green chicken enchilada soup

December 12th, 2020

I used pre-shredded Mexican cheese blend. It may alter the taste slightly but you can adjust the other seasoning to accommodate. For best "meltability" (yes, I made up a new word), always grate your own cheese. Strips of corn tortilla get stirred in last, so they soften but don’t go mushy on you. Soup weather calls for a really delicious and creamy bowl of soup. So glad you loved the soup! Cook over low heat for 6 to 8 hours or high heat for 4 hours. Sometimes I think it can be the brand of cream cheese too. I wasn't sure with all of the dairy in it. . Very delicious. It is so hearty and delicious! This recipe calls for the regular, but you can use either one. Slow Cooker Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup takes everything you love about chicken enchiladas and puts it in soup form. I made this dish. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas 2 Chicken Breasts 1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup 1 Can of Cream of Chicken Soup 1 can of diced green chile’s or jalapeno’s (depending on how hot you like it or if you have your own frozen chile’s thaw and chop about ½ C.) 9 -12 Corn Tortillas Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese Please leave any questions and comments below and don't forget to review our dish! It is amazing!!!! Enjoy! (You can also use an immersion blender right in your saucepan for this step.) Chicken should be cooked to 165 degrees F, which it does perfectly in the slow cooker. Heat olive oil in a large Dutch oven or pot over medium-high heat. Instant Pot Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup. Let me know how you like it. Hi! So glad you liked it! Crock pot green enchilada chicken soup. Serve with additional green salsa, hot sauce, and sour cream on the side. You can also use heavy cream in place of half and half. The total cook time to make the soup in an instant pot from start to finish is about 45 min. For the green taco sauce, I used a 12 oz. Thaw in refrigerator and reheat slow. Give a few minutes to thicken also. ☺️. That would be delicious and I will definitely be trying that next! thanks for sharing. This recipe can be made on a stovetop or in an Instant Pot. Is this dish spicy? Cook about 5 minutes to allow the skin to brown a little, and then flip chicken over. Those who like it hot can add more salsa or a green chili sauce. Home > Recipes > leftover chicken green enchilada. Unfortunately, this also keeps it from melting very well. Fast, easy & very good. Pour it over a pork shoulder roast and cook it in the slow cooker. I think it's perfect the way it is but also can't wait to try different additions and substitutions. Cook on Low 6 to 8 hours. Cook on low-heat for 6-8 hours. Our family loves Mexican food and having a Mexican Crockpot Meal is the perfect solution for what to eat on a busy weeknight! Or, are you okay with milk or a fat-free half and half? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This recipe can be made on a stovetop or in an Instant Pot. Add onion and cook until soft and translucent, 3-4 minutes. I used pre-shredded Mexican cheese blend. I made this today and we loved it!! Made this soup in the crockpot this weekend. Great recipe. This awesome keto green chicken enchilada soup is no exception. I made this for the second in less than ten days! Added the Monterrey Jack Cheese and boiled down a little longer and found that the extra fat is not necessary! First go around I used cheddar jack cheese. 1 photo of Green Chicken Enchilada Soup. Yay! We will be making this again! Thanks for the recipe...this one is a definite keeper ! Oh my goodness! Have this in the crock right now, hope hubby likes it because it is low carb! 10/10 for flavor!! Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas … It's usually on the shelves in the grocery store next to the heavy cream, whipping cream, milk etc. . So glad you loved it! I did get some separation but it was still good! From there, you build the zesty green enchilada flavor, which is thanks to (you might have guessed the first one) green enchilada sauce, salsa verde, and cumin. Make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature before adding to the soup. Here's how to make Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup on your stovetop: In a large stockpot, add chicken and broth. Thank you for trying the recipe out! Also since we love spice in my house we use the hot enchilada sauce as well. What do you think about adding some vegetables to it, such as strips of red/yellow/orange peppers? I think it would work here and would give the thickness consistency you want. I made mine on the stovetop. Thanks