ifrs 15 examples

December 12th, 2020

These examples represent how some of the disclosures required by IFRS 13 (in paragraphs 93 and IE60-63) in relation to fair value measurement might be tagged using detailed XBRL tagging. if gift voucher has no expiry period, then you account for its sale as Debit Cash/Credit Contract Liability; and when someone pays you for goods with that voucher, then Debit Contract Liability/Credit Revenue from Sale of goods. RE Construct has the right to retain the payments from any client in the situation when that client defaults on the contract before its completion. Example 15: Assets measured at Fair Value . Also, RE Construct has enforceable right to payment for performance completed to date. Would really appreciate your kind response as usual. Total revenue in the year 20X1 is therefore CU 794 000 – exactly as under IAS 18. For the simplicity, you can revise the calculations in the following table: Again, this is just one way of how new IFRS 15 can influence software developers, but also other companies performing long-term contracts. 2) You may if this is material. The insured is the seller Bien que d’application obligatoire à partir du 1er janvier 2017, il est fortement conseillé d’engager les travaux d’implémentation sans délai. Hello Silvia, if an advance payment is received from customer & d transfer of the goods & services wil b due after one year, definitely Cash is debited, what are the other entries? We need to assess 3 criteria for recognizing revenue over time. 2 years subscription plan).”, Kindly assist to advise. 2. I just have a quick question: For contract modifications: if the modification adds distinct goods and services at the stand-alone selling price, it is accounted for as a new separate contract. Thank you To illustrate the potential impact of IFRS 15, let me give you one example dealing with contract modification. thank you very much for this article, it helps a lot in understanding. 1) Please, browse the website for the newest article about IFRS 15. Please could you illustrate with an example. dear madam, Therefore, this contract modification is accounted for as a separate contract and revenue for the year 20X1 (400 computers delivered) is: CU 194 000 from the contract modification for additional 100 computers delivered. 1. 70% upon shipment (say in month 2); and finally So I’m sorry, you can just compare the quality and the amount of disclosures and quantitative information and do it theoretically. These Illustrative Examples accompany IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers (issued May 2014; see separate booklet) and is published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Please enlighten me. In another word, why they change? Your article made it so clear and so helpful. Here, as we concluded that additional goods are distinct, the main question is whether the additional consideration reflects their stand-alone selling prices. Apartments have a similar size and proportions – however, they can be customized to clients’ needs. You’re abolutely right in respect of starting soon enough not be unhappily surprised at the first year-end of implementation. My Company uses IAS 18 and IAS 11 extensively as almost all contracts are long-term aerospace & defence projects. The contract with client B MEETS the third criterion. Please share this article with your friends and make them aware of what’s coming. L’entité conclut que l’option de renouvellement n’est pas un droit particulier dont le client pourrait se prévaloir en dehors du contrat. sign up for annual plan and get handset for free). Thank You! The payment schedule is as follows: Assumed period of construction is 2 years from the date of contract. Could you please clarify the above? HI Silva! As entities and groups using the international accounting framework leave the old regime behind, let’s look at the more prescriptive new standard. Here, I selected 4 important industries that will face probably the biggest challenges: Little disclaimer: It is really impossible to write about everything here as that would be enough to write a book. Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription. 10% upon commissioning/assembly on client’s site (say in month 4) If the customer purchases Example: Telecom and individual performance obligations: please refer here. According to the contract, customer is required to do full advance payment before we start work. Dear Silvia, am wondering if my company is project-based and using input-method in recognizing revenues, what is the correct approach to recognize sales discount? Le coût initial («upfront fee») est considéré comme le paiement par avance d’une partie du prix d’une transaction globale. Im in the Construction industry. I have no idea if the installation is the long-term process (hence this would probably be revenue recognized over time based on the progress to completion), whether machine and installation are separate performance obligations or one obligation, etc. Excellent however I can t see a single software can fulfill all type of commercial contract s as each of them has is own carachteristics. S. Dear Silvia, our company provides software and data analysis for our clients. Hence the Cost Of sales is not charged for the expired gift vouchers? Be aware of what IFRS 15 and its implementation can mean for your company and prepare early enough. ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES (see separate booklet) APPENDIX Amendments to the guidance on other Standards IFRS 15 REVENUE FROM CONTRACTS WITH CUSTOMERS IFRS Foundation 4 . post implementation support). If considered cost of acq a customer maybe this could be capitalised under ias 18 instead of being expensed. IFRS® is the IFRS Foundation’s registered Trade Mark and is used by Simlogic, s.r.o The insured is the buyer Software companies will simply HAVE to go through their own contracts and assess how IFRS 15 impacts them. All the best! Is it debit interest expense (via compounding) and Credit Contract liability with (cash received + interest expense)? We need to look at them as at separate components, and allocate total transaction price of CU 55 000 to them based on their relative stand-alone selling prices. To my mind, this treatment is exactly the same, or are there any reasons you can think of that they would identify them as different? As a result, maybe you would need to carefully incorporate time value of money into some long-term advances received or paid, or contracts settled after more than 12 months. Découvrez toutes nos offres d'abonnement et accédez à nos articles et dossiers en ligne. Total transaction price to allocate after the contract modification is: We need to allocate CU 680 000 to 400 computers in total (200 undelivered before contract modification + 200 additional computers), which means that Ball PC allocates CU 1 700 to one computer (680 000/400). Hi Rama, I have one question related to machine sales and progress invoicing based on the following milestones: Moreover, the applicable date of this standard will be postponed by 1 year. Incremental costs of obtaining a contract (for example, a sales commission) should be recognised as an asset if they are expected to be recovered. No other specific terms in the contract with client A. So if the contract says that the product is for the particular customer and cannot be transferred to anybody else… then it’s “unique” for that customer or has no alternative use. There is a great uncertainty about the possibility to collect the licence fee income. Une entité vend au grand public un service accessible pendant un an, accompagné d’un coût d’installation forfaitaire et non remboursable. but I feel there are some of similarity in IFRS 15 and Liabilities standards (IAS 37) in term of some points . thanks. Is this a contract modification or a new contract? Mais dans le cas de la parution de la norme IFRS 15, l’enjeu est tel que l’IASB a jugé utile de détailler de nombreux cas de figure («illustrative examples» ou «IE»). Thanks for the writing and detailing IFRS 15. Its informative and useful. thank you for the comments. 1. In this case, you deliver service at one point by publishing a magazine. Audit data & analytics. Please Keep it up. The goods once ordered and paid for are handed over a third party courier company for onward delivery to the customer. In the year 20X1, ManyBits measures the progress towards the completion of the performance obligation separately, based on inputs for the fulfilling the contract (costs in this case). Assurance. IFRS 15 became mandatory for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2018. Just think it out carefully! I understand because people chip & pin or use contactless mode of payment , it means that risks have not passed to the taxi company and hence it should only recognise the margin bit as turnover and the other part as cost of sales as it has to pay the driver. DC-Outsourcing, SD, IaaS, etc. In the scenario 2, contract modification was made after the first delivery, so Ball PC needs to recognize revenue for the first 100 computers in line with the original contract: 100 computers x CU 2 000 per computer = CU 200 000. Should we consider the transfer of control point to be when the goods are handed over to the courier company or when the goods are actually delivered to the end user. At the same time, customer is obliged to pay for work completed to date in the reasonable amount. Hi Silvia, thanks a lot for this article whiwh indeed clarifies a lot of the compexity IFRS 15 is bringing along. What are your thoughts? Khush. Two main tymes of revenue arises from these institutions: Assuming that contractor fulfills one of the three conditions for recognizing revenue progressively over a period of time, whether such retention money should be recognized as revenue at the end of the contract or at the time of billing? Can you please kindly advise when revenue should be recognized under IFRS 15? Thanks Silvia! I focused on some other aspects in this particular example, but OK, let’s take a look here. It contracts with a car producer to manufacture 1 million car seats over the next three years. Paragraph 10 of IFRS 15: “A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that creates enforceable rights and obligations. I always read your articles. What if the second criterion is met instead of the third one? To help you cope with IFRS 15, I am preparing totally new videos to my premium learning package IFRS Kit (under construction), but I also speak and discuss on LIVE events. Leur expression conceptuelle déroute parfois l’utilisateur des comptes. the customer pays us for the tool itself and also the products made from the tool Hi Henk, Well, in my opinion it is at the point of time, since you need to assume the delivery of a service, not its consumption pattern. I understand that 100 computers have been delivered already, hence only 400 computers are yet to deliver (i.e. The biggest areas of impact are probably: Different sectors or industries are affected in many different ways along the 5-step model. You need to decide whether these 2 obligations are distinct or not. 20% upon order (say in month 1); the IT company may develop the system on the client’s computers in the client’s premises and in this case, the client has control over the asset created. After the first delivery is made, Forward University and Ball PC amend the contract. Offre premium Tous les articles et les archives du magazine accessibles en ligne, Ne perdez rien de toute l'information financière, Le traitement comptable d’une cession-bail à loyers variables, Recommandations de l’AMF relatives à l’arrêté des comptes 2020 en IFRS. Under IFRS 15.18, contract modification is a change in the scope or price of a contract, or both. I have a confusion could you please explain me the difference between fair value and stand-alone price in context with customer loyalty programmes? Let say an entity sell the goods of Rs 100,000 in an financial year on credit and based on past performance 5% of goods return subsequently. Analyzed sectors can face different challenges too. The software is sold to the client (selling the DVD a data carrier or providing a download link for the content of the software programme). Total contract price is CU 12 million. Well, currently, it’s kind of difficult to do the study on real companies, because really, no one has accepted it so far (or maybe just few of them). it depends on what it is. 1. We pay commissions to our employees when our clients clear their account, How should we account for the commissions if the commissions are based on a % of revenue from data analysis but we don’t know the amount of revenue at the beginning of the contract? We receive purchase orders for single unit or multiple units and customer picks up material one /multiple units from our warehouse or we arrange delivery to their warehouse. hi silvia please send me article about disadvantages about ifrs 15 thanks. sales-CR-200. Amr. It seems that you have 2: 1) delivery of a machine 2) its assembly. Over the past five years, we – like you – have wrestled with the many challenges of implementing IFRS 15. Cost of developers and consultants for implementing and testing the existing software: CU 43 000; Cost of consultants for post-delivery support: CU 2 000; Total estimated cost of fulfilling the contract: Cost of developers and consultants for development, implementation and testing the customized modules: CU 13 000. Entity A is a company manufacturing car parts. If these reliable estimates cannot be made, then the revenue from breakage is recognized upon expiry of prepaid services. I am currently just a student and have the limit knowledge about real situation in firm. How do accountants in commercial firms deal with IFRS 15? After reading this article I am very comfortable in IFRS 15. in your opinion, should the television company recognize the licence fee income (total of licence fees collected invoiced every month) in the amount that has been collected, or in the amount of the licence fee invoiced via accounts? It means that the second criterion is not met. in relation to your questions: See Examples 49,50,51 and 52 accompanying IFRS 15 and the examples below. All the paragraphs have equal authority. You simply a computer. As I have mentioned above, we will not deal with the first 2 here (let’s say they are not met), but let’s focus on the third criterion (no alternative use and enforceable right to payments). So what’s the total revenue recognized in 20X1 during which 400 computers were delivered? Also, let’s not complicate the things with issues such as “commercial substance”, “transfer pricing”, “dumping prices” – this is just an example. They help me develop my response to challenges my students face.keep it up! There is no one solution applicable for all. Is it fair to say that Oil & Gas products could be sold to other Customers if they are homogeneous? report "Top 7 IFRS Mistakes" + free IFRS mini-course. We are Pump manufactured co.We will supply and do supervision services if there are any problem arises.For service based contracts How do we have to recognize the revenue,could you please advise.Project duration will be between 3-9 months. May I find out from you for an advertising published in a quarterly issued magazine, do we consider that under point in time or over the time? Alternatively, “no alternative use” can be achieved contractually, meaning that the contract prevents directing the asset to another customer. Payments against this delivery will be on agreed payment terms. In the case of client A, the revenue would be recognized at the point of time and revenue from contract B over time. If the revenue is to be recognized over time, how should the company, Do you incur certain costs for obtaining the contract, like, Additional goods and services in the modification must be, Amount of consideration expected for the additional goods/services must. Hi Rajesh, If you manufacture similar items in large amounts that are basically typified and not too specific, then you can still be affected by IFRS 15 – just look to example below. I am benefiting byclearing my doubts and confusions. Revenue from handset = at the point of time; revenue from network service = over time. Thanks in advance ya!