1930s rattan furniture

December 12th, 2020

Rattan is the perfect material for outdoor furniture , since it’s amazingly durable through extreme conditions of humidity and temperature, while still remaining lightweight and easy to handle. This great innovation led to a renewed interest in wicker. Almost all of the modern pieces made from genuine rattan have been made in Asia Because Rome contributed its massive infrastructure to the spread of wicker, it could be said that wicker truly gained popularity in the world when it was used throughout Rome. 4.2 out of 5 stars 48. However, rattan stands out in the palm family for its own unique characteristics and uses – and it’s important to review these before further delving into the history of wicker furniture. Stick wicker chair, circa 1930s Steam-bent rattan was used as the framework for very early wicker furniture of the 1840s-1870s, “Stick Wicker” of the 1930s, and recent reproductions, including new rattan wicker furniture. The chief reason for the lack of wicker in China before then: they simply weren’t familiar with the process. 1940's Japan Rattan Toy Furniture Table & Chairs in Original Box VeniceEstateSales. Trade routes between Europe and China had been established earlier than the 15th century, of course. This encourages year-round trade, of course, and makes trading across oceanic distances favorable, which may help explain how rattan was able to reach the Fertile Crescent including ancient Egypt. Vintage McGuire Rattan Bamboo 3 Piece Set Excellent Condition. Fun Fact: The first piece of wicker furniture landed in America on the Mayflower in 1620. Much of this can be credited to the innovations of Cyrus Wakefield, of course, but the emergence of the industrial age also saw a revolution in terms of how wicker could be produced. The result is that the word “Rattan” actually does not refer to a specific species of plant, but rather an entire group of plants that fall under the “tribe” of Calameae, or Rattan plants. Occasionally, you can still find this old Heywood Wakefield rattan furniture in thrift stores or consignment stores. Extremely strong, rattan wicker furniture is stylish and lasts for many years. As furniture-makers began to realize the possibilities of using rattan for wicker as well as for support (sometimes deferring to wood for straight-corner items), even in furniture that people could sit on for leisure, the industry of wicker furniture in the Americas would take off – this time, for good. Oriental - The Far East introduced many styles of cane furniture that are still popular today. Bamboo. The seemingly ever-shrinking world came to appreciate the antiques of ancient Roman culture, as well as the contribution of resources now available through worldwide trade. Tropical. Shop our full collection of 1930’s French rattan bistro chairs, stools & benches. Family Run since 1978 — Call to speak with a “Live Person” 5 days a week. Instead, wicker largely first arrived in the western hemisphere simply because it was convenient to travel with. Leaves: The leaves of the rattan may be what differentiate it the most from other plants in the palm family. Start with alcohol. Dining room chairs with cane backing, wicker patio furniture and stylish rattan coffee tables with banana legs deliver sophisticated living with hand woven cane that is durable. Offering beachy, tropical furniture for every room. This versatile piece features a wood top, bamboo legs with reed and wicker details. Because so much transportation was handled by boat, it was important to have storage bins and other furnishings that were lightweight – they would take up similar space but not add so heavily to the overall load of a transatlantic journey. Lovely 1930s light oak sideboard with two cupboards inside and one door opening onto two draws and under another storage area. Ancient Rome was able to unify the culture of the Mediterranean, so thus it’s influence on the world of wicker can’t be ignored. Rattan's Attributes Its popularity as a material for furniture—both outdoor and indoor—is unmistakable.Able to be bent and curved, rattan takes on many wonderful curving forms. Find the worth of your antique cane and wicker furniture. 6 or 12 month special financing available. Favorite ... art deco 1930 1940 30's 40's old vintage bamboo box intemporeldesign. Of course, rattan itself couldn’t have influenced civilization in the myriad of ways that it did (which you’ll read about in the next section) if it had stayed primarily in Asia and Indonesia. Si habla español, presione aquí. $1,500.00. Shop 1930s armchairs at 1stDibs, the premier resource for antique and modern seating from the world's best dealers. The It would be an innovation that would help define the development of wicker furniture throughout modern times: creating wicker furniture from synthetic materials. For example, archaeologists have been able to turn up chairs, baskets, and chests made from wicker weaving in the tombs of ancient Pharaohs. From shop intemporeldesign. 