white dove paint

December 12th, 2020

Cabinets are bright white in satin finish and have brushed gold hardware. Question: Should we use the Benjamin Moore ballet white on the kitchen walls or try another shade such as Benjamin Moore “Lace Handkerchief?” “As a result, this color is a top selling white, consistently ranking in the top 10 most popular colors in our overall system.” One of the color’s biggest fans is designer Madeline Stuart, who used White Dove in her Santa Barbara retreat. White Dove is likely a good choice. I am horrible at making paint decisions ;), Thank you, Katie! Thank you for all your suggestions. For less, or a brighter white, look at Simply White. One of the benefits of the shade is its versatility. We have light laminate floors. We believe this color is fittingly named after a dove, as this bird is a symbol of peace. Hi Maureen, Our IKEA cabinets are off-white, too. Thank you! All rights reserved. Such a versatile paint colour! Do you agree? We will paint the ceiling, trim, doors, bedroom walls and bathroom. As far as walls go, we painted some of ours in White Dove eggshell finish with the trim having a bit more of a sheen. It’s a beautiful smooth finish that’s not too shiny. We’ve done several where it had zero yellow characteristics, so not sure what that was about. ? We’re just updating our kitchen, not remodeling. One of Benjamin Moore’s most popular shades, White Dove, is one such go-to paint. Or, maybe, the previous color was showing through a bit? Other Benjamin Moore whites I considered and suggest taking a look at are Chantilly Lace (OC-65) and Oxford White (CC-30), which are both on the cooler, brighter side. Although I tend to be uncertain about a new paint colour until I see it in a space, White Dove became an instant favourite. I fell in love with White Dove in a bright condo. We had to paint the entire kitchen Decorator’s White, which looks perfect now…We do have Western exposure which turns the paint much warmer. Thanks! Your email address will not be published. Please help ! We have dark (jacobean) stained wood floors. Thank you! Get the details in this post. Sorry I wasn’t clear before, I meant to inquire about the Brazilian slate tile floor you used on the floor. We have many cloudy days. Our first question is regarding cabinet color. Or which white would you recommend? We have had Pratt & Lambert Madras Yellow on the walls for years but just need a change. I am looking for a warm white due to the brown color of our roof :). Simply White vs. White Dove before you make a decision. We want to brighten/lighten it up but compliment all the wood. I have a quick question ;) Is there a reason you color matched the white dove from sherwin williams vs. using ben moore’s paint. White Dove accommodates a lot of different paint colours because while it is a warm white, it has an almost greige base that calms it right down. We are thinking white dove would be a good alternative given the white subway tile. We have a new kitchen. Register here A win! White Dove™ covers feature thousands of miniature flagged filaments so paint leaves from thousands of tiny surfaces for a smooth, virtually perfect finish. The undertones of White Dove are greige. Its creamy white gives a calming vibe that makes a home feel more inviting. Colour matching the cabinets would’ve meant the trim throughout our home being too creamy, so that wasn’t an option. For backsplash we thinking soft gray subway tiles or something along those lines. Simply White, OC-17 by Benjamin Moore, has a LRV of 91.7, which reflects quite a bit more light compared to White Dove’s LRV of 85. White Dove also maintains enough warmth so that it is not too cool, yet it does not go too creamy or yellow.” That balance of warm and cool is often hard to find, so it's no wonder that White Dove is frequently recommended by designers and bloggers such as Emily Henderson, Erin Gates, and Suzanne and Lauren McGrath. Walnut hard word floors. The home’s walls were painted in White Dove, allowing the collections of art, books, and vintage furniture to take center stage. Respectively, White Dove is a neutral, peaceful white. GALentine’s Day Tea Party – Vintage Style ». What finish did you use to paint your mantel? The house has a lot of natural light. If you are painting brick or even siding, give Benjamin Moore White Dove a try. Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17) White Dove is a beautiful warm white that we have in both our entry way and our kitchen (pictured below). $5.99. White Dove is one of Benjamin Moore’s top-selling paint colors, and for good reason. We face south, but no direct sunlight due to huge covered patio. No wonder white dove read further on the warm side in some instances. Hi Ava, It really depends on the other elements in the room (flooring, furniture, lighting) and the overall look you’re going for. Thanks. “It’s not too sterile and has virtually no yellow—just enough to take the edge off. See more ideas about home, kitchen inspirations, white doves. We are looking for a trim color to go with Bennington Gray walls and are considering white dove. Related: AD’s Guide to Decorating with Color. Beautiful pics! In your opinion would White Dove cabinetry go well with White Down 970 on my trim, baseboards and doors? Thank you! We were set on using white dove or simply white throughout several rooms, then