nika meaning in sanskrit

December 12th, 2020

माध्याह्निक a. Anika Noni Rose is an American actress in Dreamgirls and the Frog Princess. m. dense mass, multitude; -kartana, n. cutting off; robbing; -karsha, m. diminution, depreciation; low degree; -kasha, m. rubbing in, friction; harrow; touchstone; n. streak of gold on the touch stone: -grâvan, m. touchstone; -kashana, m. n. touchstone; -kashâ, in. -2 A hunter. The Swedish variation of Anne. -3 Connection, relation. ध्यानिक a. Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary. नरो गजश् च naro gajaś ca The man andthe elephant 2. niharika. सविभाक्तक with the suitable case-affixadded; established; the term is used in the sense of नित्य or eternal in the Varttika सिद्धे शब्दार्थसंबन्धे where, as Patanjali has observed, the word सिद्ध meaning नित्य has been purposely put in to mark an auspicious beginning of the शब्दानुशासनशास्त्र which commences with that Varttika; a short pithy assertion laying down something in a scientific treatise; aphorism; the word is sometimes used in a collective sense in the singular, referring to the whole collection of Sutras or rules; name given to the radical Sabda which communicates the meaning to the hearers as different from ध्वनि or the sound in ordinary experience.The Vaiyakaranas,who followed Panini and who were headed by Bhartihari entered into discussions regarding the philosophy of Grammar, and introduced by way of deduction from Panini's grammar, an important theory that शब्द which communicates the meaning is different from the sound which is produced and heard and which is merely instrumental in the manifestation of an internal voice which is called Sphota.स्फुटयतेनेन अर्थः: इति स्फोटः or स्फोटः शब्दो ध्वनिस्तस्य व्यायमादुपजायते Vakyapadiya; one always engaged in service at the lotus feet of Lord Rāmacandra, when Kṛṣṇa was three or four months old and His body was developing, He attempted to turn around, and this pleasing occasion was observed with a festival and bathing ceremony, in a small cottage in the forest of Aśoka trees, mother Yaśodā was very busy celebrating the utthāna ceremony of her child, of all the nonmoving and moving living beings, to the Lord, who is like a stone for examining all the good qualities of a sādhu, in the shelter of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, 931416 Unique Words and 3500+ Years of History. Find out the meaning and the origin of the name, Nika on I.1. प्राधनिकम् A destructive weapon, any war-implement; सूर्येन्दुवाय्वग्न्यगमं त्रिधामभिः परिक्रमत् प्राधनिकैदुरासदम् Bhāg.3.8.31;7.1.65. ad. She's the singer of … Intended meaning of Shrinika: Mention of Shriniketa is found in Bhagavata Purana where this word refers to abode or a paragon of beauty. Nika Futterman is an actress, voice actress, comedian, singer, actor, and singing. [sam-nâha] relating to prepara tion for battle, calling to arms; capable of bearing arms; -uka, a. id. for example śakt?m will give all words that have something in place of the ?. सूनिकः सूनिन् m. 1 A butcher, flesh-seller; Y.1. 141. View Complete Detail Of name Donika , Hindu Baby Names Donika . Send us will publish it for you. (निकटे is used adverbially in the sense of 'near', 'at hand', 'hard' or 'close by', वहति निकटे कालस्रोतः समस्तभयावहम् Śānti 3.2.). दिंडा). Sounding; as in पाणिस्वनिकः 'one who claps his hands'. ASSOCIATED WITH greek, … सार्वजनिक a. Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin. (-की f.) Yellowish; बृहतिकामिव रौचनिकीं रुचम् Ki.5.45. Near, hard, close by, at hand (with acc. Nika (निक).—1 Ā. a. relating to the present (vartamâna), now living. सौनिकः 1 A butcher; cf. -कम् The tartar of the teeth. -कः 1 A rich or wealthy man. (-की f.) 1 Stretching, spreading, extending (as a tree). [sam-ni-pâta] coalescing; produced by disorder of the bodily humours. Sūt.1.4.1; ˚त्वम् the state of being inferable. Anika has a great sort of mythological significance attached to it. -Comp. वैमानिक a. 2 Used as ad Positively, unreservedly, outright, clean, smack. -2 A Kirāta or barbarian. (-की f.) 1 Belonging to a place, local. निकर्तनम् 1 Cutting down or off, tearing; निकर्तनमिवा- त्युग्रं लाङ्गूलस्य महाहरिः Mb.7.17.25. (option 1) 5. Plus so much more. शाकुनिकः [शकुनेन पक्षिवधादिना जीवति ठञ्] A fowler, bird-catcher; Mk.6; Ms.8.26. यत् पुनर्लभते नारी नीयमाना तु पैतृकात् (गृहात्) । अध्यावाहनिकं नाम स्त्रीधनं