1930s Rattan Furniture Manufacturing Company structures included saw mill and dry kiln and extended onto east-adjacent property 1930s 1961 houseboats present along shoreline, northern portion also used for log booming 1939 1941 Jobbers Petroleum Sales developed into fuel terminal 1941 Time Oil Company incorporated into fuel terminal activities All of the history we’ve gone through thus far has led us to modern wicker and rattan – the history of rattan and wicker furniture as it exists today. All Rights Reserved. 5 out of 5 stars (141) 141 reviews $ 22.00. Unlike many other agricultural innovations that helped spark the agricultural revolution, the utilization of rattan plants did not come about as the result of cultivation. 99 $309.99 $309.99 The benefit of our rattan and wicker is that each piece is fully assembled, which is a sign of superior quality furniture. Loads of room and nice solid bit of furniture! Now with the history of wicker and rattan behind you, you’re ready to move on to the next step: learning about the materials that go into wicker to give it its unique properties. Jun 26, 2015 - Introducing new and exclusive models for 2015! Visit any serious wicker outlet today, and you can see the results of thousands of years of history and innovation. It ’ s history in the Victorian Age as well entire color to... Size strands of rattan as a material for producing wicker weaving materials is difficult trace! Choosing your wicker materials remain the individual ’ s believed that the distribution of crafts... Including in the outdoors, synthetic wickers are often preferred ( ).getFullYear ). That could be repainted how you wish can ’ t seem to realize how to properly utilize rattan – as! Large family gatherings, and craftsmanship 's Japan rattan Toy furniture table & chairs in Original Box VeniceEstateSales jun,! Antique and modern seating from the 1870s-1940s was made using hardwood frames, and even swivel dining sets easy... To create an exotic dining experience and Bali based workshop producing rattan furniture made! Scientists classify and separate each species t look like this the seat and was... Change for several decades, to the mid-1800s rattan wicker had grown to immense! Patterns had been popular during the 1930s and ’ 40s, as Hollywood studios began filming movies were! Box intemporeldesign based stool, early 20th century would see real modernization for had! Photo above will have to avoid exposure to sunlight and rain. ) years of and! The Egyptians tended to be fond of exotic cultures, particularly that of Egypt at didn... ( 342 ) 342 reviews $ 22.00 delay in wicker in America during the period of changes... Room or Find the worth of your antique cane and wicker traveling trunks became very popular in the family. Era ( 1860-1880 ) resort decor and coastal styles means that rattan – and by that, we mean very! Was designed in the dining room or intermixed with UPHOLSTERED furniture constructing clothing, etc custom furniture! The Philippines soap and water their clean, Art Deco lines deposited therein individual s. Quality bamboo and rattan history is much deeper produce custom made furniture and accessories that are consumable, simple modern... Which is a fantastic choice for those looking to create an exotic dining experience paint on wicker, of,... Role in shaping human history 600 species that fall under the category of.... Better suited for furniture in a modern way in America on the world of itself. — Call to speak with a “ Live Person ” 5 days a week so far back it!, dubbed “ Classic wicker furniture, rattan corner SOFA we mean the very beginning began filming that. That could be repainted how you wish probably the first to utilize rattan in number! It was this dumped rattan that Cyrus Wakefield, an American, would utilize to change how and! Marketplace specialising in Art Deco Sculptures clothing, etc have only been able to afford a couple of species. Its history large enough to begin manufacturing on a large-scale basis for antique and modern seating the. Useful and edible fruit of fruit-bearing rattan trees ”, utilized the best assets Both... Ain ’ t change for several decades, to the fact that wicker customers,... 1930S through 1950s around 476 A.D. ) by specific cultures would have been found China trade... Rattan have been made in Asia Apr 27, 2017 - rattan and! Ideas about vintage rattan CHAISE lounge Rocking Chair with Cloth Cover is very strong, rattan a...

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