can you put a ceiling fan in the garage

December 12th, 2020

It can be sprayed on or painted on the ceiling. I would imagine that in Residential arenas that this does not happen to often anyways. Over the patio, a ceiling fan will keep flies away while you eat. New Garage and Ventilation It’s not difficult, but it’s not a job you can do without a little help since plywood is difficult to maneuver above your head. It also has a reverse mode so you can use it in conjunction with a reverse-cycle air conditioner in winter to circulate warmth from a heater and cosy up your bedroom. It’s a good project to undertake, especially if you plan on using the garage for more than just storing the car. Have an old ceiling fan over the dining room table which we use all the time in summer but it gives out minimal light. Or is the installation acceptable? Other the many reason you would not want this venting into the attic, fumes, dust and so on. I’m not sure why a fan is necassary in a garage ceiling, but you now have a breach in the firewall. THANK YOU ROGER! The ceiling height doesn’t impact airflow too much just the type of fan you can select as, for safety, a fan should never hang below 2100mm from the floor. Styrofoam tiles are inexpensive and are an easy way to complete a garage ceiling. What You Need to Know About Your Ceiling Fan’s Direction. Most indoor ceiling fans aren’t even rated to be used in an environment with high humidity levels. Does a ceiling fan installed in a garage violate any code? An outdoor ceiling fan can make a warm to moderately hot garage much more bearable to be in for hours at a time. Deduct the height of the heater from the ceiling height. The original garage fan question did not specify what type of fan the ceiling fan was. Technical Topics For Home, Commercial & Environmental Inspections, Electrical Systems: Home Inspection and Commercial Inspection,,, If this is your first visit, be sure to Once your ceiling gets above 2.7m high you should also use a downrod with the fan to bring the fan down to 2100-2300mm from the floor to maximise the cooling effect. If you penetrate the garage ceiling with an opening for a fan you also have created an ideal path for a fire in the garage to quickly spread to the house. Instead of blowing cold air downward, the fan will blow warm air towards the ceiling and down the room. Meeting the NEC doesn't mean having not conflicted with another "code" provision or the instructions/limitations of another piece of equipment covered under a completely different "code" outside of the NEC, such as NM Mechanical, Building, etc. Your garage can only get as cool as the temperature outside. In addition, you can adjust the ceiling fan speed by the pull chain. I have inspected alot of them in homes here in AZ and the company that makes them is in Tempe AZ. If the humidity is high, it may have a bad influence on tools and items in the garage. Re: ceiling fan in garages I look at it the other way Gary. I have a front porch that has 3 Can lights in the ceiling which are operated by a switch at the front door and a service door. Under these conditions, an oscillating pedestal fan or even a box fan won’t be enough to get your garage to a comfortable level. Measure the distance from the garage floor to the ceiling. Garage Ceiling Fans for Taller Spaces If your space has taller ceilings, pick a garage fan with a downrod extension for effective air circulation in the large overhead space. Rather, choose a garage ceiling fan with light, blade reversal, and similar functions that you can control with a remote. Not enough information was given nor did you ask for pertainent information that would have affected the ability to answer correctly. It would still need to be ducted to the exterior. Installing a Ceiling Fan and Light Fixtures Electrical Question: I want the fan to work just by a pull-chain but continue to have the switch operate the remaining can lights. There are other different designs for ceilings fans, but they mostly tend to have large, uncovered blades. Ceiling fans are loathed due to the loud buzz they produce as they rotate. Once you’ve found a good spot, tape the cardboard template in position on the ceiling and mark out your cutting circle. For many people, a garage ceiling fan is a utilitarian appliance. A garage area should provide at least a one hour protection to fire in all caeses if it is attached to the house. I would write it up as you did and hope that it is corrected in the future. For this reason, consider a ceiling appliance that comes with a light kit for best results. Styrofoam Tiles. You’ll find wet rated ceiling fans in verandas, lanais, gazebos, pergolas and exposed decks. The ceiling fan is just a fan mounted at the ceiling as opposed to a wall mounted fan. When you can/can’t use smart light bulbs in ceiling fans Firstly check the bulb size. Is this OK? I can’t wait to see what the fan does when the garage is full of sawdust in the air. Ceiling fans are ideal for homes because they help to evenly distribute and circulate the air that’s in the room. The only reason that an ERV would be preferable to an HRV would be if the garage were air conditioned. On nice days when it’s not raining, we leave the garage door open and sometimes even put a fan to help exhaust the air. Damp-rated ceiling fans can have a light mist, dew, or condensation on the motor exterior without much worry, but they can't withstand direct exposure to moderate, heavy, or driving rain. Deduct another 4 inches to accommodate any hanging brackets. Example, clearance for primary exit (from the garage) route and proximity there to and clearance, example common place for fuel fired appliaces in attached garages in OP's area, proximity thereto. Without air conditioning, an HRV makes more sense than an ERV -- and the HRV will do a better job of lowering the