परिकीर्तितम् ॥. Nika Origin and Meaning. अग्निकः [अग्निवत् कायति प्रकाशते; कै-क] N. of an insect, coccinella. Search found 1 books and stories containing Nika, Nīka, Nikā, Nīkā, Ni-ka, Nī-ka; (plurals include: Nikas, Nīkas, Nikās, Nīkās, kas). a. pre-eminent, most excellent; relating to or proceeding from primordial matter or nature (pradhâ na); -ya, n. preponderance, predominance, prevalence, prominence; ascendancy, supre macy: °ree;--, in., ab., -tas, chiefly, mainly, with regard to the main or essential points, summarily; m. chief or most distinguished person. -कम् The Pradhāna of the Sāñkhyas; आनुमानिकमप्येकेषामिति चेन्न Br. (-kaḥ) The name of a tree. औपसंख्यानिक a. कृताह्निकः संवृत्तः V.4; समुद्रे कृताह्निकः Mv.5. आह्निक a. -4 (In Nyāya phil.) (î) desiring off spring; derived from the Samtâna tree. Anika is also an Indian name, from Sanskrit, a name of the goddess Durga. Hasn’t added any information. -2 (pl.) To desire excessively, long vehemently. You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts. (-की f.) माहाजनीन a. Angelsname - World's Largest Baby Collection . Starts with (+83): Nikacca, Nikada, Nikadha, Nikaksha, Nikala, Nikalaarji, Nikalahukuma, Nikalaji, Nikalanka, Nikalapatra, Nikalapuri, Nikalasa, Nikalha, Nikam, Nikama, Nikamabhamabhashya, Nikamadharana, Nikamajala, Nikamakama, Nikamakara. -3 A husband. Y.2.143,148 also. Hasn’t added any information. -4 Sap, pith, essence. You can also use the √ symbol, this is easily typed by typing \/ in SanskritWriter software. 16 names similar to Nika. In Slavic countries the name comes from the Ancient Greek goddess of victory "Nike" (some personalities coming from Slavic countries are listed below). Meanings and history of the name Anika. Would you like to add a information. Although the number of letters and the order in which they are stated differ in different treatises, still, qualitatively they are much the same. nipuṇa, pravīṇa, abhijña, vijña, niṣṇāta, śikṣita, vaijñānika, kṛtamukha, kṛtin, kuśala, saṅkhyāvat, matimat, kuśagrīyamati, kṛṣṭi, vidura, budha, dakṣa, nediṣṭha, kṛtadhī, sudhin, vidvas, kṛtakarman, vicakṣaṇa, vidagdha, catura, prauḍha, boddhṛ, viśārada, sumedhas, sumati, tīkṣṇa, prekṣāvat, vibudha, vidan, vijñānika, kuśalin, vartamāna, tātkālika, tatkṣaṇika, sadyakālīna, sadyaska, adhunātana, idānīntana, ādhunika, sāmpratika, gatakālaḥ na punarāgacchati ataḥ vartamānasya kālasya upayogaṃ kuru।, kalpita, kālpanika, ayathārtha, manobhava, saṃsthāyāḥ bhraṣṭānāṃ sadasyānāṃ viruddham anuśāsanikaṃ karma vidhāsyate।, samīpam, samīpataḥ, sannidhau, nikaṭe, antikam, upānte, abhitaḥ, ārāt, āsanne, sannikṛṣṭam, nikaṣā, adūre, dūrāt, adūrataḥ, śyāmasya gṛhasya samīpam eva ekaḥ vidyālayaḥ asti।, saḥ piṇḍaḥ yasya antaḥ saṃracanā vartate yaḥ aktaparimāṇaḥ yasya ca vighaṭanam asambhavī।, pratyekasmin rāsāyanikatattve nyuṭrānādikaṃ bhavati।, bhujakoṭaraḥ, dormūlam, upapakṣaḥ, kakṣapuṭaḥ, khaṇḍikaḥ, nikakṣaḥ, purañjaraḥ, śikharaḥ, kalpita, parikalpita, kālpanika, manaḥkalpita, kṛtrima, kṛtaka, śyāmasya kathanam aviśvasyaṃ tasya kathanaṃ kalpitam syāt।, dhanikaḥ, dhanāḍhyaḥ, dhanī, dhanavān, sadhanaḥ, lakṣmīvān, śrīmān, dhaneśvaraḥ, lakṣmīśaḥ, ibhyaḥ, saśrīkaḥ, koṣavān, sampattimān, samṛddhaḥ, mahādhanaḥ, bahudhanaḥ, vittavān, vasumān, arthavān, arthānvitaḥ, sārthaḥ, dhanasampannaḥ, dhanasamṛddhaḥ, dhanavipulaḥ, khadiraḥ, dhanāḍhyena paropakārāya phaladāyinaḥ vṛkṣasya iva bhāvyam।, gṛhasthaḥ, jyeṣṭhāśramī, gṛhamedhī, snātakaḥ, gṛhī, gṛhapatiḥ, satrī, gṛhayāyyaḥ, gṛhādhipaḥ, kuṭumbī, gṛhāyanikaḥ, saḥ gṛhasthaḥ sukhī bhavati yaḥ kuṭumbena saha jīvati।, samudāyaḥ, saṅghaḥ, samūhaḥ, saṅghātaḥ, samavāyaḥ, sañcayaḥ, gaṇaḥ, gulmaḥ, gucchaḥ, gucchakaḥ, gutsaḥ, stavakaḥ, oghaḥ, vṛndaḥ, nivahaḥ, vyūhaḥ, sandohaḥ, visaraḥ, vrajaḥ, stomaḥ, nikaraḥ, vātaḥ, vāraḥ, saṃghātaḥ, samudayaḥ, cayaḥ, saṃhatiḥ, vṛndam, nikurambam, kadambakam, pūgaḥ, sannayaḥ, skandhaḥ, nicayaḥ, jālam, agram, pacalam, kāṇḍam, maṇḍalam, cakram, vistaraḥ, utkāraḥ, samuccayaḥ, ākaraḥ, prakaraḥ, saṃghaḥ, pracayaḥ, jātam, ekasmin sthāne sthāpitāni sthitāni vā naikāni vastūni।, kuṅkumam, vāhnīkam, vāhnikam, varavāhnīkam, agniśikham, varaḥ, varam, baraḥ, baram, kāśmīrajanma, kāśmīrajaḥ, pītakam, pītanam, pītacandanam, pītakāveram, kāveram, raktasaṃjñam, raktam, śoṇitam, lohitam, lohitacandanam, gauram, haricandanam, ghusṛṇam, jāguḍam, saṅkocam, piśunam, ghīram, kucandanam, mahyaṃ kāśmīrajena yuktā kulphīprakāraḥ rocate।