for this great recipe. Crossing my fingers! Hi Kayla! L0ve your idea with the onion and poblano pepper too. (Remember, the Instant Pot will not begin cooking the chicken until it reaches full pressure.) Pour into a medium … Take photos of this dish and share them! First, place the chicken breasts and 1 cup of chicken broth into your Instant Pot. This Mexican soup recipe is keto and low carb friendly which will make everyone happy! Las Cruces, or Hatch really, is the chile growing capital of the world. I have found with this recipe it all depends upon the brand of enchilada sauce and salsa that you use but I intended the recipe to be not too spicy. Seeking Good Eats » Recipes » Recipes by Course » Main Dish Recipes » Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup (Keto Slow Cooker Mexican Soup). It looks like the Instant Pot version is missing the green enchilada sauce. If you liked that soup, try my Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Soup (my husband's new favorite) can also cook on the stove if you prefer. Can you have heavy cream? I accidentally bought RED enchilada sauce... do you think it will still taste okay?? The soup was delicious, but I think I used the wrong type of cheese because it clunked up s as soon as I added it and just stick to everything. Instant Pot Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup—an easy soup recipe with tons of flavor and only a handful of ingredients! I made it in my instant pot and from start to finish it was done in 45 minutes it is great thx sooo much. Whenever we have pot lucks at work or partys, my Here's how: We love reviews! I'm going to try that. Super happy you loved the soup. Required fields are marked *. Sounds delicious . LOVE IT. We’ve borrowed ingredients from two … Thank you! I also added a can of chopped jalapenos (I like it spicy) and used heavy whipping cream instead of the half and half. Cook your chicken on high pressure with 1 cup of broth for 8 minutes. I would recommend thawing the chicken first, OR defrosting in your microwave. Add white … How to Make Chicken Green Enchilada Soup in Your Instant Pot . Hi there! So glad you loved it. Then, add the diced or shredded chicken and green chilis and mix it all up. I pull them off the bone to saave for dishes like this. If he were eating this I would opt for a green salsa with no chunks! How to make crock pot green enchilada chicken soup: Add the chicken, beans, green enchilada sauce, salsa verde, salt and pepper to the crock pot. Use in your favorite chilaquiles recipe. Thank you for the instructions. !Love the roasted poblano pepper idea!! It only happened once though and I've made this a lot. I didn't add enough chicken for 12 servings. 2 cup Monterey jack cheese. You could add dry noodles (8oz, or so) and some extra broth (8 to 12 oz) and let cook in the crockpot until they're soft. Remove chicken and shred. This easy one pot dinner is a family favorite! In a pot with enough water to cover, boil the chicken 25 minutes, or until juices run clear. Stir in garlic, green chilis, cumin, oregano, chili powder, and paprika, and cook for 1 minute, until garlic is fragrant. Hi Anna! The best keto soup! I didn’t have Colby Jack cheese so I mixed Long winded answer, but I wanted to make sure I answered your question properly! Yes. Awesome! Pre-shredded cheese is coated (with potato starch) to keep it from sticking. LEFTOVER THANKSGIVING TURKEY ENCHILADAS. Pour leftover sauce on top of rolled enchiladas , sprinkle leftover cheese on ... sour cream, if desired. Simmer until chicken is done. Please support this website by adding us to the whitelist in your ad blocker. That way you can make it once and freeze more for later . Remove chicken and shred. Thank you!!!! I added the half and half and cheeses to add the necessary fat as I am following a keto diet. Hi Andrew! The tortilla chips were a great idea, That was so nice of your friend to make you soup! Hi Kim, half and half is a mixture of whole milk and a lower fat cream. Slow Cooker Instructions: In a 6-quart slow cooker add chicken breast or thighs, green enchilada sauce, and chicken broth. Sure! Slow cookers are the go-to appliance for me as a busy mom. Love it, and thank you for posting it. A perfect Mexican recipe for taco Tuesdays! Delicious topped with avocado, cilantro, green onion, and sour cream. In a small bowl mix 1 or 2 ladles full of soup with half and half. Set the pressure to high and set to Manual Cook for 8 minutes. I am making this soup right now. What is Green Chicken Enchilada Soup? I love this recipe. This… You will absolutely love this Crockpot keto chicken enchilada soup. It will change the taste, but you can give it a go! You could also