indoor RH during the winter than an ERV. This ceiling fan has five speed settings, and gives excellent air movement performance at lower fan speeds which makes it a good choice for a peaceful night's sleep. Do not place a smoke alarm closer than 3 feet in a horizontal path from the tip of the blade of a ceiling suspended (paddle) fan. Before you begin messing with the electrical wiring box it’s EXTREMELY important that you shut off all power in the garage. Ceiling fans work amazingly well in bringing down your energy costs by 30 or even 40 percent. Pros: Great price; Easy to install; Bright light; Quiet; Cons: Can’t create breeze; Buy Now! Heck, at the time of writing, Philips Hue still doesn’t produce an A15 smart bulb variant. Ceiling fans help circulate air in your home. This fan is used to beat the heat all summer long. These rods position the fan 8 or 9 feet above the floor level for optimal operation. But in the winter time, the blades on a ceiling fan can be reversed, or the direction of the rotation changed, so that the fan pulls air upwards instead. When you're as busy in the garage as the living space above it, you want a solution to keep it cool. Garage exhaust fan has also additional functions such as humidity and heat control inside the garage. I have a front porch that has 3 Can lights in the ceiling which are operated by a switch at the front door and a service door. You’ll find damp rated ceiling fans in bathrooms, carports, covered patios, screened porches, and kitchens. One of the best types of garage fan that you can choose from is a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan won't change the indoor air quality. Near Vents, Supply Grills and Registers Vent to the exterior or write it up for several safety reasons. Choose from additional ambient lighting, low profile fans, Energy Star-rated, dual motor, remote controlled fans and more. Wet ratings can handle all kinds of weather, from intense rain to harsh, salty ocean breezes. And because of many common day uses of the garage—like storage, wood-working and management of home projects—one can easily spend hours there. This exhaust fan is your ideal choice for your bathroom. If there is not a sufficient firewall between the house portion and the garage, then a significant fire hazard exists due to the fan being a breach in the firewall in the garage ceiling. An exhaust fan would breach that 1- hour protection and cause considerable damage to the structure for it’s existance. Commercial Garages may have classified (hazardous) status areas. Installing a Ceiling Fan and Light Fixtures Electrical Question: I want the fan to work just by a pull-chain but continue to have the switch operate the remaining can lights. If you vent the bathroom exhaust fan to close to the soffit vents, which are vented plates under your homes outer edge and roof, your home the air can be sucked right back into the attic from the soffit. Generally, I don't like the look of ceiling fans in kitchens, but I really like the one sombreuil mongrel posted above. If AC in the garage is non-existent, you can bet that this area of the home will become a heat trap without a fan. In the room above, a fan circulates the cool air coming in through the French doors to the balcony. The Standard for testing and listing electric fans goes into this further. You'll probably have to keep the garage door up off the floor about 4 inches to ensure plenty of air from outdoors is flowing through the garage. Also, if you opt to make the attic entrance larger, and the attic hatch is also finished to match the ceiling, it could be a little difficult to get it to match, particularly if you've never done it before. Everybody knows that ceiling fans help you feel cooler. Incorrect. i don’t like it either. Down rods also allow fans to be installed on sloping ceilings because they swivel to make the fan's stature perpendicular to the floor. Install the ceiling brace. What You Need to Know About Your Ceiling Fan’s Direction. Typically, this requires connecting black to black (“hot”) wires and white to white (“neutral”) wires. From there up to the fan. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All answers based on unamended National Electrical codes. Choose this type of fan for work areas or garages with sloped or slanted ceilings. Solatube delivers a solar fan (IM 1500) that mounts on a side wall to pull the hot air out of the garage all day so you can do everything in your garage in total comfort. 2. When choosing a spot on the ceiling for your fan, get into your roof cavity and look for a gap in the joists that is clear of electrical wires. Q: What is the meaning of life? A garage area should provide at least a one hour protection to fire in all caeses if it is attached to the house. Under these conditions, an oscillating pedestal fan or even a box fan won’t be enough to get your garage to a comfortable level. From $380.10 . In short, install this small and exquisite ceiling fan for your small room. Overall I don't think it's a good idea. When shopping for the best ceiling fans, you’ll want to look for two rating options: damp and wet. Depending on the classification, and hazard, and area "any old" paddle fan, "commercial" grade or not, may indeed be prohibited, even in your NEC.. Thank you for asking your question on You are corresponding with Joseph - Your personal online "Electrical Consultant" Ok then you will just need to run a wire from the outlet to the new switch box. Ceiling fans help circulate air in your home. If you plan to control the ceiling fan from a light switch, make sure the switch is wired appropriately for the fan. The Standards for which such products are listed include multiple category codes, which in turn have multiple product identifications. Yes, outdoor rated ceiling fans can get wet. Since outdoor ceiling fans often come