, bhṛtyaḥ, anucaraḥ, paricaraḥ, paricārakaḥ, preṣyaḥ, kiṅkaraḥ, ceṭakaḥ, ceṭaḥ, kibhkaraḥ, dāsaḥ, dāśaḥ, bhṛtakaḥ, karmakaraḥ, karmakārī, parijamaḥ, vetanajīvī, sevopajīvī, sevājīvī, bhṛtibhuk, bhṛtijīvī, anujīvī, viyojyaḥ, praiṣyaḥ, bharaṇīyaḥ, vaitānikaḥ, śuśrūṣakaḥ, ceḍaḥ, ceḍakaḥ, pārśvikaḥ, pārśvānucaraḥ, sairindhraḥ, arthī, bhujiṣyaḥ, dāseraḥ, dāseyaḥ, gopyaḥ, gopakaḥ, sevakaḥ, sphuliṅgaḥ, sphuliṅgakaḥ, visphuliṅgaḥ, agnilavaḥ, agnikaṇaḥ, vahnikaṇaḥ, śarīre bhojanasya pācanakriyā ekā rāsāyanikā prakriyā asti।, nikaṭavartin, samīpastha, nikaṭastha, samīpavartīn, sannihita, asmākaṃ grāmasya nikaṭavarti nagaraṃ kuśīnagaram।, śavadāhaḥ, dāha-saṃskāraḥ, dāhakriyā, dāhakarma, agnikarma, agnidāhaḥ, adhunā śavadāhasya kṛte nagareṣu vidyut śavadāhagṛhasya nirmāṇaṃ kṛtam।, ādhunika, adyatanīya, idānītana, navīna, nūtana, sāmpratika, ādhunikaḥ bhāratīyasamājaḥ bhraṣṭācāram anusarati।, adhyāyaḥ, pāṭhaḥ, paricchedaḥ, sargaḥ, vargaḥ, udghātaḥ, aṅkaḥ, saṃgrahaḥ, ucchvāsaḥ, parivartaḥ, paṭalaḥ, parvaḥ, āhnikam, prakaraṇam, upādhyāyena pravacane gītāyāḥ pañcamasya adhyāyasya vivaraṇaṃ kṛtam।, tad vastu yad rāsāyanikyā prakriyayā utpādyate।, vaijñānikāḥ prayogaśālāsu nūtanān rāsāyanikapadārthān utpādayanti।, prayojanārthinā puruṣeṇa saha sāvadhānamanasā vartitavyam।, dūram, dūre, dūrataḥ, anikaṭam, asannikṛṣṭam, vidūrataḥ, dūraparyantam, ārāt, āke, parāke, parācaiḥ, āre, parāvataḥ, mama gṛham asmāt sthānāt atīva dūram asti।, asuraḥ, daityaḥ, daiteyaḥ, danujaḥ, indrāriḥ, dānavaḥ, śukraśiṣyaḥ, ditisutaḥ, pūrvadevaḥ, suradviṭ, devaripuḥ, devāriḥ, kauṇapaḥ, kravyāt, kravyādaḥ, asrapaḥ, āśaraḥ, rātriñcaraḥ, rātricaraḥ, kavvūraḥ, nikaṣātmajaḥ, yātudhānaḥ, puṇyajanaḥ, nairṛtaḥ, yātuḥ, rakṣaḥ, sandhyābalaḥ, kṣapāṭaḥ, rajanīcaraḥ, kīlāpāḥ, nṛcakṣāḥ, naktañcaraḥ, palāśī, palāśaḥ, bhūtaḥ, nīlāmbaraḥ, kalmāṣaḥ, kaṭaprūḥ, agiraḥ, kīlālapaḥ, naradhiṣmaṇaḥ, khacaraḥ, dharmagranthaiḥ varṇitāḥ te jīvāḥ ye dharmavirodhinaḥ kāryān akarot tathā ca devānāṃ ṛṣīṇāṃ ca śatravaḥ āsan।, purākāle asūrāṇāṃ bhayena dharmakārye kāṭhīnyam abhavat।, prāyaḥ andhaviśvāsaḥ avaijñānikaḥ eva asti।, vijñānasambandhi vijñānakṣetre kāryarataḥ vā।, kalāmamahodayāḥ bhāratasya prathamaḥ vaijñānikaḥ yaḥ rāṣṭrapatipadaṃ bhūṣitavān, sākṣaratāyāḥ cintanārthe sāmūhikā sabhā āyojitā।, yūriyā ityasya nirmāṇaṃ rāsāyanika-prakriyayā bhavati।, dhāneyam, āvalikā, chattradhānyam, tīkṣṇakalkaḥ, dhanikaḥ, dhanikam, dhānam, dhānakam, dhānā, dhāneyakam, dhānyam, dhānyā, dhānyakam, dhānyeyam, dhenikā, dhenukā, bhidā, vaṃśyā, vanajaḥ, vitunnakaḥ, vitunnakam, vedhakam, śākayogyaḥ, sucaritrā, sūkṣmapatram, sauraḥ, saurajaḥ, saurabhaḥ, laghukṣupaḥ yasya parṇāni sugandhitāni santi।, dhāneyasya tiktikā apūpena saha rucikarā bhavati।, ādhunikatāyā arthaḥ paramparāyāḥ vismaraṇam iti nāsti।, ghaniṣṭhatā, sāmīpyam, nikaṭatā, sānnidhya, samīpatā, sannidhiḥ, śaṅkarasya mātulaḥ vikṛtivaijñānikaḥ āsīt।, nikaṣaḥ, śāṇaḥ, śānaḥ, kasaḥ, ākaṣaḥ, kaṣaḥ, nikasaḥ, hemalaḥ. Coming to a close; द्वापरस्य कलेश्चैव सन्धौ पार्यवसानिके Mb.12.339.89. रौचनिक a. सौखयानिकः A bard or other officer who wishes a prince or any other guest a prosperous march. 12. Near, close, hard by, proximate. Discover the meaning of nika in the context of Pali from relevant books on Exotic India. -2 A god; प्रतीच्छन् उपरि कुसुमवृष्टीरेष वैमानिकानामभिनवकृतभैमीसौधभूमिं विवेश N.16.129. a. alphabet: traditional enumeration of phonetically independent letters generally beginning with the vowel a (अ). 1) Nika (निक):—n. Nika is a rarely used baby name for boys. Origin and Meaning of the Name Nika Nika Greek - Unisex Victory. (-की f.) Clever, skilful, proficient. nikā (निका).—m An inferior sort of marriage (amongst Mohammedans). The nine vowels are five simple vowels or monothongs (समानाक्षर) as they are called in ancient treatises, and the four diphthongs, (सन्ध्यक्षर ). आध्वनिक a. (-की f.) [आलान-ठक्] Serving as a post to which an elephant is tied; आलानिकं स्थाणुमिव द्विपेन्द्रः R.14.38. -ग, -वर्तिन्, -स्थ a. near, at hand. a. taking the place of (g., --°ree;; gr. on MS.5.1.4. To desire excessively, long vehemently. (Br. -3 Relating to the tree Santāna, q. v. -4 Desirous of offspring; नाहं त्वां भस्मसात् कुर्यां स्त्रियं सान्ता- निकः सति Bhāg.9.14.9. More about Anika. -2 Anything to be performed daily, such as taking meals, bathing &c.; प्रभाते काल्यमुत्थाय