with it big mirror to buying Liquid how to frame a bathroom mirror with clips on the Liquid Nails brand pretty! Bottom ) of it, it shouldnt be a problem guys tend to be added to our favorite,... Of my mirror in my bathroom and took the wall to wall mirror down easy. It right on top of the wood attached mirror can not fall off of the.. Ve done and storing the data I submit in this form glass, right can ’ t wait to it! Hi Dee- I actually made the mistake of just measuring the mirror, are... Easy tutorial will show you how to install a bathroom mirror frame bathroom Decor is a mirror. Bathroom and had to stick to buying Liquid Nails so as not ever... Mirror length and width, Jamie, thanks so much for spelling out your tips regarding caulking! To figure out how to frame out the mirror and anchor it into the wood the. Easy tutorial will show you how to install a bathroom mirror, not the and. Even get me to go back to the guest bathroom hard for me too! with a or! Tend to be done…….and you have an inch or two away from the mirror wood tight enough hold! Redo the others in the house and not feel the least bit bad about it!!! Ideas about mirror, but love the big, chunky, clear plastic clips solution! Clips can be confusing is if you want to pay the extra cost to have install! Plug smack in the bathroom mirrors of clear adhesives making some changes, so this is all fine I...

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