realized that the large windows are all white vinyl by Simonton, and it may be best not to paint. We’re big fans of White Dove. Would you recommend this color for an exposed beam wood paneled ceiling? Actually, white paint color looks beautiful. It has a slight yellow undertone that make it a soft white … Stain is 100% the way to go if you want to change your Brick exterior color! maureepinter14@gmail.com. Never miss a thing. It has an LRV of 85.38; It’s one of the most popular and best selling white paint colors by Benjamin Moore. “The one decision I didn’t have to struggle with was the paint: Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17, a designer’s best friend and this house’s savior,” Stuart told AD. This way it doesn’t come off as creamy/warm as Cloud White, but also isn’t as stark/cool as Chantilly Lace. Is White Dove in a semi-gloss or satin finish on your cabinets? Give suggestions please. 1G Benjamin Moore, WHITES, Aura Waterborne Interior Paint - Matte - White Dove 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. So many great ideas! It’s not only a great color for walls, but also a favorite for molding and cabinets. Hi Melanie, If your home has lots of natural light, White Dove will work. Sometimes it’s the finish that makes it seem duller or brighter. You can see more in this post. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is a warm white that is more rich than … White Dove may work, but I also suggest checking out Simply White, White Heron and Cloud White. The ceiling is low and the floors are again a honey cork. PPG HDPCN43 Ultra-Hide Zero Dove White Paint $ 16 98-$ 89 98. Krylon K05355507 ColorMaster Paint + Primer, Gloss, Dover White, 12 oz. (The rest of our home areas that can been seen from the kitchen are: family room, sun room, dining room, and front room which are all painted with white ceilings and moldings and Benjamin Moore white linen walls. Both paint colors are very light and have a high LRV, White Dove being a tiny bit higher at 85.38. Nov 6, 2019 - White Dove OC-17 Hue Family | White Dove OC-17 Value | White Dove OC-17 Chroma | White Dove OC-17 LRV | White Dove OC-17 Colorography | White Dove OC-17 Paint Blob | White Dove OC-17 inspiration pictures. Hello Shauna, And while it works almost all of the time, if you paint a sample board and your cold marble tile is looking too white and the White Dove is muddy or yellow in comparison, you need to pick a cooler white. Also, we want to use a gray grout in the tile to offset all the white. Hi Shauna! Thank you!! Check out some lovely examples and learn how to select the perfect white paint for your space. We don’t judge the color now until after the second coat has dried. It also depends on the colours that will be reflected i.e. For hand application, using pearl or semi-gloss is probably your best bet. With an LRV of 82, it’s just the teeniest bit darker then Dover White. The family room has 20’ of floor to ceiling windows facing south overlooking the lake. Glad to hear you like it in your current home :). Any insight is greatly appreciated! We have a white ceiling (Benjamin Moore) and for the little bit of wall space, we initially selected Benjamin Moore ballet white. I’m looking to lighten up the room and paint the walls white. I have to tell our painter soon and we will be painting the entire house including cabinets so I don’t want to get it wrong ;) Just curious about the thoughts choose to color match vs. using ben moore. I would get a sample size and try it out in different rooms (be sure to look at it different times of the day). We are remodeling the entire house…I have ebony floors and our old trim was Pratt as lambert silver lining which I loved but looking for a change. White Dove by Benjamin Moore – one of my all-time, favorite paint colors! I love that it is a warm off-white with a very subtle hint of grey. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. MyPerfectColor custom spray paint matched to Benjamin Moore 06 White Dove enables you to conveniently achieve a professional spray-smooth finish in any color in any sheen. “Benjamin Moore brought White Dove OC-17 into the overall collection decades ago, and over time it has become a true favorite among professionals and homeowners alike,” says Benjamin Moore color and design expert Andrea Magno. I was also thinking about doing white dove for all my trim (farmhouse/craftsman style). Paint Type: Drywall, Ceilings, and Floors Paint Finish: Smooth to Semi Smooth Surfaces Fabric Material: Woven Dralon Fabric Read Reviews | Write a Review. Benjamin Moore White Dove paint-find out why so many professional interior designers and DIYers alike LOVE this versatile paint color.. Benjamin Moore White Dove Paint is an extremely versatile color to work with. Great points! Thank you so much for all the analysis you put into your research. Thanks. The idea of adding another color worries me. WHITE DOVE VS ALABASTER | Best Light Neutral Paint Colors We have a colour clash of epic proportions here! This white paint color is perfect for interior walls, trim, doors, or even a white … After testing several whites alongside our new kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors and wall colour, we ending up going with Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17. Having a similar undertone is what’s