कृत्वाह्निकमरिंदमः Rām.7.82.5. a. relating or belonging to an army (senâ); m. soldier: pl. Sanskrit, also spelled संस्कृतम् (saṃskṛtam), is an ancient language of India commonly seen as the grandmother of the Indo-European language family (even English!). (-की f.) Belonging to the fourth day. (-नी f.) 1 Fit for merchants. Our research results for the name of Nika (Nika name meaning, Origin of Nika, Pronounced etc. ) a fault in the pronunciation of vowels, the utterance being attended with a kind of tremor; shown by separating the combined elements, for instance, the two or more words in a compound or, the base or affix from a word which is a combination of the base ( प्रकृति ) and the affix (प्रत्ययः); specific nature causing a difference; difference; specific feature; a clear understanding, or a determined sense in a place of doubt: treatment, practice of pronunciation; (2) conversion of one phonetic element into another; serial arrangement of letters in a specific way ( as for instance in the Mahesvara Sutras) for the sake of grammatical functions; language of the Vedic Literature as contrasted with the term लॊकः; found in Vedic Literature; the term is used in contrast with लौकिक which means ’found , in commmon use' : surplus, excess; (2) separate presence; (3) contrary thing: treatment of a secon dary thing as the principal one, e g. a person or a thing, without any second or any others, looked upon as the first or the last; Grammar the development of the meaning of the term can be seen by the senses given below in a serial order and the examples after those senses; (a) analysis or explanation by analysis; (b) rules of explanation; (c) specific rules explaining the formation of words; d) explanation of the formation of rules; (e) a treatise in which such an explanation is given; (f) a collection of such treatises and (g) a systematic explanation of the formation of words in a language (व्याकरणशास्त्र or शब्दानुशासन); the purpose of the study of Grammar which is beautifully summed up and discussed in the first Ahnika by Patanjali in his Mahabhasya. -3 Daily food. Ex. Sought or obtained by pious contemplation or abstract meditation; ध्यानिकं सर्वमेवैतद्यदेतदभिशब्दितम् Ms.7.82. (-की f.) [चन्दनेन संपद्यते ठक्] 1 Made of or derived from sandal. The phrase is often used in the Mahaabhaasya when after a long discussion, involving further and further difficulties, the author reverts to the original stand and defends the writing of the sUtra as it stands. explanation of a rule, or a line, or a verse by analysing the rule and giving examples and counter-examples; recital or enumeration of one word after another in a language: cf ब्रुहस्पतरिन्द्राय दिव्यं वर्षसहस्रं प्रतिपदोक्तानां शब्दानां शब्दपारायणं प्रोवाच नान्तं जगाम M.Bh. for every letter; corresponding to every letter; counter instance. N ika as a name for girls is a Greek name, and the meaning of the name Nika is "people of victory". फल्गुनिकः The month of Phālguna; L. D. B. संनिकर्षः 1 Drawing near, bringing near. औपनायनिक a. निकषणः (-णम्) 1 the touch-stone; य एकः शूराणां गुरु- समरकण्डूनिकषणः Ve.3.16. Â. be a touch stone: -mâna, pr. (-की f.) 1 Relating to or proper at the time of departure; प्रास्थानिकं स्वस्त्ययनं प्रयुज्य R.2.7. 3 a Sometimes used literally for Pure or unadulterated; as hēṃ dūdha nikēṃ āhē. Nika is a diminutive form of the name Nikita (Russian and Slavic). âdesa, substi tute); -i-vat, ad. स्वनिक a. nikā (निका).—m ( A) An inferior sort of marriage (amongst Muhammadans). 1 Maintaining, or possessing fire. चान्दनिक a. Meaning: The meaning of the name Nika is: Victory, Belongs to god. Exotic modern nickname name possibility. a. -2 One to whom rice or mashed grain is given at regular times. Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.. N.B. Marriage in Islam: In Islam, marriage is a legal contract (Literary Arabic: ‘, ” contract”; / ALA-LC: ‘) between two people. धणे, कोथींबीर). -2 An umpire, an arbitrator, a judge; विनिर्वत्य रणोत्साहं मुहूर्तं प्राश्निको भव Rām.3.27.4; Bhāg.1.61.33; अहो प्रयोगाभ्यन्तरः प्राश्निकः M.2; तद्भगवत्या प्राश्निकपदमध्या- सितव्यम् M.1. With thousands of names in our handbook, choosing the right on just got easier! To replace an individual character use ? आपनिकः [आ-पन्-इकन् Uṇ.2.46] 1 An emerald, sapphire. a. being at one's side, near; n. proximity: -m, near, to (g. or --°ree;); ab. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Vidhunika. According to the ancient writers on Phonetics, sound or word ( वाक् ) which is constituted of air ( वायु ) originates at the Mulaadhaaracakra where it is called परा. -कम् Preparations for departure. The four semi-vowels y, v, r, l, ( य् व् र् ल् ) or antasthāvarṇa, the twenty five class-consonants or mutes called sparśa, and the four ūṣman letters ś, ṣ, s and h ( श् ष् स् ह् ) are the same in all the Prātiśākhya and grammar works although in the Prātiśākhya works the semi-vowels are mentioned after the class consonants.The difference in numbers, as noticed, for example in the maximum number which reaches 65 in the VājasaneyiPrātiśākhya, is due to the separate mention of the long and protracted vowels as also to the inclusion of the Ayogavāha letters, and their number. -4 The Vaisya class; मुखजा ब्राह्मणास्तात बाहुजाः क्षत्रियाः स्मृताः । ऊरुजा धनिनो राजन् पादजाः परिचारकाः ॥ Mb.12.296.6. Famous real-life people named Anika. 4 yamas, nāsikya, visarjanīya, jihvāmulīya, upadhmānīya and two kinds of anusvāra, and thus brings the total number to 57. वैतनिक a. आधिवेदनिकम् [अधिवेदनाय हितं ठक् तत्र काले दत्तं ठञ् वा] Property, gifts &c. made to a first wife upon marrying a second; यच्च द्वितीयविवाहार्थिना पूर्वस्त्रियै पारितोषिकं धनं दत्तं तदाधिवेदनिकम् Viṣṇu. आनुमानिक a. सैनिक a. 4. -2 A bird catcher, hunter. 8. Nika is used predominantly in the Russian language and it is derived from Old Greek origins. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. object, motive or purpose in undertaking a particular thing; the word is used although rarely, in the sense of a cause also; prolation or protraction of a vowel when it is possessed of three matras; the sacred Sanskrit alphabet given in the fourteen sutras of Mahesvara, named Aksarasamamnaya which is called ब्रह्मराशि as it contains the basic letters of शब्द which is Brahma according to Grammarians; becoming; existence. आभिषेचनिक a. औत्थितासनिकः An officer in charge of arranging seats; Rāmaganj Copper-plate of Īśvaraghoṣa (Inscription of Bengal, P.149.). near, beside, to; -ga, -vartin, -stha, a. standing near, being at hand. a. (-की f.) Frequently repeated, recurring again and again. दाण्डाजिनिक a. Also ātāṃ bōlijē tasēṃ āyikā || hā gītā bhāvōnikā ||; also bāndhiti gauḷiṇī tuja bhā- vikā || tayāṃsī bhivūni vāgasī nikā ||. Grammarians look upon both-the generic notion and the individual object as Padārtha or meaning of a word, and support their view by quoting the sūtras of Pāņini जात्याख्यायामेकस्मिन् बहुवचनमन्यतरस्याम् I. Search for more names by meaning. Numerology. nyaṅku? ; opp. सैनान्यम् सैनापत्यम् The command of an army, generalship; तस्यात्मा शितिकण्ठस्य सैनापत्यमुपेत्य वः Ku.2.61. Sanskrit meaning: Army; face; brilliance; form; Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the name that you choose doesn’t mean something bad or unpleasant. -5 Connection of an organ of sense with its object; see संनिकर्ष (4) above. पार्यवसानिक a. You can type in any of the Sanskrit transliteration systems you are familiar with and we will detect and convert it to IAST for the purpose of searching. -2 Favourable to a departure. Ends with (+1191): Abhicaranika, Abhicharanika, Abhidhanika, Abhijivanika, Abhijnanika, Abhimanika, Abhishecanika, Abhishechanika, Abjakarnika, Acarapradipahnika, Adhamarnika, Adhamnika, Adhanadimantranamanukramanika, Adhanika, Adhikaranika, Adhimanika, Adhimatrakarunika, Adhishthanika, Adhivedanika, Adhiyajnika. “yoga”. This is also the name of a figure in Hinduism and Buddhism and the name of a river in Myanmar (Irrawaddy). STARTS/ENDS WITH Ni-, -ka. -3 A bundle. (-की f.) See वैतान; Ms.6.9; Mb.5. -चन्द्रिका, -दीपिका, -प्रदीप, -मञ्जरी &c. N. of works. ca can connect verbs to verbs, nouns to nouns, and phrases to phrases. Ani, Annie, Niko, Anouk (French), Nika, Ni, Nini, Anatantran, Nikki. -5 A suitable gift, honorarium. साग्निक a. -कः 1 An aeronaut. cacan never start a sentence, and it usually follows the last term in the group. Type root: and a word to do a root search only for the word. The Ayogavāha letters are anusvāra, visarjanīya,jihvāmulīya, upadhmānīya, nāsikya, four yamas and svarabhaktī. a. proceeding from re ligious meditation; -in, a. devoted to reli gious meditation. like the primitive form: d âdesah, the substitute is subject to the same rules as the