pollination by epihydrophily occurs in

December 12th, 2020

Artificial Pollination Biswarup Majumder | Bio-World Procedure When man himself transfers pollen to the stigma it is called artificial pollination. Many tree species are cross pollinated, if pollination doesn’t occur they opt for self pollination as an alternative device. Examples: Vallisneria spiralis, Elodea. e.g.Vallisneria (Ribbon weed). Approximately 65% of flowering plants are insect-pollinated. Pollen grains are surrounded by mucilaginous covering, hence protected from wetting. When the wind blows, or a bee travels into the flower of one plant variety, and the pollen of this plant makes its way into the flower of another type. This process is quite simple and fast, which leads to a reduction in genetic diversity as the sperm and egg cells of the flower share some genetic information. It can occur in the given two ways: Autogamy : It is a type of self-pollination, where pollination occurs within the same flower . Cross pollination is performed with the help of an external agency. It occurs in completely submerged plants like Ceratophyllum and Zostera. Epihydrophily :Plants which are pollinated outside the water. Cross pollination Cross pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther of one flower to the stigma of a genetically different flower. It has already been stated that pollination, in a vast majority of cases, involves some agent. Self-pollination usually occurs in hermaphrodite or dioecious plants, where a flower can pollinate by itself or less dependent on the external factors. The female plant bears solitary flowers which rise to the surface of water level using a long coiled stalk at the time of pollination… This process is also called allogamy or xenogamy. (E.g. ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article, we will discuss about the three agents for pollination. Light unwettable pollen grains are present in these plants. Pollination carried out through water is called hydrophily. suhani678 suhani678 About 80% pollination occurs by insects like moths, bettles, butterflies, wasp, etc. Epihydrophily: Pollination occurs at the water level. They are: (1) Anemophily (2) Zoophily and (3) Hydrophily. Start studying Plant Reproductive Adaprations -1. Cross-pollination occurs when you have the same plant of different varieties in a garden space. Species pollinated by various groups of pollinators were distributed non ‐ randomly, hence long-distance pollen flow is necessary in a forest. Pollination by water is quite rare in flowering plants. Accordingly, the types of pollination are anemophily or anemogamy […] Biotic agents (a) Entomophily : When pollination is brought about by the agency of insects, it is known as entomophily or insect pollination. It requires two flowers belonging to two different parents. Types : Epihydrophily Hypohydrophily Epihydrophily – pollination occurs over the surface of water. Hypohydrophily - pollination occurs below the surface of water. Self-pollination occurs when pollen grains fall directly from anther into the stigma of the flower. It is referred to as the primary type of pollination as it includes a single flower. About 80% pollination occurs by insects like moths, beetles, butterflies, wasp, etc. (ii) Biotic agents (a) Entomophily : When pollination is brought about by the agency of insects, it is known as entomophily or insect pollination. Pollination that takes place below the water surface is called hypohydrophily. 14. e.g., Vallisneria (Ribbon weed). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. freshwater plants like Vallisneria, Hydrilla; marine water plants like Zostera). The usual agents are wind, animals and water. Epihydrophily : Plants which are pollinated outside the water. Pollination in Vallisneria spiralis: It is a dioecious, submerged and rooted hydrophyte.

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