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December 12th, 2020

Popeyes expanded into the chicken sandwich category in August and saw tremendous success without even advertising its new product on TV. The Real and True History of Julius Pringles, The Man on the Can, What the World’s Strongest Man Eats on Cheat Day, 12 Christmas Beers to Help You Forget About 2020, The 20 Best Airbnbs in San Diego and the Surrounding Region, 10 Exceptional Made-in-SF Presents From Local Retailers, The Best-Looking WFH Tech Gear Is Now All 20% Off. It lives up to the unprecedented hype—no small feat. Chicken Sandwich War Helps Give Popeyes $24 Million In Free Advertising Black Twitter was the first to share their thoughts on the increasingly … Chick-fil-A … The chicken sandwich wars have infiltrated the "help wanted" section. Together, we’ll be covering current events, pop culture, sports, travel, health and the world. Popeyes, owned by Restaurant Brands International, introduced a chicken sandwich to its national menu in August, prompting comparisons to sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, the biggest chicken chain in the U.S. by sales. “We didn’t expect this type of reaction.”. Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. Cil also pointed out the company began testing the fried chicken sandwich in Houston a year ago. The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, which features all-white meat chicken breast fillet marinated in a blend of Louisiana seasonings, has been in high demand since its introduction in … Got a confidential news tip? A press release emailed to The Takeout has provided some interesting factoids about this fast food item’s utter dominance: . Advertising powerhouse GSD&M is the agency of record in North America for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and oversees the chain's social media strategies, so a great fried chicken sandwich … It is a delicious, well-balanced, supremely filling sandwich well worth the $3.99 price tag, and a welcome addition to the chicken chain's menu. Get InsideHook in your inbox. Popeyes chicken sandwich is made of buttermilk-battered white meat on a brioche bun along with pickles and mayonnaise or spicy Cajun spread. It was an ultra-smart melding of marketing and timing. (Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post… Popeyes recently created a frenzy and generated approximately $23 million worth of advertising in 11 days by launching a new chicken sandwich. For the year through July, 2.3 billion breaded-chicken sandwiches were ordered in fast-food restaurants, according to The NPD Group. All that coverage has paid off in a big way for Popeyes as many stores are selling out of the sandwich and a secondary market for the sandwiches has even popped up in some locations. So naturally, the chain decided to celebrate by ringing in the New Year five months early. The Popeyes chicken sandwich launch sparked an online scrum that, while mostly good natured in tone, snowballed until it seemed to have picked up just about every socially savvy brand on Twitter. A single sandwich contains 700 calories, 42 grams of fat, 14 grams of saturated fat, 1.5 trans fat, 1443 milligrams of sodium, and 28 net grams of protein. Would I throw a punch for one? Popeyes Chicken has sold out of its extremely popular new chicken sandwich and people are upset. Get access to exclusive coupons. When Popeyes did return the chicken sandwich to the menu, it did so on Nov. 3, a Sunday. On Aug. 27 at 3:11 pm, Popeyes announced in a video that the sandwich was sold out nationwide. Editor’s Note: RealClearLife, a news and lifestyle publisher, is now a part of InsideHook. Popeyes picked up valuable earned media from two NFL players and customers cheered the return of the Louisiana-based chain's chicken sandwich … All of this is fabulous news for Popeyes, which has enjoyed tons of virtually free advertising for a new product that is important to its future, generating interest in the sandwich without running a single ad. I G O T T H E M T H A N G S 1k A Sandwich, A post shared by QuavoHuncho (@quavohuncho) on Aug 23, 2019 at 8:28pm PDT. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen said it ran classified ads on Sunday in The New York … The food chain has warned that they will reportedly be completely sold-out … It’s free. Its parent company reported its third-quarter results in October. Popeyes ran ads on Sunday seeking "chicken sandwich professionals" who can work on Sunday, when Chick-fil-A is famously closed. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich TV Commercial, 'Therapist' - iSpot.tv Popeyes Chicken Sandwich TV Commercial, 'Therapist' At one of her therapy sessions in New Orleans' French Quarter, Popeyes spokeswoman Annie declares that she has succeeded in creating the perfect chicken sandwich, in both classic and spicy flavors. T he instantly-famous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich has managed to make quite a stir out of a humble dish. The restaurants have traded light-hearted jabs on Twitter. An ad for Popeyes jobs in the Miami Herald. Fast-forward to August 27 and Popeyes announced that the sandwich … The noise proved successful for Popeyes, which sold as many as 1,000 sandwiches per day, doubled store traffic and sold out of inventory in less than a month, causing it to temporarily cut the item from its menu. That’s a 3.3 percent jump from the prior-year period. Popeyes' chicken sandwich turns 1 year old today. When Popeyes launched its sandwich on Aug. 12, the country took notice. Partly it is lore: after Popeyes debuted the … The chicken sandwich wars have infiltrated the "help wanted" section. Copyright © 2020 InsideHook. In addition to helping Popeyes improve its bottom line, all the chicken coverage has had some serious cash value for the chain. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Reviews, deals and product news for people who like owning nice things. Apex Marketing Group estimated Wednesday that Popeyes reaped $65 million in equivalent media value as a result of the Chicken Sandwich Wars. “You can do all the social media buzz that you want but if you don’t have a great tasting product, people won’t react the way that they have,” Restaurant Brands CEO Jose Cil told Yahoo Finance. Eric Clapton's 1954 Strat, Expected to Sell for Millions, Fails to Get a Single Bid, Why More Young Guys Are Embracing the Sugar Daddy Life, Restaurant Brands CEO Jose Cil told Yahoo Finance, “Simple Sabotage” — The CIA’s Guide for “Rascally Spies”, 5 Examples of Exceptional Long-Form Journalism From This Week, Save the World, Save Your Face With These Eco-Conscious Travel Kits. Some Popeyes employees had to work over 60 hours a week to keep up with the demand. Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. “Various sources said Popeyes earned anywhere from $20 million to $23 million from its new chicken sandwich and the controversy that attended its reveal,” according to the International Business Times. Discover our menu and order delivery or pick up from a Popeyes near you. It's free. “One source, Apex Marketing Group, estimated Popeyes earned $23 million in equivalent ad value across digital, print, social, TV and radio in just 11 days since Aug. 12.”. So, yes, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is very good. Popeyes said it introduced its new chicken sandwich to meet existing customer demand, but the social media conversation has been bringing hordes of new faces through the fast-food chain’s doors. From the moment its new chicken sandwich made its nationwide debut two weeks ago, the fried chicken restaurant chain has enjoyed some of its biggest buzz in years, even as franchises can’t keep them in stock and rival companies are chasing Popeyes’ clout at every turn. I’m talking about the new chicken sandwich from Popeyes, an unexpected PR master class. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Popeyes stores were bombarded with crazed customers in hot pursuit of the new chicken sandwich. As it brings back its hit fried chicken sandwich, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken is taking a direct shot at Chick-fil-A’s decision to be closed Sundays. As part of a campaign by ad agency GUT, the fast feeder will run a cheeky digital countdown at 1 Times Square … The sandwich is celebrating one year of going national and rippling across American culture in seismic fashion. The new Popeyes chicken sandwich, right, with chicken sandwiches from Shake Shack (left) and Chick-Fil-A (top). Here’s What I Learned. I Went a Year Without Meat. Popeyes’ chicken-sandwich sales were driven by word of mouth and zero TV advertising, CMO says Popeyes sparked a war of words between chicken-sandwich chains with … For what it’s worth, the head of Restaurant Brands, the company that owns Popeyes, says the sandwich’s success has been somewhat of a surprise. If you’ve been on the internet in the past week or so, you’ve probably seen a story about the new chicken sandwich that Popeyes rolled out in order to compete with Chic-fil-A’s signature offering. Popeyes sold 203 million chicken sandwiches … The contact on the classified ads is "SundayOpenings@Popeyes.com.". But did it change my life? Chicken sandwich enthusiasts on Twitter were quick to take notice, and within a few hours, Popeyes — or rather, the advertising agency GSD&M, which oversees the … And awesome. So yes, that’s a $138.52, day-old, possibly cold, (unopened!) A Maryland man is selling the newly released, frenzy causing Popeyes fried chicken sandwich on public Facebook group DMV Yard Sale for $100, plus a hefty $38.52 delivery fee within 25 miles. The chain's competitor, Chick-fil-A, is famously closed on Sundays. Subscribe here for our free daily newsletter. All Rights Reserved. The sandwich wars waged on Twitter began Aug. 19, when Chick-fil-A appeared to take a jab at the new fried chicken sandwich that Popeyes had begun offering this month. In addition to the video, a series of out-of-home ads from the chicken chain hope to inspire people to try the sandwich and boost actual visits to Guadalajara. All rights reserved. No, and absolutely not. After Popeyes Chicken ran out of its popular crispy sandwich this week, a Tennessee man is suing and claiming he wasted “countless” hours searching for the new menu item. A Division of NBCUniversal. But Popeyes’ new fried chicken sandwich—and its deft PR, online video and social media strategies—certainly challenged the pecking order of those rival chains. Thanks to the launch of the sandwich, Popeyes had its best quarter in nearly two decades, reporting U.S. comparable sales growth of more than 10%. Chick-fil-A didn't immediately respond to a request for comment Monday afternoon. Google searches for “Popeyes” and “chicken sandwich” both surged more than 1,000% this month, particularly over the past week. We want to hear from you. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen said it ran classified ads on Sunday in The New York Times, New York Post, Boston Globe and Miami Herald seeking applicants who can work Sundays and who have experience preparing chicken sandwiches. At least one valid email address is required. In August, Popeyes hailed the sandwich … Following the announcement of their new sandwich, Popeyes’ Twitter account began responding to tweets from Chick-fil-A and other competitors about their sandwiches. To say Popeyes struck a chord with its chicken sandwich might be the understatement of 2019. © 2020 CNBC LLC. On August 12, 2019, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich went on sale across the majority of its American branches. That’s because there have been countless articles (like this one) about the menu staple, which features a buttermilk-battered chicken filet on a toasted brioche bun topped with pickles and either mayo or spicy Cajun spread. Although chicken sandwiches have long been a staple of drive-through menus, the Popeyes brioche-bun offering that debuted this summer (and the subsequent run on … Google searches for “Popeyes chicken sandwich” grew almost 1,000% following the Aug. 19 tweets, according to Google Trends . Within days, the sandwich had stirred a fast-food fight with its own hashtag, generated a meme battle and had blogs and news organizations scrambling to post reviews . “Various sources said Popeyes earned anywhere from $20 million to $23 million from its new chicken sandwich and the controversy that attended its … Before long, the "chicken sandwich wars" were in full swing, with brands trading barbs on Twitter and an explosion of taste tests. And awesome.

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