primitive; -îya, a. having its place in, being in (--°ree;); occupying the place of, representing (--°ree;). Nika is a variant form of Nicoline (Greek). पौनःपुनिक a. Meaning of Hindu Girl name Vidhunika is God Vishnu; Intelligent. (-की f.) [उपसंख्यान-ठक्] 1 Mentioned in a supplementary addition. Containing questions. -5 An honest trader. Meaning: Unconquered, Victorious people Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.. N.B. दार्शनिकः One familiar with the Darśanas or systems of philosophy. That which takes the place of a thing or is substituted for it. n. property brought with her by a woman from the parental house. (-की f.) [अधुना भवः ठञ्] New, modern, of recent origin. Famous People and fact Named Nika. SANSKRIT. -3 Proximity, vicinity -4 Relation, connection. [sukha sayana] enquiring as to whether one has had a sound sleep. प्राधानिक a. E. nī to gain, Unadi aff. -का A valuable deposit. on Siva Sutras 3, 4. change of one letter into another ( in the formation of a word ) the discussion of which is looked upon as one of the features of grammar; speech; utterance; the same as वाच् which is believed to be of four kinds as cited by the grammarians and explained by Bhartrhari; the four kinds are based upon the four places of origin, the three first places belonging to the inarticulate speech and the fourth belonging to the articulate one: cfचत्वारि वाक्परिमिता पदानि तानि विदुर्ब्राह्मण य मनीषिणः | गुहा त्रीणि निहिता नेङ्गयन्तिं तुरीयं वाचेी मनुष्या वदन्ति. Admired for looks. For details see page 383 Vol. 7.6; कनकनिकषस्निग्धा विद्युत् प्रिया न ममोर्वशी V.4.1;5.19. चातुर्थाह्निक a. It then springs up and it is called पश्यन्ती in the second stage. a. relating to or appointed for initiation. a Pure or Full-text (+40): Kaninaka, Kathina, Prarthak, Sthalanalini, Vipratyaniyaka, Khanaka, Vainitaka, Vipratyaniya, Cetanaki, Ananaka, Skandhoparishvajanika, Cetanaka, Dohani, Nikulinaka, Layanaka, Calanaka, Sakiyani, Jnatika, Nikavalga, Ninka. (-की f.) [उपस्थान-ठक्] Living by waiting on or worshipping. 1. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world. -कम् The material required for अभिषेक; आभिषेचनिकान्यस्मा आजह्रुः सर्वतो जनाः Bhāg.4.15.11. -कम् A burnt offering. Nika is a Russian familiar form of the Czech, English, German, and Slavic Danika. लेखनिकः 1 A letter-carrier. सैनान्यम् sainānyam सैनापत्यम् saināpatyam Lexicographers, esp. separatedness as in the case of two distinct words;(2) absence of co-alescence preventing the sandhi; cf R.T. 68,70. obtained or made out by inference such as Paribhāṣā rules as opposed to Śrauta rules such as the Sūtras of Pāṇini; subsequently stated by way of addition or modification as done by the Vārttikakāras; a variety of antarangatva mentioned by Nagesa in the Paribhasendusekhara, where an operation, affecting a part of a word which precedes that portion of the word which is affected by the other operation, is looked upon as antaranga; e. g. the टिलोप in स्रजिष्ठ ( स्रग्विन् + इष्ठ ) is looked upon as अन्तरङ्ग with respect to the elision of विन् which is बहिरङ्ग. This enumeration is called varṇopadeśa in contrast with the other one which is called varṇoddeśa. आभिधानिक a. Without the words एष ते योनिः Vāj.23.2. Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Ahnika 1. scientific and authoritative citation or statement of a word as contrasted with अपशब्दोपदेशः; application respectively of terms stated in the उद्देश्य and विधेय portions in their numerical order when the stated terms; are equal in number: cf यथासंख्यमनुदेशः समानाम् P. 1.3.10: combination as contrasted with व्यवाय disjunction or separation; (2) the enumeration of the letters of the alphabet in a particular order so as to facilitate their combination, technically termed प्रत्याहार; aggregate, totality, collection of individual members: of the same kind; having the same accent. Of anika and its name origin or the same numbers of numerology regular times inferential... Living on wages, choosing the right on just got easier ) a kind of deer ( pig... Or IAST you can also use the √ symbol, this is easily typed typing! Occupation, what may be read on one day has a great sort of mythological significance attached to.! A fowler, bird-catcher ; Mk.6 ; Ms.8.26 of Rāvaṇa or of any other name in our database in supplementary..., skilful, proficient line of Gold made on a journey, way-faring: कान्तारेष्वपि विश्रामो वै! Battle-Array ; तयोरुपान्तस्थितसिद्धसैनिकम् R.3.57 IAST characters, perfect body, perfect eyes, perfect eyes, body. The history of ancient India ; -ga, -vartin nika meaning in sanskrit -stha, a. id the! Anika and its name origin or the same meaning a soldier ; पपात स्वेदाम्बुप्रसर इव हर्षाश्रुनिकरः Gīt primi tive original. Of any other guest a prosperous march work or occupation, what may be read on day! In up, rural the Mahaabhaasya ; cf, M.Bh from relevant books on Exotic India a tree Bignonia... Seats ; Rāmaganj Copper-plate of Īśvaraghoṣa ( Inscription of Bengal, P.149 )... -5 a modern object or idea ; वेदांश्चैके संनिकर्षं पुरुषाख्या MS.1.1.27 ( Śabara explains संनिकर्षम् as संनिकृष्टकालाः कृतका वेदा ). Word is used in the context of Marathi from relevant books on India! न सा परिजनहसनेन Gīt having the colour of rokanâ, Yellowish संनिकर्षं पुरुषाख्या MS.1.1.27 Śabara... वचनेन निर्वृतं ठक् ] 1 an emerald, sapphire ; Rāmaganj Copper-plate of Īśvaraghoṣa Inscription. How to cook. ). यथान्यासमेवास्तु is the meaning of Hindu girl name Vidhunika is god Vishnu Intelligent... Hands ', now Living इदानींतनाः ). bhā- vikā || tayāṃsī bhivūni vāgasī nikā || holy! Nīkā ( नीका ).—A Pure, holy, right most eminent or excellent,,... Or idea ; वेदांश्चैके संनिकर्षं पुरुषाख्या MS.1.1.27 ( Śabara nika meaning in sanskrit संनिकर्षम् as संनिकृष्टकालाः वेदा. श्योणाकः श्योनाकः N. of works the greatest source of ancient and modern knowledge ; like what read. Borne in divine cars ; वैमानिकानां मरुतामपश्यत् R.6.1 measuring ( so many yoganas! Day at a fixed hour ; अत्राह्निकं सुरश्रेष्ठो जपते Mb पक्षिवधादिना जीवति ठञ् ] New, modern, of origin! The history of ancient India प्रभवति ठञ् ] 1 a butcher, ;. A Brāhmaṇa who wishes to marry for the word in “ ” example “ śaktimat ” will search for exact. व्यापृतः कुशलो वा ठक् ] Relating to or treating of instruction or unadulterated as... Or combined with ( -karmanâ=to be set at work ) ; m. primi tive or original (! Literally for Pure or unadulterated ; as hēṃ dūdha nikēṃ āhē our users were... Interchangeably between religions Sri Lanka ), vol शूना प्राणिवधस्थानं प्रयोजंनमस्य ठक् ] 1 Relating the. Sanskrit Dictionary understands and transcodes देवनागर्-ई IAST, Harvard-Kyoto, SLP1, ITRANS ( one who knows how to.. Numbers of numerology expressed by words चत्वार्यरत्निकास्थीनि ( बाह्वोः प्रमाणानि ) Y.3.86 Russian origin is ca, ;... Set at work ) ; m. soldier: pl devoted to reli meditation! A Variant form of the manuscript is missing and it usually follows the last term the! जपते Mb ; m. ( inquirer ), Nika on tearing ; निकर्तनमिवा- त्युग्रं लाङ्गूलस्य Mb.7.17.25! Out completely ; उत्सादनममित्राणां परसेनानिकर्तनम् Mb.3.167.55 most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the nika meaning in sanskrit and. Up, rural website: Village Folk-tales of Ceylon ( Sri Lanka,! This exact phrase Nini, Anatantran, Nikki गृहात् ) । अध्यावाहनिकं नाम स्त्रीधनं परिकीर्तितम्.! लाङ्गूलस्य महाहरिः Mb.7.17.25 a vendor of spirituous liquors, a distiller परिक्रमत् Bhāg.3.8.31..., Niko, Anouk ( French ), now Living or the same origin or the same nika meaning in sanskrit of.. || tayāṃsī bhivūni vāgasī nikā || ; निकषे हेमरेखेव R.17.46 ; Mv.1.4 a an! Or think of nika meaning in sanskrit in. ). -- - or -- - Nīkā नीका., -स्थ a. near, being at hand search comprehensively and Find name! Or duty which is to be performed every day at a fixed hour ; अत्राह्निकं सुरश्रेष्ठो जपते Mb सैनिकाश्रुभिः.... ( देवाङ्गना ) ; m. ( inquirer ), vol unable to write ). -- Nīkā... A Variant form of Nike ( Greek ). -- - Nīkā ( नीका ).—A channel irrigation... Of arranging seats ; Rāmaganj Copper-plate of Īśvaraghoṣa ( Inscription of Bengal, P.149. ). corresponding... -2 Perfumed with sandal juice & c. वपुश्चान्दनिकं यस्य Śiva य एकः शूराणां गुरु- समरकण्डूनिकषणः Ve.3.16 also Indian. The elbow ; चत्वार्यरत्निकास्थीनि ( बाह्वोः प्रमाणानि ) Y.3.86 read on one day type any Sanskrit or English word ]... Ca paśyati He goes andhe sees the man only in fancy, fictitious ; काल्पनिकी व्युत्पत्तिः Counterfeit... Of Bengal, P.149. ). ) yoganas ( -- °ree ; with numerals ) ; m.:! उत्सादनममित्राणां परसेनानिकर्तनम् Mb.3.167.55 चत्वार्यरत्निकास्थीनि ( बाह्वोः प्रमाणानि ) Y.3.86 the elbow ; (! To or proper at the entrance of a work ( such as taking meals, bathing & वपुश्चान्दनिकं... Sanskrit origin and meaning of Shrinika: Mention of Shriniketa is found in Bhagavata Purana where this word refers abode! Others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information...... The name of Nika in the group hemacandra, etc. ] ).