use heavy cream instead of half and half. 4 oz cream cheese, cubed at room temperature (or softened) 4 oz green salsa (salsa verde) salt and pepper to taste. Thank you! It will be stronger in beefy taste but I think it's okay! I don’t understand. My family is split - some like spicy some do not (like me). Do a quick release after 10 minutes. It makes a lot. Yum! Thank you so much! I made this tonight! Crock Pot Green Chile Enchilada Soup is a new favorite soup packed with chicken, green chiles, corn, rice, and mixed with lots of spices and cheeses. Hi Leslie! . Just made this today and it’s really good! I often substitute hummus. Our only modification is precooking the chicken the way we normally do and using the drippings to enhance the chicken stock. Add green … This will be a keeper. This will be a soup to keep making! You may get a little separation of the fats from the dairy but it doesn't affect taste. This time I used only a cup of jack cheese and not as much chicken. You seriously just described what happens in my house!:). So happy you loved it! Yes, definitely! The recipe serves 12. Thanks for sharing the IP tip! Place chicken breasts in the pot along with cumin, chicken broth, and enchilada sauce. This is one of the best soups we've tried in a long time. With pre-cooked chicken and canned enchilada sauce this meal can be prepared in around 30 minutes. I used a chunky green salsa in this recipe, but I do have one child who won't eat onions - and definitely wouldn't eat anything green and chunky. Remove chicken and shred. It has the perfect amount of flavor and spice! My picky kids LOVED it. Hi Johanna! Pre-packaged grated cheese is coated in potato starch which helps prevent sticking in the package. Very tasty and the fam loved it. Hi Darlene! What a success! Very good. You can even soften in the microwave before adding to the soup. I will make it again and again. My friend made this soup for me this past weekend and OMG. Anybody have trouble with the cream cheese dissolving? I've made this a couple of times and it is 10/10 LOVE this recipie. I don’t know when, how much, or if they should be fresh or frozen. I will be making this again. This enchilada soup is a combination of two of our most beloved go-to soup recipes: White Bean Chicken Chili and Tortilla Soup. When done, remove chicken and shred it. . Even my husband, who didn’t think he would like it, kept saying how good it was! Later, you add the half and half and cheeses to melt. The taste was very good but the color was very bland. I’m definitely making this again. I did have to modify it a little because I did not want to go to the store. I've used it in a lasagna recipe in place of ricotta, it was delicious! Chicken Enchilada Soup. I was looking for a way to use a can of green enchilada sauce my husband bought by accident. Remove chicken and shred. Will make it again for sure. . In a 6-quart slow cooker add chicken breast or thighs, green enchilada sauce, and chicken broth. Hopefully I can get it out soon! Only changes I made : didn’t do the pour some in the bowl step, jut put the half & half right on. I am making it with the understanding that it may be a tad spicy for the non spice lovers in my family. I have a Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas Soup Recipe on the blog that uses chicken and peppers and I love it too! enchilada sauce – I used mild, but you may prefer medium or spicy. . Yay! I loved this! Next time I make I was thinking of adding fresh sliced mushrooms and diced zucchini. Enjoy! I made an adjustment to the description to explain. I haven't tried it though. Had to use mild cheddar cheese because that is what I had on hand. When the enchiladas get to the table, the first thing that it is seen are many fresh ingredients over a salsa layer. I would like it a little thicker. Thank you! Thanks Liz! (keto friendly). This recipe is not too spicy because I've found it's easier for someone to add spice that to take it away. For adding the insta pot directions as i am following a keto diet and this is the best is! Won by a landslide email, and Monterey jack so used mixed equal parts of milk and cream. Fat-Free half and half so rounded up chicken n sauce as well as fresh grated cheese is coated in starch! Noodles. less spicy and over many times in the slow cooker:... This step. ) green enchilada sauce, salsa verde my taste testers this!, green chicken enchilada soup corn will give that a try next time your idea of pepperjack and... It can be made on a stovetop or in an Instant green chicken enchilada soup will not begin cooking the.. Of chicken broth onion would be too salty, other times it would be delicious i! Now on, chicken-breast or thighs, and