important. One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot lately is the paint colour we used for our trim and doors (and fireplace) on our main floor. It felt like the perfect balance. Since I can not change that at this time, instead of competing with it I thought to throw a pop of color (like SW Whirlpool) to the little wall that is exposed (pulling in accent colors from adjoining room). Also, we will not have that much exposed wall and the attached family room is painted a khaki gray (not my favorite). I think it pairs beautifully with our grey slate tile and dark(ish) white oak floors too. We are keeping the U shape with island in the middle (painted BM Steel Gray). “White Dove has been an extremely popular white, as it is especially neutral and it complements a wide range of colors,” says Magno. We are having the walls repainted and are considering BM White Dove. I think it’s the paint he’s used to spraying, so wanted to stick with it. Do you think this is bright enough? In this video I am painting a small white dove. Hi Kate, Are you thinking something a bit darker than White Dove? neighbour’s house colour, trees, etc. Home > Paint Colors > Purple Paint Colors > Dove White. Benjamin Moore White Dove is a paint color that is tried and true. White Dove is a soft white, so it won’t act like The SW isn’t overly shiny like some lacquers are. Looks great! CHOOSING THE BEST BENJAMIN MOORE WHITE PAINT COLOR. Do you have a go-to gray grout? Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Off-white collection. The wood floors are a medium pecan brown and I assume the ceilings ( will not paint) are also BM China White. Hello Shauna, Like a white that’s more subtle and warm? I m doing a full house remodel, and I have selected White Dove for my kitchen cabinets. About Dove White. Appliances are stainless steel. The cedar ceilings look fabulous. Your best bet would be something that isn’t too bright white. But it reads more neutral, whereas Dover White reads slightly more yellow. What a color combination, Shauna! Benjamin Moore White Dove is my go-to white paint color! Now I’m concerned that either one of these whites may appear “muddy” or “dirty” next to the windows. Thinking of painting my bathroom this white dove but scared my wood ceiling will make the bathroom look yellow. I’ve got an 800 sq foot bonus room with a vaulted ceiling that has some natural light on the north and south wall but not a great deal. Paint Sample 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. I suggest reading these paint colour selection tips to help you through the process. Beloved by homeowners and interior designers alike, this is a warm white paint that … See more ideas about white doves, benjamin moore, hue. Bedenk hoe jaloers je vrienden zullen zijn wanneer je hen vertelt dat je je white dove paint op AliExpress hebt gekregen. Any suggestions on a complementary white wall color that will look good against the white dove trim? Thoughts on not going a traditional neutral wall color? Just gorgeous!! The exterior color of my house is white dove. Thanks in advance as I’m very confused. Keep in mind, these are slight variances. With two coats, the walls literally have a beautiful glow. Most of the walls in the main space are a honey coloured pine including the kitchen cabinets. I will have to share another post on some of my other favorite white paint colors – but White Dove is a beautiful warm white that works with browns/beiges and you don’t want your cabinets looking too stark. Do you suggest another white that may work in other rooms, We’ve already painted ceiling white Dove, Im looking for something less Yellow. © 2020 Condé Nast. Ad Choices, Designers can’t get enough of this versatile shade from Benjamin Moore. I failed to mention that it will have beams wrapped in barn wood in it . You can see more in this post. That’s a great question. I’ve poured through every shade of neutral, white, greige… Any input would be appreciated. Shauna, my bedroom has white dove trim and blue/grey walls. So when they find one that works beautifully, both designers and homeowners often find themselves returning to that shade over and over again. I’m Shauna, design and decorating enthusiast, DIYer, vintage collector, gardener, and lover of fresh, healthy food. White Dove does not look like a true white, but it’s close, especially if you have good natural light. Simply White is a popular choice for something a bit brighter. With your excellent blog in white paint we took the leap & painted the main rooms in our cottage BM White Dove this July and my daughters & I (and husbands) are thrilled with our new look. Choose Your Product Add to my favorites. Painted side-by-side, there’s a noticeable difference (I tested it out). I have Cloud White cabinets and they are creamier than I thought so now I need a quartz that will look good and a wall and trim Color!! Thank you for all of your input regarding white paints… one of the hardest colors to choose! Stand back and take a look at different times of the day in various intensities of light. Now we use at 3000 LED bulbs, but never over 3500. Love how you have used this color in your home. I tested quite a few whites (which I’ll get to), but found White Dove paint to be the best choice considering all of the factors we were dealing with. What do you think of the BM White Dove for walls? Set your store to see local availability Choose Options. Absolutely beautiful!!! Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples… Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! I am debating color matching with kelly moore vs. going directly to ben moore. Trim, Doors and Fireplace– Water-based lacquer custom mixed at Sherwin Williams (sprayed), Walls– Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint in Eggshell, Ceiling– Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Ultra Flat. Hi Karen, It’s Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn. Required fields are marked *. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Privacy & cookie policies, plus full disclosure of advertising, affiliate links, copyright information and more can be found here. We’re using the matte sheen now unless the walls and ceilings are in super good condition. When you want a soft white room with some warmth, that still looks “clean,” use White Dove. I used Benjamin Moore for the trim that I painted with a brush and small roller in other our rooms. Thank you for your perspective, This cool white paint color is ideal for a large open floor plan. Hi Kelli, White Dove isn’t a crisp white, so it depends on the look you’re going for. Would this combination work or is there another “white” that would coordinate better with Bennington Gray? White Dove is definitely not a bright white, rather an off-white with a bit of a grey undertone. If you’re ready to paint, pick up your supplies below, or get connected with a painting professional in your area by clicking here ! We color matched in our twins’ room, but I am wondering if it would appear a bit brighter if I had used ben moore’s paint. Most importantly, I’m a very proud mom to a 20-something year old “kid” and wife to my biggest supporter and best friend for over 20 years... Read More. Since I wrote my comment above I learned that most soft white light bulbs have a color temp of only 2750. Also we have white marble counter tops with marble backsplash (like your fireplace surround) and Cherry cabinets – do you still think white dove is best? The room with the marble subway tile on the fireplace: what is the grey wall color? Is the cedar ceiling natural or stained? It looks like the same colour (see our powder room here). Hale Navy, Revere Pewter, Classic Gray and Kendall Charcoal are some of my favourites. Compare samples (available at your Benjamin Moore store) side by side, i.e. Hi Theresa, Our painter used a water-based lacquer custom mixed at Sherwin Williams (sprayed). I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Do you think this will pull together & look nice? I love how the spaces look light and airy without being too stark no matter the time of day or the season we’re in. Wicker chairs & curtain panels on dark rods also in white canvas. White Dove is a soft white, so it won’t act like white, but a softer warmer version of it. White Dove has a bit of gray in it which keeps it for looking yellow. White Dove. I am keeping creamy leather sofa and 2 chairs and much of furniture is wood/pine/rustic “cottage” look. “A frequent question around this color involves its undertone, which has a touch of gray that mutes the color nicely so the resulting color reads as an off-white, not a stark white. Dover White paint color SW 6385 by Sherwin-Williams. I want it warm, but bright. The hexadecimal color code #f0efe6 is a very light shade of yellow. Side-by-side, the kitchen cabinets don’t look too creamy, yet the trim still looks fresh. Free delivery. White dove colour certainly makes a difference and adds such great texture and vibrant. In addition, the White Dove paint colour goes well with our subway tile backsplash, quartz countertops and white windows. Also wondering what off white you would suggest for the walls that would pair nicely with white dove ceiling & trim? We have ash cabinets, with a slightly new white overstain; we just had installed white diamond quartzite for our counters and backsplash, and our hardwood floors are medium oak; out appliances are stainless steel. We chose super white quartzite countertops with a white subway tile backsplash. It was our painter who wanted to colour match in Sherwin Williams lacquer for our trim and fireplace only. Here’s the grey slate we used. I’m thinking White Dove might work for our panelled walls. Since it’s a large room with high ceilings, I’m assuming it gives a feeling of spaciousness. Good luck :). For architect Anne Decker and designer Nestor Santa-Cruz, White Dove was the ideal neutral for a project in Washington, D.C. “The owners had such great art, so we wanted to create a beautiful, crisp backdrop for their collection,” Decker told AD. What do you think? We did our walls and ceiling in eggshell and it turned out great. I am using acrylic paints on a 24cm x 18cm stretched canvas. Because we installed IKEA Bodbyn cabinet doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen, which are quite off-white (a little too yellow for me in certain lighting), I was looking for a trim paint colour that helped off-set the warm undertone. Glidden Premium 10BB 83/020 Dove White Paint $ 15 98-$ 199 00. I am not a fan of really stark whites. In the RGB color model #f0efe6 is … What brand light switches /outlets covers do you recommend to match with white dove?

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