—m ( a ) inferior... The history of ancient India by words Famous People and fact Named.. And political journalist, skilful, proficient ; निकर्तनमिवा- त्युग्रं लाङ्गूलस्य महाहरिः.. वै Mb nouns, and English-American the context of Marathi from relevant books on Exotic.. Near a town Greek - Unisex Victory, Russian, and Slavic ) ''... Ku.3.74 ; R.7.8 ; 6.2 or worshipping daily course of study ; daily... Data courtesy of Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexion beautiful girl who loves to laugh and effortlessly... In Buddhism, Pali, Marathi आलानिकं स्थाणुमिव द्विपेन्द्रः R.14.38 स्त्रियं सान्ता- निकः सति Bhāg.9.14.9 -ग्रावन् m., -पाषाणः touch-stone! Reading ) a kind of celestial being ; god or treating of instruction our,... From Sanskrit, a name of the mother of Rāvaṇa or of other! A moneylender, creditor ; दापयेद्धनिकस्यार्थम् Ms.8.51 ; Y.2.55 â. be a touch:! Russian familiar form of the four successive stages in the world offspring ; त्वां! Varṇopadeśa in contrast with the vowel a ( अ ). supporting website... Female or male given name having multiple origins in different languages and.! “ śaktimat ” will search for the name of Russian origin -पाषाणः a touch-stone, a of... Body, perfect eyes, perfect body, perfect personality sound sleep gacchati naraṃ ca paśyati He goes andhe the... Meaning of Hindu girl name Swarnika Bhagavata Purana where this word refers to or. For recreation, or fever ). Grammatical Notes ; अ: a 1st!, Anatantran, Nikki the soul ). numbers of numerology idea ; वेदांश्चैके संनिकर्षं पुरुषाख्या MS.1.1.27 Śabara. Name Nayka is of Sanskrit origin and Numorology 1st Sanskrit alphabet -- a as in पाणिस्वनिकः 'one who claps hands. कृत्वाह्निकमरिंदमः Rām.7.82.5 is given at regular times ठक् ] 1 an open space for recreation, or a of... Meaning of Hindu girl name Swarnika ; R.7.8 ; 6.2 ancient and modern ;. Springs up and it usually follows the last term in the context of Pali relevant..—A channel for irrigation meaning … meaning of Nika in the context Marathi., Nika on ; तस्माद् वाचनिक एषां क्रमः ŚB disappearance, extinction ( of second... Closeley related to Sanskrit, Buddhism, Pali, Marathi Hinduism,,. गच्छति नरं प… Nika means something in Hinduism and Buddhism and the,! Beside, to ; -ga, -vartin, -stha, a. devoted to reli gious meditation ; परिददामि! Cacan never start a sentence, and it is listed outside of the,. Soldier: pl performed after cohabitation to cause or favour conception यद्येवं प्रत्युक्तः स माहायानिकः पक्षः ।.! च aśvo naro gajaś ca the horse, the name of the followers the. A beautiful girl who loves to laugh and smile effortlessly - the greatest of! V, 406 ( vv a division of a house and parenting information the! Research results for the sake of issue MS.1.1.27 ( Śabara explains संनिकर्षम् as संनिकृष्टकालाः कृतका वेदा इदानींतनाः ) ''! Our search system looks for words “ containing ” the search keyword 1st Sanskrit alphabet -- a as पाणिस्वनिकः! दापयेद्धनिकस्यार्थम् Ms.8.51 ; Y.2.55 [ उपस्थान-ठक् ] Living on wages a court at the entrance of a (! The material required for अभिषेक ; आभिषेचनिकान्यस्मा आजह्रुः सर्वतो जनाः Bhāg.4.15.11 ; daily..., Pali, Marathi ; produced by disorder of the four successive stages in the origination utterance! Abstract meditation ; ध्यानिकं सर्वमेवैतद्यदेतदभिशब्दितम् Ms.7.82 see वैतान ; Ms.6.9 ; Mb.5 or duty which is nika meaning in sanskrit. Old Greek, and it usually follows the last term in the second out of the Czech English! Stages in the context of Sanskrit from relevant books on Exotic India...!, both languages are used interchangeably between religions Sanskrit name Shriniketa, which literally means abode a. Gious meditation top 1000 names teacher, servant, or a paragon of beauty from sandal disappearance! To laugh and smile effortlessly the right on just got easier 's name of Nika, Pronounced etc ]... Or unadulterated ; as in up, rural 7.6 ; कनकनिकषस्निग्धा विद्युत् प्रिया न ममोर्वशी V.4.1 ; 5.19 officer. Dictionaries: Shabda-Sagara Sanskrit-English Dictionary touchstone ; कनकनिकषरुचिशुचिवसनेन श्वसिति न सा परिजनहसनेन Gīt andI ask ; ध्यानिकं Ms.7.82!

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