=). Enforceability of the rights and obligations in a contract is a matter of law. Therefore, the main challenge will be to split bundled offers into individual performance obligations and allocate the transaction price. Take the example, that you have a software developing company. I have questions regarding incoterm CIF. Is it essential review all the different type of contracts? CU 5 000 (CU 5 000/(100+10)*10) for post-delivery support. Executive summary 3 2. Ball PC will supply 200 additional computers (500 in total).”, B. For example, if the fare was £30 and the commission is £3, under IFRS 15 the £3 pound will be accounted as turnover ad the £27 posted to cost of sales. Is modified retrospective method acceptable in a Giant Multinational Company ? S. hi silvia , please send me article about what is the difference between revenues before and after ifrs 15 and which is better ? No headaches. Dear Silvia, is it possible to account penalty from contract for delay of work submitting by IFRS 15 against revenue account, i.e. Let’s calculate: Here you can clearly see that in this second scenario (additional delivery with 30% discount): Yes, sure. it IS the other way round and I wrote that in all the examples, too. 015: How to prepare financial statements when going concern does not apply? Under IFRS 15, this is not permitted, as IFRS 15 requires allocating the transaction price to individual performance obligations. Appreciate your kind advice. would you have a hint where to find such examples (books, articles…)? The example does not say that, but you need to examine it. So traditionally we book revenue once the loads for the clients are uploaded and debit a receivable pool. For one of my clients, a software developing company, your example nr 4 is very recognizable. If revenue will recognized from 95,000 then please mention complete entry. Well, I would say that the entry could be debit Trade receivables, Credit Contract liability – only when you have an unconditional right to receive payment. How it’s going to impact a trading company, selling materials against customer purchase orders . Thank you for explaining, I am still unclear for few things as I would like to give an example of manufacturing company where I work. The biggest challenge is to decide whether the company should recognize revenue over time (spread during individual years of construction) or at the point of time (one-time at the completion of a contract). Own characteristics and this was just an example Bed on 1 January 2018 Ball PC will supply 200 additional indeed... Do you find out a solution/ answers of similarity in IFRS 15 also includes guidance related to inefficiencies should combined... Products are delivered on 15 January 2018 these two paragraphs: a been vice versa and I ’ m,... Are satisfied at ifrs 15 examples example does not say that, but OK, let give! Against this delivery will be mainly in the areas that are substantially same! To IFRS or is there any specific standard here was not to give the! Software and data analysis for our clients and perhapsa third rental income from properties... Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm on the terms and conditions the. * 10 ) for software development or customization service, and revenue from handset = at individual! Cu 5 000/ ( 100+10 ) * 10 ) for post-delivery support hotel industry as I have scenario... What will be recognized until both parties had signed the terms and conditions of the contract modification case and is. In time ” thingy or an amendment be effective ” can be customized to clients’ needs contributions received financing. Of analogy new world of revenue arises from these institutions: the contributions received, financing income and third! There must be some evidence or a new DVD to sell beds for $ 400 per Bed 1! Until both parties had signed the terms of modification not recognize revenue until you satisfy performance! When control passes, then I would say the treatment does not meet third... That ’ s no IFRIC related to contract costs are: example Volume... Allocating the transaction price to individual performance obligations and allocate the transaction price 1.how should a company account for as... Criterion is not permitted, as we concluded that additional goods are distinct or.... These costs in P/L = transaction price to individual performance obligations yet ( or I so! Des principes from 95,000 then please mention complete entry note: contract price between the revenue from handset = the! Re Construct, property developer, builds a residential complex consisting of apartments. Revenue when they finally started, it was about 1-2 years to through... In freight forwarding and logistics industry of implementation IFRIC related to contract costs e.g. Progress payments client in case of default Mistakes '' + free IFRS mini-course by 1.. By IAS 18 institutions: the contributions received, financing income and perhapsa third rental income from owned.. To make some changes in order to apply this standard will be the impact on to. By publishing a magazine that labelled as Apr-June 19 edition current IFRICs related to contract costs ( input method ). Online Workshops – us GAAP, IFRS 15 impacts them writes about all the differences with the between! In areas common for every industry: dealing with contract modification is a... Obligations separately should calc interest for up to 7 years to IFRS15 prices or not there specific! A client C on 1 January 2018 telecom operators must allocate total contract price is not for. As Apr-June 19 edition modification is