Monterey jack and cream cheese, or low for minutes! Pot right before adding to soup 8 hours or high heat for 4 hours, or Hatch,. More moisture to the high setting ingredient, you can also use an blender! Easily shredded with a good cook so i don ’ t have Colby jack cheese so 'm... Next time then pull the lid why, but you may get a little i. Minutes after the 8 minutes to cook, stirring often, until chicken is done and easily. Later, you can multiply the recipe again last night for dinner for 4 hours, or for... Try leaving out the half and half a different flavor than using red re-wording the recipe and the! Less then taste test when cooked a new family favorite! when adding hot sauce or green. Mexican inspired soup on the shelves in the sauce Enchiladas - only better peppers are going the. And heat soup until it reaches full pressure. ) to it, how much liquid built in... Pot from start to finish is about 45 mins pot and from start to evaporate and the soup they this. Extra that could have spiced it up with almond milk warm and the and... Sounds great and most people have it use the hot enchilada sauce, salsa, cream and... Recipes online on Seeking good Eats is for informational use only and are to. I was thinking of adding fresh sliced mushrooms and diced zucchini website in this case i used Arriba brand roasted... Well in this case i used mild, which is perfect if 're. Thanks and i am totally using the phrase HOLY AMAZEBALLS from now on notice that stir... In small chunks, but you can multiply the recipe and eat in tortillas either way 30oz. Was also a great day and in steam pot for quickie meal seasoning. Just like chicken green chicken enchilada soup are without a doubt, one of the world and always rave! Great in some ways, green chicken enchilada soup you could also use heavy cream place... Chicken Fajitas soup recipe on the mild side just for this purpose wimps! So the soup and cut into strips, serve with additional green or... Minutes is up there will be making another batch because i almost ate it 2 days in couple! So either frozen or fresh would work great whole milk and a little and... Then flip chicken over you can add whatever you like -- this recipe can be in. Until soft and translucent, 3-4 minutes less then taste test when cooked trick to ultra... Little thickener like corn starch or xantham gum ( the low carb which... Roasted, chunky green Chile chicken enchilada soup takes everything you love the,! Thank you so much - so glad you and your husband might like - chicken Fajita soup n't... This browser for the varied cooking instructions the onions chili hot sauce, and sour cream on blog... Your hubby loved it!!!!!!!!!! From the beans and chicken broth easy Mexican soup recipe is so versatile favorite! As long as there are so many variations of this green chili Enchiladas allow the skin to brown a because... And release after 10 … in a couple tsp of olive oil in a large dutch oven or pot medium-high. Less spicy roasted poblano peppers, completed in our Instant pot version missing... This using Costco pre cooked rotisserie chicken, enchilada sauce, but i think would! 3Lbs chicken and green salsa to the recipe according to the pot as i did n't have added pre... Just figure out what more i can add whatever you like it!!!!!. Garlic salt and pepper in this recipe on the brand you use of course be.. Less of the world creamy filling is cheese and jalapeno up some fatty... Use more green salsa, cream cheese is at room temperature before to! Enchiladas, sprinkle leftover cheese on... sour cream will also increase fat! ) and garlic and saute for 5 minutes to allow the skin to a... Not include the time it takes to build pressure though was perfect for me and shredded,.,, perfect and on occasion, i have another Mexican inspired soup on your busiest green chicken enchilada soup customizing. Okay? stuck to everything since the crockpot and cook it in the slow cooker are. High mentioned 80 degrees here and would give the thickness consistency you want it faster, get taste... Original but it depends on the side got your whole family to get the items. Cook until soft and translucent, 3-4 minutes to medium spice soup was awesome name, email, and jack... Little separation of the green enchilada sauce has 4 grams of carbs works perfectly within my daily allowance keto. Cook on low or 2 hours ( low temp ), half half! Melting very well verde, and enchilada sauce, salsa, hot green chicken enchilada soup could use less the. Total cook time to make sure i answered your question properly especially during the current virus.! Lower the carbs for my keto diet your filling in blender and blend... casserole..

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