with overhead lights, your fan can double as an exterior porch light for nighttime entertaining as well. I would also add: Bulbs marked as "For ceiling fans" are explicitly built to withstand the vibrations from the fan, so they are fine when used elsewhere. Family Handyman. The best way to support a ceiling fan is to nail a 2x board between two rafters and attach your electrical box to that board. The fan is not vented to the exterior. Common Place to Put a Whole House Fan Typically, whole house fans are placed in the attic between the living space and ceiling. Exhaust fans that are placed high on the wall or ceiling, as well as directly opposite the main garage door offer the most effectiveness. The one in the picture is nothing more than a gable fan in the ceiling and would act as a chimminey. On line google garge fan or go to for details. In a garage without air conditioning, things can heat up pretty quickly on a warm day. Phoenix AZ Resale Home, Mobile Home, New Home Warranty Inspections. Why Does It Matter Which Direction a Ceiling Fan Spins? However, there still isn't enough infomation provided to determine if same would be permitted under the NEC under any circumstances - say a 7 ft ceiling. If it had a fire damper would it not be ok? It doesn't help that you have to put that meager light 7-8 ft from the floor unlike a chandelier which can be hung lower. Add a little humidity in a place like Florida in the summer, and it can get downright stifling in your garage. Come on Jerry, just put on your psychic hat and post away. Therefore the combined answer to both questions as posed is It depends. But, that's the way I'd go to do the wiring. Unless your room is very large and your ceiling is very high, I think it might clutter your visual space. codes. A ceiling fan can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can make the outside of your … 4. Check on Amazon. This has been discussed earlier in the thread. In a garage without air conditioning, things can heat up pretty quickly on a warm day. 2. This prohibits a lot of fans being used on a 2.4m high ceiling. The best outdoor ceiling fans can help you enjoy the beginning or ending of a day in your favorite seat on your porch or patio, no matter how warm the day happens to be. Erby Crofutt, Georgetown, KY - Read my Blog here: The NEC is not the only code which is topical to question 1. Long blades will be 54 inches each and are used for rooms up to 400 square feet or a 20-foot by 20-foot room. I inspected a house today with an attic fan installed in the garage ceiling, never seen this before. Learn more about the many types, styles, and brands of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans by visiting the ceiling fan experts at or by calling toll-free 877.724.2326. Fantech FADE Direct Drive Propeller Fans. Only if you have a relatively new fan installed last year or two, it may not be a problem. Garage fan pulls hot air from the garage ceiling and exhausts it into the garage attic space where it exits out the ridge, roof or gable vents. But did you know you should change the direction your ceiling fan spins from season to season? Another question you can ask is is the ceiling fan for garage with lights who wants to install the kit worth Installing? How to Keep Garage Cool (Best Garage Gym Ceiling Fan) It's summer time and garages are starting to get HOT!! A ceiling fan can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Step 2. It depends on the categorization, use, environment of the space being considered. 9 / 12. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. IMHO, if you decide to go with a fan, you might want to rethink hanging a pot rack as well. Ceiling fans can be used effectively in rooms with high ceilings by installing fans with down rods. Typically ceiling fans' blades are broken into three categories: long, medium and small. Near Fans. When you shop ceiling fans for garages and similar locations, you need good control. Hence the emphasis in the quote of the word "any". To install your whole house fan you or your contractor marks your ceiling or wall opening using the premade template. While a ceiling fan does not exactly reduce the temperature of the room, the draft created by the moving blades can make the room feel cooler, all the while allowing you to bring up the thermostat and feel just as comfortable. You should also clear any insulation away. The fan is rated at 1500 cubic metres per hour, so would 'change' the air in the garage about 6 times an hour. As long as the wiring for your bathroom vent fans is attached to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) and the fan is rated for a shower area, the best place to locate your vent fan is on the ceiling in or near the shower where it will do the most good. Ceiling fans can be used effectively in rooms with high ceilings by installing fans with down rods. Now the answer is no. Shop lights embody the traditional look of a garage, a single bar of light fixture, usually hanging by a chain assembly (though they can be ceiling-mounted). If you put the bathroom exhaust vent to close to the soffit vents it will get drawn back into the attic where it will condense and have the same issues occur as above. Let's ask Brian if I am wrong - what say you Brian, what kind of fan are you referring to? (It's also very tiny -- never saw one that small - blades are probably no more than 12 or 14 inches.) The fans will do the best job of cooling if they're located high on the wall directly opposite the garage door. Placing a table fan or a window fan will depend on the room’s décor and arrangement. The furniture in your space will help in determining where you should put your fan. Now the answer is no. It will not only hold the wiring, but also support the full weight of the fan.

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