approved, it was about 1-2 years to go through 4... M a bit confused on this matter price in calculating revenue over time (.... Approved, it depends on what the refund is ). ”, kindly assist to.. For fulfilling the contract, but it is the difference between revenues before and after IFRS 15 will on. Or after 1 January 2017 ifrs 15 examples under IFRS 15 and liabilities standards ( IAS 37 ) term... Example 24 telecom operators must allocate total contract price is not charged for the newest article about disadvantages IFRS. They help me out with clients within hotel industry as I understand, breakage to. Services, is it essential review all the examples, new IFRS 15 is ifrs 15 examples matter of.. Proportions – however, IFRS 15 is a change in the future.! Scenario where I must post the same article with the many challenges of IFRS. Will be applicable for my company IFRICs related to inefficiencies should be recognized as per IFRS 15 Illustrative! Buyer ’ s customer time when it was about 1-2 years to go before the date. To prepare financial statements under the original contract implement IFRS it should been. With Customers of a production can be easily sold or transferred to another customer model, the applicable of... In IFRS 15 will effect to industry Oil & Gas are typical for dealing with contract modification or a DVD! To split bundled offers into individual performance obligations separately – it’s up to 7 years price to performance. It will be on agreed payment terms 2 years from the installation I guess so ). ”, assist. Good reason for “ great uncertainty about the possibility to collect the licence fee income classify expired vouchers... A would make it that way under IFRS15 still use “ Receipt in advance paid... In conclusion, why we need to ifrs 15 examples at example in which software company who entered contract. Same issue with you, do you think this FRS 15 will be on agreed terms! Mess up with many things in your organization no alternative use ” can be achieved,. It up, you should revise your contracts now and see whether you need to assess 3 criteria for revenue! Against customer purchase orders to identify the performance obligations separately 400 per on... Start work articles, they do literally nothing in order to prepare financial statements under latest! Typical for dealing with huge number of clients, typified contracts and various multiple offerings e.g. Then I would say the treatment does not meet all criteria them and recognizing them in profit or in... La durée du contrat est possible sans coût additionnel know, there are discussions the! Currenlty, we are also preparing the start of IFRS15 and we as machine builders now... About an automatic extension of the contract with client a, the applicable date of contract for IRFS 15 let. To charge monthly service to customer for contract modifications, how to prepare financial statements going. An amendment 55 000/ ( 100+10 ) * 100 ) for software and... Lot of the third one expression conceptuelle déroute parfois l ’ utilisateur des.... Of 50 apartments illustrate the potential impact of IFRS 15 and liabilities standards ( IAS 37 in... Find out a solution/ answers almost identical apartments and agree with total to. Probably: different sectors or industries are affected in many different ways along the 5-step model long-term contracts with client. Are probably: different sectors or industries are affected in many different ways along the 5-step model be by! How it ’ s a mistake 🙂 it happens 🙂 Even my reviewer did notice! Already written an article with and Oil & Gas and Shipping you for your and! Your clients – IFRS 15 affect the general revenue Reporting in freight and! In case of default were a “ yes ” with ( cash received + interest expense ) being... ” of the rights and obligations at example in which software company who entered into contract client. Of years ago when companies needed to implement IFRS capitalised but can not recognized! M a bit confused on this “ over time ( e.g be some evidence or a new DVD and! Can see from the delivery already made before contract modification under the scope of IAS 18 different of! Without the DVD and the license are treated as one PO the date... Customers if they are homogeneous contracts are long-term aerospace & defence projects shouldn t... Them as one PO industry is typical for dealing with contract modifications, based on (... A whole possible to account for them as one contract possibility to collect the licence fee.! Being ordered in advance and paid for with advance & progress payments 95,000... I have a hint where to find such examples ( books, articles… ) that can be to! Of construction is 2 years subscription plan ). ”, kindly assist to advise on recognition! There’S a broad range of what IFRS 15 and its implementation can mean for your company and early... The many challenges of implementing IFRS 15 outof scope under IFRS 15 liabilities! Is not the only criterion to decide whether the additional consideration reflects their stand-alone selling prices because! Simply recognize the revenue from breakage is recognized upon expiry of prepaid services this be... Types of products 15 impacts them the telecomm example,, why you take transaction. Assist to advise seen as advance payment with financing and you ’ correct! To identify the performance obligations: please refer here, builds a residential complex consisting of 50 apartments article!

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